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A Sex Flight Journey In Qatar Airlines To Cochin

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Hello guys and this is salim (name changed) from Dubai and let me describe myself. I am a 24 year old guy with 6ft and 75kgs body. This story happened last august 2012. It was a life changing month for me. I was working in dubai for past couple of years and recently i switched to a new job and i was forced to pack back to my home town in india, ie Kerala for the purpose of changing my visa.

As a favour from my previous hr executive she arranged a luxurious flight for me to be back in my hometown but it was a connection flight which will be landed in doha qatar and we need to shift to a different flight.

The check in time in dubai airport was 3.00pm as i was visiting my hometown after long period i had enough luggages including my laptopbag on my shoulder and hand hand bag as well. I was in queue at the counter and was awaiting for my turn, then i just realized about my appearence when i saw the mirror fixed there, i was a tall guy wearing a light pink shirt on top of which my black blazers which covered my full hand and was styling my hairs center spike. Was looking little proffessional but freaky as well. And i convinced me with my simple smile and confirmed iam perfectly looking alright.

The beautiful girl who was sitting in the counter greeted me and reduced my baggeges to hand bag and laptop alon, rest everything she sent through baggage bay. I just turned and saw a lady may be in her late 20’s staring at me but i kept my attittude and followed to emigration i cleared and went to the gate lobby duty free for a small shopping. I was tired and went to the gate were passenger awaiting for the flight to get boarded.
A Sex Flight Journey In Qatar Airlines To Cochin, kamacharitra, free sex kahani in hindi, free antarvasna story in hindi, free sex kahani hindi, hind sexy story, hinde sexy story, hindi antarvasna in hindi, hindi antarvasna new
A Sex Flight Journey In Qatar Airlines To Cochin, kamacharitra, free sex kahani in hindi, free antarvasna story in hindi, free sex kahani hindi, hind sexy story, hinde sexy story, hindi antarvasna in hindi, hindi antarvasna new

I saw the same lady there sitting with two other guys and speaking in tamil, i sat next to her and was busy in speaking through phone to all my friends regarding my journey. Later crew instructed us to board in the flight and all boarded inside. I was bit tired and slept like that .

Shortly flight landed in dohan airport and passengers were ready to move out. I was ready with my bags and moved along with others and entered into airport corridor. There i found lot of passengers looking on to the display boards to confirm the time and gate for the next journey. I was also one amoung them and was reading row by row and i found the schedule for my next flight. Then only i realized that due to blazers i was feeling little warm, but i was not ready to remove it. When i was about to turn the lady asked me do you know which gate is the coching flight! I replied with a smile that i was also looking for the same. We became friends soon and startinted chit chat.

She told she was from kochin now coming from dubai going back to her home . Her name was ashwathy but did not ask her age or if she is married. She told basically she was brought up in chennai and more chennai news i was also familiar with the city and i joined her. I was good in my languages with excellent american accent. She told she need to buy some liquors for her dad can i help her to find good one. I was happily agreed and we bought 2 bottles scotch whisky for her dad.

Then we got hardly 30minutes for our next flight and we were walking together and reached gate were we found a crowd awaiting to board into the flight. While we board into the flight we found both were having different seat numbers. We were disapointed but later we requested the persone who was sitting next to me to move to her deserved seat and we sat together. It was alomost the middle of the flight 3 seater row she sat on the window seat followed by me and the last seat was empty. Then only i noticed about her physic, she was a short lady not too but still. Brown in color, and little plumpy and overweight too. In first look she will be judged saying in early 30,s. When she sat comfortable by resting her arms on handrest i felt her parms on mine. As i was in blazers that was the only pert of my hands touching her palm directly.

By that time we were so friendly and sharing water, cracking jokes and pating each other and more. After 15minutes the crew toldflight will be delayed to take off for more than 30min more. I told her i was tired and i felt sleepy, she told u mar then i was in search of the small pillow which i kept on my lap. She told not to take it and she took her pillow and kept between both of our shoulder and ask me to take rest. I streched myself and turned little towards her and kept my hand on the pillow and closed my eyes. I felt something soft on my hands and i t was her her hands , but both of us dint take care about that.

I slept for 10min i think but it was deep sleep for me, when i opened my eyes i found she is watching movie on the screen and my left hand was inside her right hand was resting on her lap. I said sorry and tried to wake up, she told its ok and this time she adjusted little bit and made me more comfortable to sleep were her cheeks weer touching my face lightly and my left hand was partialy touching her left big boobs. I felt a vibration but as i dont want to spoil the relation i dint take initiation.

But i told i dont feel sleep but iam feeling chilled as well. I wondered that still flight was not moved and we are in doha for long 1hour past inside flight. We cursed a lot on pilot and i requested for a blanket from the airhostes i just spreded that on my jest partialy left on her boady also. But this time i lowered myself and kept the whole upper body on her to which she dint respond at all i held her left hand with both my hands and rested my face on her shoulders and said its too cold.. As blanket was there no one will c anything and i took full chance to touch her boobs slowly.

In between lot more passenger came to the flight from som other connection flights, and i saw a family standing near to our seat. I was lil disapointed but only a kid sat near to us . And flight took off shortly lights were dim and dark inside the flight. I told her that it wil be nice if i may get a drink so that i can sleep nicely. To which she asked me to wait till the crew serves dinner. And also she told she has no problem if iam drinking. Mean time i was busy in touching her hands and rubing onside of her boobs and like that. I dint wait till the dinner comes, i had alchoholic chocoletes which i enjoyed and guidness started in my mind slowly. I was enjoying her softness and heat on side of her boobs.

Later dinner came, i had little food and 3 pegs vodka. To which she was encourging me to have more. But i refused. Then again lights were off and i went under blanket, but this time i tried to hug her and she was also interested . Slowly i touched her right boob and nipple as if unknowingly she was shivering then then i done this for more than 3 times. To which she left a deept breath. This time i pressed slowly to which she asked me in fun.. U r naughty and asking what you want? With a smile i held her boobs and pressed again. This time she dint ressist and i started working. She started moaning slowly and was cloming more closer to me… And she for the first time kissed on my cheeks.. I replied with a smooch on her lips and was a deep one. Immideatly she asked me to take hands and i was sad. She told its public and people may watch. Then we both looked around , we were happy to see that all were fast asleep.

Again we continued, this time wew wer confident enough and hugging each other passionately. Also i but my hand under her tops and under her bra i touch her nipples and breast barely. She was so excited and biting me on my cheeks.I slowly touch her pussy through her pants to which she stopped for first and asked me if i had tissue paper with me. I told yes, then she herself help me in unzipping and removing her pants hook and we were enjoying a lot. When i touch her pussy it was wet and lot of hairs were there. She pushed herself up and i inserted my one fingure inside to which she moaned aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….. And also she opened my pants zip and cought my cock and started rubbing to and fro.. Later i came to know that she reached and my penis also spited semen through my pants and undies… She hugged me tight and kissed through out my face later we exchanged the number and landed sadly in cochin airport. Still we are in touch

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