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Sex With My Shashi Aunty

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Hi everyone and my name is Santhosh. I am 22 years old and working in Bangalore. Give your comments after reading this story. If anybody wants to have sex with me contact me at . This is my first story and also I am not a good story narrator. So any mistakes please excuse me.

This story is about my aunt Shashi my mother’s sister. She is one of the horniest women. Her age is around 40 not so beautiful but still sexy for me with big boobs and round shaped buttocks and hairy pussy. I love that hairy pussy very much. I used to study in my aunt home till my 2nd PUC completion. This incidence happened to me when I was in 2nd PU. I’ll come to the main story later let’s start from the beginning.Thia is a true story so I don’t know how to describe it in story form.

During my younger days my aunt used to call me to wash her back side while taking bath. I was in 5th std on that time so I didn’t get any feelings on that time. As the days passed I am growing up I develop some feeling about her and always wanted to touch her. I have seen my aunt nude while taking bath so many times. I secretly fantasize about her body and masturbate. I used to masturbate at least twice a day using her panties, bra and nighty. One time when she called me to wash her back side I intentionally touched her buttocks smoothly and she noticed it but didn’t tell anything about it. When I was taking bath I called her to wash my back side and at the end I showed my erected cock to her but she didn’t give any reactions, which made me to feel disappointment. From that days onwards she didn’t called me to wash her back side. I was little bit disappointed. These are all happened till my 7th standard.

On every Saturdays I used to see my aunt nude while she taking the bath. One day she caught me and scold me I didn’t react to her on that time. I used to fantasize her and masturbate using her bra and panties. These are the think happened up to my 10th graduations. After that I joined to college. College timing is from 8am to 11am. So I get lot of time to stay in home and watch my sexy aunty. During my college days I used to see her nude at least three times in a week and used to masturbate daily. Up to this I don’t have any intentions to fuck her but from here I decided to fuck her at any cost.

One day when she was in deep sleep her nighty is moved up to her waist I can see her hairy pussy. This scene made me erotic so with courage I moved towards her and with one finger I touched her boobs. I planned to kiss her and slowly bent my head to kiss her on the lips. As soon as I took my head towards her she suddenly woke up and said

Aunty: Beda, enu madtha ediya?(No, what are you doing?)

I was afraid and left the place immediately and gone to my room. After some time she came to my room

Aunty: yeko hage madide, 1st time antha sumne agidini innondu sala madidre nim uncle ge helthini(why u have done like this? This is my first and last warning don’t repeat this again otherwise I’ll complaint to your uncle)

Sex With My Shashi Aunty, kamukta, antarvasna of hindi, antarvasna in hindi new, antarvasna sex hindi stori, antarvasna stori, antarvasna story free, antarvasna story in hindi free, antarvasna storys, antarvasna sex stories hindi
Sex With My Shashi Aunty, kamukta, antarvasna of hindi, antarvasna in hindi new, antarvasna sex hindi stori, antarvasna stori, antarvasna story free, antarvasna story in hindi free, antarvasna storys, antarvasna sex stories hindi

I didn’t say anything after some time she left the place. She didn’t complaint to my uncle so I was very happy and planned to fuck her at any cost. First I planned to fuck her by using sleeping tablets but didn’t get the sleeping tablets and also thought as it is risky. Then planned to fuck her using sildenaphyll(sex tablet) but now also didn’t get the tablet as Medical shop representative refused to give the tablets. So I was waiting for the perfect time and chance to fuck her.

One day in the morning she was in kitchen, no one was at home except me and my aunt. So I decided to fuck her. I don’t know how I got that much of courage. I slowly walked towards the kitchen and from the back side I hugged her

Aunty: Bido bido( leave me)
Me: please onde ondu sala( only one time)
Aunty: Kothi beda bido(monkey leave me)
Me: please aunty edondu sala inna yavathu kelala( please aunt I won’t ask you again and again)

I was in no mood to leave her so I hugged her tightly and kissed her on her neck and pressed my whole body towards her body as tightly as possible. She tried to resist but I overcome her. I started to kiss her and press her boobs. They were so soft and so big. This is heaven to me. I touched her pussy through her nighty and kissed her passionately for some time. Now her resistant become little slow I requested to have sex with me, now I made her to turn towards me and kissed her for five minutes. She also responds me now. I pulled her nighty up and started pressing her boobs. I started to lick all over her body. I took her boobs in mouth at that time she was rubbing my head.

Our tongues rubbing against each other feeling our teeth with our tongue, licking lips and salivating. She removed my t-shirt giving me a sly smile. Suddenly I started to pulling down my tracks and she said lets go to room. We slowly started to move toward the room. As soon as we reached the bed room I remove my aunt bra and panty. I sucked her boobs and nipples very passionately and touched her hairy pussy and put my middle finer inside the pussy. She moaned ahhh this made me erotic and I pushed my finger further deeper. I reached below and gripped her things and then moved my hands behind her to cares her buttocks.

My finger rubbing her wet pussy while she held onto my cock and started out on a hand job. I made her sleep in her bed and she took dick in hand and guided me over there. I took her white legs in hand and started licking her toes. I started fucking her. I started beating fast and she was moaning in pleasure and was taking heavy breath. She was whimpering like a dog, biting onto her lips to keep herself from screaming. The feeling was exquisite never have I felt such pleasure, of feeling my dick inside such a warm pussy grabbing her hands. I held her as I begin going in and out and again in and out of her cunt.

She had been screwed many times before it seemed. She kept screaming making sound ha ha ahh now I started to stroke her fast and I cumed inside her cunt and I rested on her I pressed her boobs kissed her and laid on her for some times. At last she told not to repeat this again. I said yes. Then we went to bathroom to clean our private parts. She cleaned her cunt and also cleaned my 15cm cock and washed my cock with towel. After this again I kissed her and pressed her boobs. We lay on sofa by hugging each other tightly for sometimes I sucked her nipple for 5min and later apart from each other. I used to fuck my aunt at least 4times in a week as I am free in Home by convincing her.

Later I moved to other city for my graduation and didn’t get chance to fuck her, Now I am in Bangalore. 

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