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Saritha Made My Day

Saritha Made My Day, kamacharitra, antarvasna stori, antarvasna storys, Bhabhi ki Chudai hindia kahani, Bhabhi ki Chudai sex kahani, Bhabhi ki Chudai story, chudai kahani in hindi

I am Sumith from Hyderabad. This story is one of my short experience in 2008.Its 80% fact..

Hyderabad was in a celebratory mood with bonalu festival. After i finish my office i was getting bored, so just went for a walk around in my area sananthnagr.

It was very colorful and i was enjoying the beauties and aunties in sarees and showing their navels. I called few of my friends about their evening activities. One my friend raj told to come to his place for a weekend party. Next day Saturday was a holiday for me so i l got ready, “jerked off” and started to his place.

By the way i am not a hunk or sexy boy, I am a very average looking guy..
Saritha Made My Day, kamacharitra, antarvasna stori, antarvasna storys, Bhabhi ki Chudai hindia kahani, Bhabhi ki Chudai sex kahani, Bhabhi ki Chudai story, chudai kahani in hindi
Saritha Made My Day, kamacharitra, antarvasna stori, antarvasna storys, Bhabhi ki Chudai hindia kahani, Bhabhi ki Chudai sex kahani, Bhabhi ki Chudai story, chudai kahani in hindi

My friend stays in balanagar, so he asked to meet at a cafe in balanagar, i was waiting for him and watching all the babes and aunties who were going to temple nearby..

Then i saw his lady in a half saree, she was too hot for my cock to handle. I didn’t guess her stats but she was in a perfect colored half saree, showing off her waist and navel area. i was literally staring at her boobs, navel, neck and face. she observed me staring but moved in the group..

Meanwhile my friend reached me, while i was talking to him, i told about the sexy girl and requested him to come to temple. But he said he has some work for 30 mins and left the place taking my bike..

So i only went to temple and was just searching for the beauty, i found her near a shopping cart , she with her friends was shopping for bangles. I was standing little far and observing her, after 10 mins as she observed me and we started to exchange looks. My god she was giving me +signs,

She i smiled for which she returned the smile. This went on for 1 more hour, at last i sighed her to come to a nearby chat bandi.. she came there and we exchanged numbers. It was very tempting to see her soo close and.she had very lite make up, good lip liner , long earlobes ,matched with the necklace,. When i was talking to her i was continuously staring at her boobs, navel and shoulders,. she has shoulders sexy like heroine anuska.. if i get a chance i would bite the shoulders. Then my friend came , i told the whole story for which he asked me to sponsor a beer party , which i didi.

It came to office on Monday , but didnt get a call from her.i felt very depressed.

Monday in the night around 7 i got a missed call from unknown number, as dont know y i was 100% sure its was her..girls are very much related to missed calls.i called her a and we talked for 30 mins.. so i talked decently to her and used small double meaning dialogues in between , for which she was reacting positively. So i though to ask her out , so that i can have some good time. But she denied coming out. e had some telephonic conversations for 1 week , I was talking polite but my concentration was to have sex with her. After many requests she agreed to come out for 2 hours.

That day i bunked office and took my friends car and picked her in ammerpet.”thank god there was no car tint rule so my friends car was having 100% black glasses.” We both went to banjara hills and in some hotel we had some tea din just was passing time moving into her city.

i was always trying to touch her on her thighs and shoulders, which she understood and warned me to concentrate on driving. after 30 mins we stopped at a place and talked for some time , in this time we became close and i was holding her hands and slightly kissing her.All this was unbelievable for me. The slowly i was touching her cheeks , ears and playing with her hair..the i got an idea and parked the car at MMTS railway station and we both shifted to back seats with AC on.

Slowly I was trying to touch her breasts, she was wearing a maroon coloured chudi which had a good gap in between her breasts, she wsas in black bra which was clearly visible. we started playing in the cars.i put one hand aroioung her waist and pulled her closer to my side..she initially objected but was ok after lill convincing. Then i was staring at her breasts in side the dress, i complimented that she has two good white pigeons which are very beautiful. She understood and hit me in my stomach. I took her hand and placed on my thingh and slowly moved to wars my cock.all this was happening while we talking some stupid topics.

She once touched my penis on my force and my penis lengthened like a 15 cms scale. Now we both were aroused and i moved my hand from her waist to her boos slowly ,for which she didnt object . so i started to massage her left boob with one hand..

As already targeted i slowly leaned over her shoulder and started to kiss it slowly. She wsa responding to my kisses and i turned to her to myside and slowly kissed her cheeks, forehead.Iwant to kiss on her lips but dint had the courage .after 5 mins of issing we stopped for a minuttes and tarted to kiss agaian. this time i planted a kiss on her lips and was hugginh her so hard.It was ver unfortable to do all this in car , so i asked her whether she woulf come to my home.she said ok but some time i again stared kssing her like a greedy dog.. hope u guys can understand how we kiss when the beauty is too sexy…………………

Then i convinced her to stary more 30 mins for which she agreed her for 15 mins.I was already ready to explode in my pants..This time with out any hesitation i pulled her ver close and kissed her ver badly the i made her sit between my legs asked her to stretch her feet towars dasbors , now she was confortabel sitting mbetween my legs. I started kissing her necka ndsboulders, i pressed her waist and moved my both handed to her boobs, i pressed her boobs which were very soft even thoug medium sized,then i pinched her nippels, while ksng her on her lips .i tried ti insert my hands below her dress but she rejectd and will give a chance some time later. i tried my best but dint . so gaian i started too press nher breast over the dress.Both went into come for 20 mins and Guys all ths was too much for me an i exploed.Then our kissing came to slow down. She promised me to meet in my hom next wek.

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