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Paid for money sex

I was very interested in girls, I used to have sex with them, but I did not find any girls. Although I also had many girlfriends, but I could not do anything with them. I also told this to my friends.

So a few days ago a friend of mine told me about a girl, she was 20 years old, that girl was in great need of money and that girl had not had sex with anyone till date, that girl also had sex Was ready, so I decided to help her.

So my friends and I planned to fuck her, that girl was not so beautiful but her body was amazing.

My friends call her and ask her to meet in Kullu. We were three friends, we asked for a friend’s room for a day, we took him there.

There we talked to him for a while and he requested us that this thing should not be known anywhere.

We also wanted that nobody should know about us and we should also fuck him.

All three of us friends thought that we would all fuck it alone in turn, I had arranged the money, so first I asked to have sex with her.

My friends also did not raise any objection. Both of my friends stayed outside and I took her to the room and asked her to unpack her clothes.

She was a little scared because she had not taken anyone’s cocks till date, so I said don’t be afraid, we will not force anyone. He started taking off his clothes. I was also getting very excited and my cock was also unable to see her pussy.

As soon as he took off his shirt, his feet came in front of me, he wore a black bra, what a price was it!

I pressed her boobs from outside, my cock could not stay and I opened my pants and I asked her to open her pajamas.

She opened her salwar slightly blushing and her pussy was looking absolutely clear with her netted panties. She had shaved her pussy hair.

I asked her to take off my underwear, so as soon as she opened my underwear, she was surprised to see my cock, because perhaps she did not think that the 18-year-old boy’s cocks could be so big.

I felt as if I was in heaven at that time. I could not believe that I am going to fuck that girl today.

I removed her bra and started sucking her breasts like crazy. She started filling her siskaariya – come and go!

I started getting more excited after listening to his siskaris and I started kissing his lips.

As soon as I put one finger in her pussy, she screamed.

I did not pay any attention to him and kept pressing his boobs while kissing. I lay her on the bed and come over her.

I took my LND to her mouth because I had heard that it is very fun to kiss girls with LND.

And I told him to suck cocks but he refused to suck cocks, on my insistence he put my cock in his mouth a little bit.

As if I had reached heaven itself. I jerked a bit and put the whole cock in his mouth. Then we reached the stage of 69, I started licking her pussy like crazy.

Now she too started having fun and she was also sucking my cock back and forth. She had fallen once but I had vowed that I would remove my water only after hitting her pussy.

Then I put my cock on her pussy and tried to put in, but her pussy was virgin so my cock was not going easily.

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I picked up the cream lying there and applied it in my cock and in her pussy, then after giving a little shock my cock went inside her pussy.

She screamed loudly, I kept my cock inside her pussy for a while, then I pulled it out slowly.

He told me – your cock is very big, please pour it slowly.

So I put my cock in her pussy again and she screamed again. Then I relaxed my cock back and forth in her pussy and then she started enjoying it too and now she was also getting her ass lifted and getting her pussy dead.

I was having a lot of fun in fucking, I was pressing her boobs very hard while hitting her pussy. The whole room was buzzing with his siskaris.

I was about to leave now, so I told him then he asked me to drop out.

I put my cock on her stomach and spilled all the water on her stomach.

At the time of fuck, she had fallen twice, she enjoyed having sex with me but she still had to take two more cocks in her pussy. So I put on my clothes and came out.

After that, two of my friends also gave her a fine fuck and now she was also having fun. On the go, I fuck her once again.

Chudai-2 We had 6 in the evening. I gave her the money and went to leave her outside and I convinced her to have sex again.

She had become addicted to my cock, she said that she can let me have sex with little money because she enjoyed fucking me with me, but she also needed money.

In this way I had my first sex with a virgin girl.

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