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Lust of sixty year old lady

It was the day of 28 December. I checked my email at 9:00 am, so I got a mail there. The mail belonged to a 60-year-old woman. I replied to their email and gave my number and asked them to call.

After a while I got her call and she told me that she wants to book me for a month.

I asked him to give his address and his photo. And asked when to meet.

After giving all the information, he took my consent and sent me some more photos and address on WhatsApp number. Writing a message, he called me to meet tomorrow.

The next day I reached his address. She picked me up from her car and took me to her farm house.
I asked him- Do you live alone here?
He said- No I do not live here alone… I also have a maid here, but I have sent her on leave for a month, so you have been booked for a month. Because I was feeling very much for having sex.

Shortly after, the car reached the gate of the farm house. After entering the car, he gave me the key and indicated to walk in a bungalow built in front.

By opening the lock of the bungalow, I had come in that Madam also came in from behind. As soon as he came in, he closed the gate and put both hands around my neck and kissed my lips.

I also started supporting him. While kissing on his lips, I started pressing him in my arms.

After a while, he said to me – will you have tea or coffee?
I asked them for tea.

She went to the kitchen to make tea. I also went with him to the kitchen. Madam looked very beautiful. I stood behind him and started pressing his hips. She was also enjoying a lot. Madam was taking Mast Siskariya out of her mouth in fun.

After a while our tea was made and we both started drinking tea.

After finishing tea, we came to the bedroom. She looked very hot… although she was a bit fat… but not much. The size of his mummies was also about 38 inches… the back ass was 40 inches.

Madame kissed me again. I was also supporting her moms with them. We were kissing each other wildly. While kissing, I was suppressing their mums. She was getting very hot.

I was standing upright and pressing her mummies with one hand and in a short while I took the other hand down and put it in her petticoat.

His pussy was starting to drop water. I put one finger in their pussy and kissing Mammon was kissing them.

She had come to the climax of sexuality and from her excitement, it seemed that now it is difficult to stop her.

Seeing this, I removed her saree and started mmmming mamma from above her blouse. He put his hand inside my pants and started caressing my cock. We were both getting very hot. Then I also removed his blouse petticoat. She looked gorgeous in bra and panty in front of me.

We were constantly playing each other’s kisses while kissing each other. Gradually, both of us took off each other’s clothes. By now we were completely naked. I brought them to bed, while lying on them, I stayed down and started licking their pussy.

She was also pushing my hand to put my pussy in her hair, pushing her pussy to kiss me and constantly filling me with erotic cops.
In the same way, she was taking out the female sabkari from drunkenness.

I was licking her pussy and putting two fingers in her pussy was also inside out. She was becoming a lot of sex.

After a while, he left the water out of the fingers and I drank all the juice of his pussy. His pussy juice was a little too salty in taste, but I liked it very much.

Madam was speaking in a tired tone – Aaah… fun… you enjoy a lot.

I cleaned his hole after drinking his pussy juice and licking his pussy with the tongue.

After a while, he gestured for me to lie down. I have understood.

Now she got up and started sucking my cock in her mouth and was sucking cocks like a prostitute. I too was enjoying kissing cocks with madam. While kissing them, I grabbed their head and started fucking them. Madame Gon was beginning to gon

After fucking his mouth for a while, I started licking his pussy again. Now Chut was asking for my cock.

Madam opened her pussy and lay down. I too followed my orders and put my cock in her pussy. I was going to press his mummies while licking them inside.

She was constantly taking cusses full of Chudas – Chodo like this… and fuck me by piling up inside!

I was constantly engaged in the sex of a sexy woman while taking the cocks out. While giving the taste of cock to Chut, I was also pressing Madam’s pussy. In between, I used to take my cock out of the pussy and kiss them so that they would enjoy it more.

In this way, we continued to have sex for a long time and when I became close to loss.

So I asked him – Madam, my cock is going to fall… Tell me where to put the goods of my cock?
So he said that you put your cocks in my mouth. I want to drink it

I removed the cocks from their pussy and put them in their mouth and grabbed their hair and started fucking them.

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