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Akash loosing his virginity to Aparachitha

The story begins from my college. I am studying in a mixed classroom of 38 girls and 16 boys including me. As girls were the majorities, we all were very friendly with each other. As common in all colleges, classroom romances were also there. Four or five couples There were in my class and one among them was Aparachitha and Aman. We all call her Apu.

She was a short and thin girl. She has a long face and hair and is fair enough. Aman is a freaky and well built guy. It was a normal scene that Apu clinging to Aman’s body on the back benches. On our 6th sem, we all supposed to do a project in group. As teachers were well known of these romances, they never allowed couples to be in same group.

Things go around and finally I got grouped to two girls – Rihana and Apu. Apu is very lively and friendly to me. I never interfered in their romance and both of them considered me as good friend. Calls were normal between Apu and me on project matters. Finally our report submission date was approaching. All of us decided to divide the work among ourselves.



We all decided to gather on my apartment on following sunday and put it together. On Sunday, I was alone at the home. My parents left for Pune for attending a funeral. By 9’o clock bell rang. I opened the door. But as unexpected it was only Apu at the door. I was expecting Rihana too with her. “Rihana didn’t get the permission to go out from warden in her hostel.

But she has sent her pen drive”. “OK, come in” I welcomed her to my apartment. She was in a tight red shirt and jeans. We sat on the couch. I served her fresh juice that I had already prepared. “So where is your computer?” “It’s in my bedroom. I will bring it here”. “No…No… We can go there. It’s very hot here”. “Alright, it’s there”. She moved to my room. I switched on the A/C.

“You had a nice room and a messy study table”. I blushed to her comment. ”Don’t worry, it’s the condition of college boy’s room”. She sat on my bed and pulled the table which had my laptop on it. I switched on the wifi modem for the internet. We connected the usb drive and starts working. Time moves on. And it was end of our report.

We made some corrections at the end and finalized the work. And I copied back the document for printing. We both felt exhausted. I told her that she can watch any movies or browse net, while I bring something to eat. I went to kitchen and brought snacks and cool drinks. While I return she was on my chair seemed relaxed.

“Akash, you watch porn right?” “What…No…” “Don’t lie, I have seen your browsing history. And also your recent file list. And I found this”. She clicked on file and video was opened. It was the one I downloaded the previous day and it was there in my recent files list. “Cool man, it’s not a big thing. All people of this age watch these, even me” I was amazed to hear her words.

“Aman gave me few videos and I used to enjoy watching it”. Then she took a deep breath. “Akash, will you tell me something? Am I beautiful?” I felt something wrong with her. “Yes, of course. Why?” “You are the first person to know this. Aman and I broke up”. I was shocked. ”What’s the matter? I will talk to him”. “No Akash, It’s all beyond that.

Now I am trying to come over it”. “Don’t worry, I am with you. Everything would be fine”. “Akash, do you know something. He is the one who gave me those videos. He makes me interested in these. But he never made love to me. He fondled with my body and even saw me naked. But said he never wanted to do it with me. How could I bear it?” She was actually in her tears and I consoled her.

But in opposite to my expectation, she pulled my hand and made me sit near her. She put her hands around my neck. “Akash, I know you like me. I am feeling very uneasy today. Please be mine” “Apu, what is this?” “Akash, you know me and you are a very good friend.

I am just asking you this – Please make love to me” “Apu, you are mistaken, I have never seen you in such a way” “Whatever be I need you today. Look at that video. I want you to do all these to me”. I was totally forgotten that the porn video was still running on my laptop. I closed the player. At once Apu pulled me to my bed and lied over me. ”I know you want it. Please love me”.

She placed her lips on mine. I was totally shocked by this and resisted her. She got hold of my head and hair. She tried to put her tongue in my mouth but never succeed. But I could not resist long that I was also aroused. I responded to her kiss and drew her more to me. I fondled her body over the clothes and we both were on heat.

She bit on my ear and whispered, “Akash, I love you”. I made lied on her back and pulled her shirt up. She has a milky white navel with small bellybutton. I kissed her navel and licked. She was totally aroused and she moans. I moved up unbuttoning her shirt and totally revealed her top. She has worn a white bra covering her medium sized breasts.

