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My Wife And Her Ex-Boyfriend

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I am Ravi and the incident I am going to narrate is not fiction but truth & is 16 years old.

I was 28 Years old at that time and my wife Reena was 24 Years old. It had been 3 years since we got married. Ours was an arranged marriage.

This particular incident started when once I visited Reena’s parents place and spent 3 nights there due to a family function. One night I had some work, so I secluded myself in the room where Reena used to live before marriage. It was locked since her marriage and opened only when some one of us i.e Reena or me used to visit my in-law’s place.

I was working in the room, and needed couple of blank rough papers. Instead of calling Reena I searched her old desk. There was a pile of registers and I was flipping through them to search blank pages. In one of the registers of her college I found a chat scribbled between Reena and her classmate. I went through the chat written and was in rage of anger…! They both discusses the date Reena had with her Boyfriend Rahul. Every detail was given…the smooches on log drive, him pumping her breasts, She feeling his tool, and finally the detail as how he fucked her in his friends room, the size of his tool, how she sucked him and all.

Reading this all made me furious instantly, I was in rage of anger and never knew as how to react… I was blank and stunned.

( One important thing I would like to mention here is that Rahul, Reenas ex Bf, is my distant cousin. He used to be a very good friend of mine and I had even seen him nude as we used to go to same swimming pool)

I was in room, and lied on bed alone. My thoughs drifted and I was imagining and wondering as how reena and Rahul would have made love….! My dick started getting hard and I shagged thinking of them…. The lust had sown its seed of the most erotic experience of my life!

I decided to confront Reena on this issue and called her to the room. I directly asked her, as if she had an affair with Rahul… A BIG NO was the answer. “Dont Lie Reena” I said! If you are not telling lies then what the hell is this…. I threw the register on the bed. Then I sat down and opened the page and pointed towards the fuck session, I could see all colours on her face. She was in a state of shock, tears dropped through her eyes on floor. SHe said, Yes it is true, but I gave away to him as we were supposed to get married but his parents refused. She started crying bitterly, she was sobbing while she was standing leaning on wall. I melted away and stood up to give her hug , I wiped her tears and kissed her lips while her face was in my hands.

I said “Dont worry Reena, almost every girl has an affair before marriage and I least bother whether you had or not. I love you Reena, the way you are, I would have even loved you even if you got laid with Rahul after marriage… I love you babes…. ust kool down! She hugged me tighter and leaned on my shoulder and said ” Thanks for understanding me, thanks for being liberal, I thank god for giving me an understanding husband like you, I love you….”

After the incident above, thoughts of Reena and Rahul making love used to dominate my mind. It was easy for me to imagine as i had even seen her Boyfriend nude in change room of swimming pool. I always ended shagging thinking of them. Honestly and frankly, I fell in love with both of them & this was starting of lusty storm mentioned below…

One fine night I asked Reena for a favour, I requested her to take name of a stranger while I made love to her. She hesitated a bit, but when I assured it to be for change and betterment of sex life, she agreed. Every night she used to take a new name while I made love and fucked her and we both were enjoying. After 10/12 days when i was above her during love making, I asked her to take a name of my choice. She said “why not”. She said “Tell me honey, which name you want me to take”. I whispered “RAHUL” in her ears…She pushed me away & said ” Listen, I have forgotten him totally and more ever I am happy with you”
“Hey” I said “Who’s asking you to remember him or go along with him, It is just a sport and for real fantasizing” I said.
I continued “Reena, we both know, you had 1st sex experience with him and whats the harm if I taste as how a woman feels during 1st time…Please Reena” Reena said “NO NO NO…not at all” I said “You are dictating me Reena, you seem to have lost confidence in me,I never expected this from you…GOOD NIGHT” I turned and my back was towards her. After 15 minutes I could feel her lips brushing my cheeks….. She said “What do you want hon”. I said “You Know” ……
To my surprise she blinked and said “Come near to me Rahul..I Luv you Rahul….” I hugged her and noticed that she was hugging me tighter. Rahuls name created a magnetic effect on her, she melted away like a hot chocolate, She was oozing and so was her pussy, her kisses were wetter and warm, Her hip thrusted were amazing & it was the 1st time she came in 69 position and sucked my cock… She was super-hot and a marvelous performer… a True Goddess Of Sex and Love.

