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Aravind enjoying sex with Neelima aunty

So I decided and search for aunties through online. I got one website and premium member to that site. So I can see their pic and videos. Last august I saw a video from that website. I am watching one aunty fucking with neighbor and her husband taking video. So I decided to fuck that aunty.

Before that if u see that video u heard of her scream and moan make u hard within a minute. So I watched and masturbate several times. So I planned to meet these couples and I message to that couple. Later I got reply from them. They inquiry about me. I told everything about me. They said okay. We will confirm the date and meeting of ours.

So I logged in that site and watch their videos and doing some stuff. Later they fixed the date on Thursday sep 2014. So I reached Hyderabad on morning 7.30. And I called them her husband came to pick me up.

I was fully feared because first time I am going to fuck a women and even her husband is also helping. That makes me so horny. Then we reached their home. She was taking bath. So we waited 5 min. Later she opens the door and went to dressing room.

Till now I didn’t see her face. I saw her body on videos but I didn’t saw her face. She went to dressing room. Later her husband made me comfortable and gave one towel, brush and soap to make me ready to her wife. He also prepares hot water for me. Later I was went to bath and came out from the bath room. I made myself comfortable. I wear shorts and baniyan.

And he went to buy a food for three of us. So I am eagerly waiting to meet Neelima. Then I went to hall and call “Neelima where are u?” After five min she came with green saree, with red blouse and high heels.

I introduce myself and make her comfortable. And I ask her to sit on their bedroom. So I followed to their bedroom. While walking I saw her ass. It is one of the most wonderful things in her body. And I sat near to her and touch her hand.

She made her move and I touch her boobs and navel and kiss on her neck and cheek. While doing that her husband back to home and she went to open the door. And he is asking “why guys so much early once take breakfast then you guys can enjoy” like that he said. So we started eating breakfast. I am not able to eat because of over joy. I am going to fuck a beautiful woman in my life.

Neelima structure is 36 34 36. Perfect figure and nice hump on ass. She is beauty queen. I was watching her while having breakfast and later we finished breakfast. I and Neelima went to their bedroom. I locked the door and is about to time for festival.



I hugged her and kissed on her cheek. She is also responded well. Later I gave French kiss. She is having good saliva to taster her kiss. And she touches my shorts with erect cock. So I began to remove my shorts and inner wear. I like a iron rod. I am impressed with my cock size, may be more than 7.5″ inch and 3 cm thick. She touches my cock and made to and fro action.

Later I remover her saree, blouse and petticoat. She had worn a pink color bra and black panty. I touch that panty I removed that panty and bra. And she removed my shorts and baniyan. We too became nude.

I sucked her right boob and press the left boob. She continues playing on my dick. I told her u have very good boobs and super ass. She just blushed and lied on her bed. I followed her. Then she took a condom packet and insert on my dick. Then I followed her instruction to because that was my first time. Even though I watched lots of porn movies, that was my first time. So she guided me to how insert to pussy.

Once I start to insert. It was a great feeling. That warm from pussy. I was clouded at the moment. And she pressing my chest and creasing on my back. And I started to and fro action. “She moans lot while fucking. ” for the first time in my life I heard real moan form a women. That made me crazy. And I started full speed. Even she too accompany with me well.

And she got two climaxes. But I don’t have any sign. So I started to foreplay with her. Creasing her body and sucking her pussy. For the first time I tasted pussy. And about 10-15 min I was sucking her pussy. She was pushing my head on her pussy. Then she reached one more climax. Then she caught my dick and play with. So I decided to insert once again.

This time she is asking. Shall I ride u. I said. Okay. Then she went top on me. And insert my dick on her pussy. She is very good on that. She loves top on every men. And while she fucking me. I was licking her boobs and pressing her boobs lots of crazy things. Happen. After 20 min she again reached her climax. Till now I don’t have single cum.

Almost one hour sex. Still I didn’t get any cum. And she is so tried. She is about to sleep. So went to open the door. Her husband was watching TV. I almost forgot one man is waiting in outside. Then he asks her about the session. She said he is strong man. Till now he didn’t cum. So he asks me to clean myself because of condom. So I did that.

And she went to another room and she slept half an hour. I was waiting for second chance. So I don’t know how to approach again. So later her husband call her and ask her to join with me for second round. This time she came inside and didn’t lock the room. So I removed my clothes within second. And I removed her red color night.

We started our second session this time I am fucking without condom. She applies some gel on her pussy. So I started fucking her with more speed. That room has full of scream and moans of both us. Even I am giving my full speed. She is creasing my body and pressing my butt with her hands that made me cum in her pussy. Finally I cummed in her pussy.

I try to remove that because of safety protection. Later she said don’t worry I already operated so u don’t worry about that. And I seen the door was open and her husband watched our fucking session. And he came to me. And tell to me. “U are really a hard fucker”. I made that was my compliment for my fucking.

And another session within half an hour. This time he taken video of our fucking session; even that video posted on that website. With title of “bang bang” almost half an hour. I released my cum on her pussy. And we watched time is already 2.30. Their kids will come on 3.15. So I decided to leave. Then I put my clothes on. And while leaving I kissed on her cheek and pressed her boobs.

This was my first experience with aunty; that too in front of her husband. It is 100% real story. Even I have video of that. Now I am looking for a aunty those who r unsatisfied. I am good and hard fucker. I have good stamina.

I will fuck u around one hour for first cum. I will prove once we met. Those who r interested please reply. I am waiting for your reply. Those who r not satisfied I will make her scream and hard fuck.

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