She helped me unclamping hooks and I pulled away that piece of cloth. Now she is totally naked on her top and for the first time in my life, I am seeing breasts. With all excitement, I started eating her breasts. I bit on her small pink nipples one after the other. She was moaning very high. “My love, no need to hurry. We had a whole noon to enjoy”, She said.

She again pulled my head and kissed me. Then she pulled me to other side and said,” You want to see the heaven… it’s down there. It’s all yours”. She unbuttoned her jeans and I pulled it down. To my excitement she was wearing pink colored laced panty which is almost transparent. It was totally wet and soaked in her juices.

I placed my hand above the cloth on her pussy and she hissed loudly. Slowly I rubbed her pussy above cloth and then slowly pulled it down. After throwing it to a corner of bed I glanced at the entrance of heaven. She has a lovely and beautiful pussy. She had shaven it completely and its pinkish color had totally driven me crazy.

She spread her legs maximum and invited me lending her hands. I pulled off my t-shirt and jumped over her. I pulled her legs and placed my mouth over her crotch. I licked her juices and plunged my tongue inside widening pussy lips. She was totally out of control and her moaning was at the peak.

She was getting crazy with my slow lovemaking and held me tight in puffing excitement. I spread her legs for better access and she trembled with my action of tongue on her hole. She was about to jump in ecstasy but I hold her tight. She was screaming in pleasure as if I am taking away all juices of her body through that hole.

Now I slowed down as I felt that she is going to meet her orgasms. She shattered like anything and cummed heavily with sobbing gasps. I kissed her lips. She was still breathing with difficulty and puffing heavily. I stood up and untied the knot of my tracksuit. I pulled down it and moved it aside. Apu just saw my thing and she became excited. “You are really big”.”Now it’s your turn“.

She understood me and pushed me to the chair. She knee down before me and caught my cock with her hand. It was a different feeling to get caught of your thing a girl for first time. She moved the foreskin to and fro. My cock was getting his full size. She gazed at me once, blushed and put my cock on her mouth. Oh my god, It was a different feeling.

She licked my fore come and caressed it well. This continues for few minutes, and then she got up. She moved to her handbag and took out a packet of condom. She tore a packet and wore me one with her own hands. With a naughty smile she walked back, lie down on bed and spread her legs. I got up and walked to her. I fall on her and hold her legs.

Spreading to maximum I placed my cock on her entrance. She hissed loudly and arched her body. I teased her by rubbing my thing on her opening. She pleads me,”Akash, please fuck me… Fuck me…” Next moment I pressed my buttocks against her pelvis and my rod made its way into her fuckhole. She screamed, “Oh… It’s big… It’s really big”.

I could sense, that muscles of her cunt was stretched to maximum and it was a different pleasure. I moved ahead slowly and inserted my rod further into her and she moaned even louder, as she was not opened like this before. My penis slid deeper and further with a single jerk my rod disappeared into my trembling flesh, she moaned loud. I jammed my rod deep into her cunt.

She was never touched that deep ever and I was holding myself, just kept my cock in her fuckhole without any movement to make her gasp in desire and surprise. She cried loud and grabbed me tight with her arms and thighs, for me it was really difficult to hold myself.

But I waited for few more seconds may be just to tease her and her bottom shivered in desire, her cunt twitched to get a proper fuck and she cried loud, “please………” and lifted her bottom to get fucked, that’s what all I needed and next moment my hips rose and fell and started fucking her powerfully with smooth rapid thrusts.

My penis pistoned in and out of her cunt and she whimpered joyously under me, her body was jerking with my thrusts and she was enjoying getting crushed like that. Clenching my arms, wrapping her legs about my hips, she moved eagerly under him. I caressed her gently while fucking, hands were sliding up and down on her thighs and breasts, making her shudder in pleasure.

Bhaiya reached around and caught my rigid dark brown nipples, and twisted them in his fingers, I cried in pain and pleasure. While pumping my wide opened fuck tunnel, his lips sucked my nipples hard and my face got turned to one side, Oh… God what was he doing to my body, I was in heaven and for me it was too much of pleasure to handle at the same time.