Taking Her Boyfriend’s name became a routine for us there was no sex if we never mentioned his name. Menwhile he met us around four times during family functions andI could see the attraction in Rahuls eyes for my wife reena. He still seemed to crazy about her. He used to find excuses to talk to Reena, but Reena was avoiding long talks with him for reasons not known to me. But Reena definitely used to watch him secretly.

After months of taking Rahuls name, I exhibited a desire to Reena, I told her that I wished to see Rahul and her making love in my presence. She got angry beyond words and what I got was a flat refusal. I tried to persuade her but things were not taking shape and she was totally reluctant. She said that fantasies should be over before they are enacted or come into reality…. Let fantasies be fantasies only.
My Wife And Her Ex-Boyfriend, KamaCharitra, hindi sexy vedeos, hindi six stories, hindi stories on sex, hindi stories sexy, hindi xexy, hindisex storie, hindi stories sex, hindi sexy storry, hindi sexy storx, hindi sexy story, hindi sexy story antarvasna
My Wife And Her Ex-Boyfriend, KamaCharitra, hindi sexy vedeos, hindi six stories, hindi stories on sex, hindi stories sexy, hindi xexy, hindisex storie, hindi stories sex, hindi sexy storry, hindi sexy storx, hindi sexy story, hindi sexy story antarvasna

My lustful mind had different plans and I took a 2 way action. First, I started suggesting Reena that how sexy it would be if Rahul did this and Rahul did that during love sessions and Second I revived my friendship with Rahul!

Me and Rahul became daily chatters on net, I used to give him lot of hints that Reena liked him, Reena talked about him etc.. The second topic used to be wife sharing stories on net! I also showed him random nude pics and in few pics I suggested that the gal in pic looked like Reena. We then started talking on phone every day after the Net Chat.

I invited him and his wife for a lunch on Sunday so that we got acquainted. Everything went normal, except that I pampered Rahuls wife a lot in decent manner, it being a part of my trick to make Rahul act frank with Reena. Reena was more passionate and bit hotter that night on bed for the obvious reasons.

2 weeks passed and I was chatting regularly with Rahul in an effort to find out a way that led him to Reenas bed. I desperately wanted to see them on bed together. I told Rahul that I wont mind seeing my wife on bed with other guy and he was shocked. He asked me if I wont feel jealous, to which I said no and also said that never if the guy was as handsome as him!

One day Rahul told me that his wife was out of station to her parents place. I thought that it was right time to strike and I invited him to dinner to which he readily agreed.

I went to our place and informed Reena and she over reacted saying that these guys were here 2 weeks back – why again? I told her that he will be coming alone as his wife was away. Reena tried to act angry but was also blushing, I could note that she was in a gross confusion! “REFUSE HIM, tell him that you have to go for some important work” she said in an high angry pitch.
I insisted to let Rahul come as I had some business interests with him. After a long discussion she agreed and asked as when he was coming. I said 3 hours left hon, it is 6 PM and he will be here at 9! She sighed and said that she wont prepare food, to which I said dont worry as I planned to order food from a dhaba nearby…. “And Please Reena, wear that pink 2 Pc nighty for today, it will be a part of my fantasy” She smiled and said yes!

The door bell rang at 9, He was standing on the door in a blue denims and super white shirt which was not tucked inside jeans. Rahul is 6’3″ tall (and I am 5’8″) muscular and fair with brown black hair. Good Evening he said, and I said aa jao yaar, baitho. “Reena!” I yelled “Rahul is here”. Reena came in with a glass of juice in my favourite pink satin silk nighty.

After 15/20 minutes of talk I went inside and bought drinks for Rahul and me and a breezer for Reena. We started with drinks and then excused my self for a minute. I rushed and tripped the MCB of AC off. I came back and acted innocent and said that the voltage seems to be low, we need to switch off major lights. I stood up again and switched off tube lights, CFL’s and bulbs. Only a small bulb was on. On completion of two drinks I turned the music on & pulled Reena from sofa. It was slow music and we were doing a close dance. I pulled Reena towards me and whispered in her ears to come closer. She hugged me tight throughout the rest of song. The song ended and next song had started with low tone.

