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Niha ki chudai

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Hi everyone, this is Subhash again. I am overwhelmed with the response I got for the past 2 stories. Here I am with the next part of my sex expedition. After about 1 year of relation with Amit, I got married to a girl named Niharika. I call her Niha. She is a distant relative of mine and hence I know her from childhood. She is just a year younger to me and we often keep meeting each other during any family gatherings like marriages or any other ceremonies. Once when I went to my cousin’s marriage, Niha’s parents took up the discussion of getting us married with our parents. My parents are ok with it and they formally asked for our willingness to get married.

Niha and I took a week’s time to think over and finally said yes. Engagement was fixed for a date couple of months later and marriage date, a month after the engagement. Niha as I said is a year younger to me, 5’4” high, very fair complexion with super soft skin, 36-28-36 measurements, long hair. She always wears either tight chudidars which pack her curves very tightly and give a great outline of her body or a saree which is her best attire in terms of looking sexy. She has done her M. Tech and working as an Asst. Professor in a college near her hometown. As our engagement was fixed she applied for a post in Hyderabad college and we planned in such a way that she will be joining duties 2 months after our marriage.

Once we decided that we are going to get married, our late night conversations became endless and we used to talk so much of erotic stuff and do phone sex. We used to meet every weekend and explore each other’s bodies. It was just fondling private parts and kissing as she wants to reserve the special moment of seeing each other completely nude and the intercourse for first night. I was also ok with it and just enjoyed her body as much as she allowed. I used to give her porn whenever I meet and both of use used to watch it together on mobile phone.

Finally, the big day came – the day of marriage. We got married and after a couple of days, first night was arranged in traditional manner. It was just like how they show in movies. The bed decorated with jasmine flowers & rose petals showing a big love symbol on it. There are sweets on a small table beside the bed and the room with pleasant fragrance and AC in 24 degrees. I was in my night track pants and a t-shirt while I was waiting for Niha.

It was 20 minutes past 10 and then she entered the room with a glass in her hand. She was wearing a white coloured saree with red border, with a lot of flowers in her hair and less jewelry. Just like always, she was wearing a tight blouse which makes her every curve visible. She came to me blushing and I put hand on her waist and pulled her towards me. She handed over the glass to me which had badam milk and I placed it on the table as I was least interested in it.

I made her sit on the bed and rubbed her soft lips with thumb and the expression on her face says that she was already horny. I then leaned forward and planted a kiss on her lips which she reciprocated by holding my head and pushing her tongue into my mouth. We had a very lengthy kiss which lasted for more than 15 minutes. During the kiss, her hands were tightly holding my head while my right hand was busy fondling her waist and left hand on her back exploring her soft skin. Our tongues were competing each other to enter the other’s mouth and explore it and there was a lot of saliva exchange during the kiss.

We then parted and I started exploring her neck and slowly moved below kissing each inch of hers during which the pallu of her saree slipped and I could see her in blouse with tight boobs and a little bit of cleavage show. I made her lie down on the bed and leaned over her as one of my hand was busy pressing her left boob and the other in opening the hooks of the blouse. Niha closed her eyes and enjoying every moment of it. It was quite a difficult task to remove the hooks but I managed to. Niha got up slightly and helped me remove it completely from her body and I put my hands behind her back and unhooked her bra while she placed hand inside my tshirt and her hand was touching my abdomen.
Niha ki chudai, antarvasna, antarvasna hinde sex stori, antarvasna hindi sex kahani, antarvasna hindi sex stories, antarvasna hindi sexe story, antarvasna hindi stories new, antarvasna hindi all
Niha ki chudai, antarvasna, antarvasna hinde sex stori, antarvasna hindi sex kahani, antarvasna hindi sex stories, antarvasna hindi sexe story, antarvasna hindi stories new, antarvasna hindi all

I then removed my tshirt and both of us were naked on the upper side. I could see her naked boobs for the first time and god, there were awesome. I couldn’t stop myself from putting both my hands on them and fondling them wildly as Niha rested both her hands on the bed beneath her and I was leaning over her to gain access to them. She had big boobs and the most attractive part of them were the small nipples. I loved them so much that I started pinching them and Niha was moaning with a mix of pain & pleasure. I stopped pinching one of the nipple and leaned further to suck it. I put the nipple in my hand and started sucking, biting it while the other nipple was being played around with my other hand. This continued for a while after which I moved on to the other nipple and Niha was enjoying every part of it. She held my head tightly and raising her back above the bed in excitement inviting me to bite her harder.

I then slowly put my hand in her saree below to reach her pussy while continuing to suck & bite her nipple. The pussy was already very wet with all the excitement and I tried to remove her saree completely. She then objected and with heavy breath and hardly managing to speak, reminded about our pact before marriage and to follow that. The agreement was that to see her pussy naked first time, I’ll have to go up from her toes kissing every inch of her body. I then bent down and started kissing her toes and slowly coming up. I started biting and sucking as I reached ankle and slowly lifted her saree up and moved upwards. As I reached upper part of her knees, and started kissing and licking her thighs, I can feel the taste of salt due to some sweat.