I kissed her deeply, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, and her lips parted, and she fenced her tongue with my own. She moaned thickly, with lust her hips began to thrash as I somehow succeeded in rubbing her clitoris while fucking her and she started rising and falling in the rhythm, she was churning her cunt-flesh with his massive crusher.

With each downward thrust, my rod went deeper and deeper in my fuck hole. My buttocks flexed and unflexed rapidly in a squeezing motion, and her was contracting powerfully on my penis. I grunted and now I was moving rapidly, jerking faster and faster up and down, back and forth, back and forth, up and down, faster and faster and faster.

She was at the state where she could not utter anything except “oh… ohh… uhh ohhhh… uhhhh……” She was crying and her grip was getting tighter over my body and I was riding her hard and fast, she started chanting my name as she was about to explode “Akash …….ohhh iee uhhh Ohhh… oh… Akash Oh-OH- OHHH uhh OHHHHHHH!”.

I was pumping her fuck hole with hell of speed and it was getting higher and higher, I was also moaning loud now and our gasps and moans were rising and we were screaming loud in pleasure, I was also about to touch my climax.

At last, I shoved down hard with a long, loud cry and my penis sank down deep between her fleshy thighs into her cunt, and she just swallowed my penis in her tunnel smoothly till the very end. I fell on her and she held me and immediately grabbed my body tight between her arms and wide open legs and tried to stop my rocking and jerking motion.

I orgasmed hard, pinwheels exploded in my head. She moaned loud, Akash gasped as she felt the hard spasm of her burning cunt on my penis, as she came in one tidal wave after the other. She squeezed her hot fuck hole painfully on my penis as the orgasm thundered through her body.

I held me tight while trembling in pleasure, sighing in satisfaction as the heat erupted from my cock and I shivered in few short jerks and spewed deep into her love tunnel. We both were tied together, sweating like hell and still puffing in pleasure.

After regaining a bit I started kissing Apu once again while holding her and she too responded to his kiss in the same posture while holding my wet body and lying under her. Finally I made love to a girl for the first time. I looked at her now. She was lying closing her eyes. I kissed on her forhead and she opened her eyes.

She put her arms on me and lied on my chest. “Akash, I love you. It was the best moments in my life.” We both lied there for some more time. Then she got up and moved to the toilet. After a moment, I too moved to the toilet. I removed the condom and threw to waste bin. Apu was cleaning her cunt placing one leg up standing rear to me.

I hold her from back and kissed on her neck. She turned around and kissed me passionately. She climbed on my body and clinged to my shoulders. I support her by holding her buttocks. She positioned my cock on her opening and it find its way.

She moved her body up and down as if my cock appeared and disappeared to her opening It distended her cunt-lips painfully wide open, finally with a bit forceful push, once again my hard cock made his way to the bottom of my love pot, crushing her clitoris and whatever came in my way, and with in no time my long hard penis was,

pulsating and vibrating inside her stretching her fuck hole to the maximum and her cunt clamped and sucked hard on my rod, my long and thick penis was completely gulped by her deep wet fuck hole. She was moaning in pain and pleasure together.

Though I was also very aroused even then I was not at all in hurry; I was fucking her with long and deep strokes and every time I impaled my rod inside her, I tried to go deeper and deeper. Every time I went inside me with those deep throbbing strokes she would have skipped my heart beat and reached very close to her climax but before she would have touched that peak I drew myself back and then went inside again after a second.

Finally she arched her body after couple of more strokes, she started to orgasm and sensing her condition I increased my speed and made her shudder in shattering climax, she exploded and exploded like a bomb of fluid. Griping my body tight she cummed like hell and trembled like fish with sudden jerks while releasing endless stream of my love juices.

I waited for her to revive and then withdrew my penis from her oozing cunt. I turned on the shower and we had nice bath together. We got dressed and it was already past 3 in the noon. Together we had our lunch and by 4’o clock she moved out to leave. She once again gave me a parting kiss. While leaving she said, “Akash, I am very happy today and I want to be happy even more”.

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