We sat down on sofa and I said that Reena must be feeling hot as AC was off.Reena was sweating a bit.”Reena, why dont you remove the outer of nighty” I said. Reena ignored. “Remove it Reena” I repeated. “Reena said that she was OK! “Dont be shy yaar, remove it” I persuaded and stood up. Reena noticed my each step when i went near to her. “Stand up babe” I said and took her hand and pulled her up. She stood up looking in awe towards me. I loosened her belt of robe i.e the outer, my hands moved up following edges of robe upto the shoulders, and I gently pulled her shoulders back removing her robe. I pulled the rest of her robe and placed it gently on sofa. The view was classic…. I just disrobed my wife before her ex-lover, her black bra strap was visible on her soft shoulders, the inner gown was very deep to boast of her cleavage and the inner was short to expose her milky white full thighs. She stared me and I was noticing Rahul sitting on side watching her without a blink!

“Pin drop silence” we all were silent for long one minute and broke the ice saying ” Rahul, we danced before you and now it is your turn” Rahul said it was not fair as he never had a partner. I said “Hey! Reena is there, she will dance with you, she will accompany you” I was filling drinks simultaneously and said again “Reena! any objections?”. Reena, i think was already seduced a bit and kept silent.

“Come on rahul, be a sport, stand up man” I said. Rahul stood up and went to Reena extending his hand. His eyes were more on her cleavage, She avoided his hand but stood up and both started dancing but with a notable distance from each other.

I stood up and went to them, holded waists of both and pulled them closer slowly. “Come Closer” I whispered!. “Rahul, I know that you both used to go on date and long drives and I dont mind that” I kissed Rahul cheeks and continued “Reena still loves you and we 3 can make a wonderful trio” I kissed Reena’s cheeks now. “I Luv both of you dumbos! have fun” I now took Reenas arms and them on his shoulders. I took Rahuls hands and put them on Reenas waist. Then I Pushed both of them together using force. Both were hugging tight, his hands moved towards Reenas hips.

“Kiss My Wife Rahul, Kiss Reena, suck her lips softly, I love both of you, please rahul Kiss My Wife” To thos Rahul responded well and took Reenas lower lips in his mouth… Then I could see his pink tongue entering her mouth and she too loosened her tongue inside his mouth. I went closer and took her right hand and placed it on his dick. She started rubbing it up and down. I unzipped his denims and poked her fingers in the zip. She was fondling and trying to find his dick, but failed to do so. I sat down on my knees and slowly opened his belt, then I unbuttoned his jeans. The Pinkish knob of his cock was protruding out f his frenchie which made me shocked and happy too. Shocked as it seemed double my size and happy as Reena would be having a nice treat tonight. I pulled he elastic down from front side, took Reena’s hand and made her hold his dick. She responded very well and pumped the cock sensuously.

I then stood up and switched off all the lights while they were still hugging and dancing. Only 1 blue 15W was on and I decided to switch that off too. I opened the bedroom door and switched red night lamp on, the light reached our main drawing room, but the intensity was very low.

I again came closer to them and this time took Rahuls hand and put it on her shoulders. I guided his hand in a manner that her inner nighty strap of right side fell off the shoulder. I took his head and put it on her shoulders and then pushed it towards her cleavage…. Then again towards her shoulder and vice versa. He started feathering my doll, my wife with his lips. Then I took Rahuls hand and guided to her back at the upper end i.e where the zip opening was. I whispered in his ears “Rahul, will you open the zip or should I open” He remained silent but unzipped the inner nighty till her hips. I pulled her straps down and the inner nighty fell down to her feet.

My wife was in just Bra and Panty before Rahul, her ex-boy-friend.

I asked them to go on bed and requested Rahul to take Reena in his lap. He readily picked her and took her to bed room. I was already there before them and used a deodorant spray on her body. I emptied the half can full. She was laying upside down and I sat down on edge of bed to unhook my wifes bra… Rahul pulled her panty down…He kissed her from toe to the neck. Rahul made reena turn around and smooched her saying “I missed you so much Reena”. Reena pushed Rahul away and Rahul was on floor surprised… She came forward and pulled his jeans and frenchie down. Rahuls cock came out like a spring. Rahul’s cock was touching his belly button but was bit thin… She sucked the cock while she pumped the balls. My wife was sucking a cock!! She never did this to me!!!

Reena then laid on bed and Rahul followed on her top, both were in a lip lock, the salivas were shining in dim red light…!

She took his cock and guided towards her hole, he gently pushed the dick inside and then the movements became faster. She was trying to poke her middle finger in his asshole and which made him push harder. I watched him cum inside her, from the door, while she was literally eating his lips.

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