I slowly went up further kissing & licking both her thigh alternatively and reached her panty. I gently planted a kiss on that and it was almost like touching the pussy. It was so wet. I tried to pull her panty down to which she helped me by raising her ass a little bit. I pulled it down completely and smelled it. Well, it made me mad and without wasting any time I went down to lick her pussy. She parted her legs and pushed my head in and for the first time I put my lips on her pussy and started tasting her juices. She crossed her legs over my shoulders and locked me in there and pulled down her saree. I was completely packed in her saree in complete darkness and started licking her pussy. It was oozing juices which never seemed to stop and as I was busy licking it, she pulled both my hands and placed them on her boobs. I started pressing them wildly as I kept on licking her pussy.

I slowly went down from her pussy to her ass crack and started licking her ass. It was not as convenient as licking pussy with saree. So I removed the saree completely and she was for the first time nude in front of me. I placed a pillow below her hips and started licking her ass. After sometime, came back to pussy and started licking it again. In between, I started gently biting her clit and also playing around with it with the tip of my tongue. This continued for quite a time and finally I could sense her shaking and coming to an orgasm. My god, that’s a huge orgasm. I could hardly contain the juices flowing out with my mouth but managed to take in most of it by following its flow.

I got up from her pussy and I can see her face with a satisfaction of orgasm that she just had. She was closing her eyes tightly and moaning as she kept on shivering. I then held both of her hands and lifted them above her head and leaned over her. Started kissing her as she was feeling the taste of her juices through my kiss. During initial part of the kiss, she was not much involved as she still was enjoying her orgasm but slowly she started reciprocating with her tongue and we had long kiss for more than 10 mins at least. I then started kissing her cheeks, ears, neck and then for a brief time played for her boobs. I then moved on to her left armpit and started licking it. She was not anticipating this and she enjoyed it a lot. She hardly managed to control herself from shivering but because of me tightly holding her arms, could keep her in position to lick continuously. She was moaning heavily and even shouting of ticking sensation that she gets and is saying not to stop.

As I started being wild by biting, she started shouting loud and in a attempt to control her volume, ended up grunting wildly as I moved on to the right armpit. I did this for more than 15 mins and I could see she was tired of moaning. I too thought of moving on to action as it was very hard to hold on the excitement of my hard cock. I then removed my track lower and climbed over her and placed my cock in the middle of her boobs by bringing them together. I gave some gentle strokes each of which ended touching her lips and she reciprocated by bringing her tongue to reach it. I then placed 2 pillows against the bed so that she can sit by leaning over it. I was on my knees as she was sitting leaning against the bed. My cock was straight near her mouth and she held it and stroked for a while and kissed it. She then took it in her mouth and started sucking. I told her to take off her hand and do it with mouth only and go deep throat. She did as directed and I was enjoying looking my wife giving me a bj as she occasionally kept looking into my eyes with a blush which makes me feel more manly than ever.

It was hard for me to hold now and so took our cock from her mouth and asked to suck my balls. She lifted my hard cock above and reached for my balls by bending a bit. It was her turn to get wild and started gently biting them occasionally as she was sucking. She was slowly increasing the intensity of her bites as my moans gradually became grunts and then shouts. She then said “I know you are enjoying it very much. Try to control your volume. Don’t shout but the grunts are really great to hear”.

After a few minutes she again started sucking my dick with the tip of her tongue and circling the head with it. She was enjoying the taste of my precum by slowly licking it drop by dorp and swallowing every all of it. I then pulled out of her and made her sleep on her back and spread her legs. I just wanted to taste her pussy before penetration and started licking it. What I thought would be a brief session lasted really long as she held my hair tightly clearly wanting me to lick more. After doing so for more than 15 mins, I finally managed to get up and placed my cock on her pussy and started rubbing it. She told me to push it in soon and I did so. It was tight and went with a difficulty but her juices helped a lot for a smooth penetration.

Though the penetration was smooth, I could feel her pussy very tight and my cock being pressed by her muscles as I was entering. She too had a bit of pain but never complained. Once completely in, I leaned over her and we involved in a brief kiss. I then started pulling it out and slowly stroking. Initially I was pulling full length of it and slowly pushing it in. After about 20 such strokes, I pulled out full length and pushed it in with all my force and wow, I loved the expression on her face. It was a gasp with shock and at the same time she had a big smile on her face indicating satisfaction. I continued to pound harder and harder and she kept on gasping with a wide smile on her face.

10 minutes into the action and she put her hands on my hips and pulling me in and I understood that she required strokes with more force. I took my dick out and made her bend over the bed with legs on floor. I was standing behind her on the floor and entered her pussy from behind and started pumping with maximum force. She was enjoying every part of it and even started shouting “harder, more harder, do it, do it harder”. I could feel her muscles tighten and assumed her to be nearing orgasm. I too started pushing it as hard as I could and finally could feel her coming to an orgasm. The muscle movements of her pussy because of her orgasm made me mad and pump like crazy and finally I too had an orgasm.

I cummed a lot in her pussy and when I was about to take out my dick, she held me and said not to take it out and it feels good this way. I stayed there without taking and leaning over her back and kissing her neck and ears. I could feel my cock going limp in her pussy and finally we parted. We then were sleeping naked on bed doing pep talk and when she wanted to wash off the cum, I told her not to and enjoy the touch of fluids. We kept on talking about how we felt and both of our parts were playing around with some part of the other’s body. My hands mostly were engaged on her nipples & armpits while her hands were mostly at my dick & balls. We kept on kissing every now and then and kept talking for a long time.

This was the first round of sex during our first night and we did it one more time before falling asleep. I will submit that other in next part, in a couple of days.

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