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Soha fucked by office colleagues

Hi, wanted to share my story on your site. Having fun with colleagues. I’m a young married woman average looking but big boobs and ass ( I have been complimented on my assets a lot) working with a small company where I am surrounded by males all around. I am very horny usually and even during work hours I think about only sex.

My husband doesnt give me enough satisfication I guess thats the reason of me being so horny. I usually dont mess around with my colleagues but this time something happened which has put me in a dilemma. One of my colleague has been casually flirting with me and even sends me porn ( however dats after my consent) till one day everything changed from being casually flirting to really getting physical.

One day as my colleague and I were talking he was teasing me that he will touch my boobs and squeeze them if I trouble him too much. I took it casually and told him yeah go ahead and try. To my surprise he actually put his hand in my tee from above n inside my bra and squeezed my boobs.




I was shocked after which he took me to a small room behind the office n pulled down my tee and bra and started sucking my boobs I was so shocked that I couldnt react and just stood there letting him do what he wanted.

After he left I went to the bathroom and I was yet again shocked to see that I was very very wet. I dont know if I enjoyed it but I guess the thought of another guy except my husband touching me aroused me too much. After that day he used to everyday find excuses to touch me whenever he found me alone he grabbed my boobs.

One day he told me that he wanted to suck my pusssy and I said no ways thats gona happen but he took me to the same small room again and begged me again and again even though I was not willing to but I let him go down on me. He opened my jeans lowered my panties and started sucking my pussy while his hands pressed my ass and then my boobs.

He even took out his cock and tried to enter me which of course I didnt allow. I was so wet all the time. And everytime everyday he touches me I become wet like crazy. I have even mastrubated thinking about the whole thing many times. As if this was not enough another colleague who was trying his luck with me came into the picture.

It was his birthday and we got a little drunk before coming to work. And I got so horny that I asked if I can kiss him he said yes and I smooched him in the car parking itself. I liked smooching him so later when we went to the office we found another chance and smooched again. I even felt his cock over his jeans which had become so hard.

His hands started exploring my body he squeezed my boobs and my ass while smooching me. We had to stop their only as we heard someone coming. The other colleague however still everyday finds a chance to feel my body.

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