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My Untitled SEX Story

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Hi all, I am naming this story Untitled as I couldn’t really think of a name fit for this story.

This is rohit (name changed), this story is about a series of incidents which happened with one of my cousin (Priya). I never felt guilty about it coz as per some research everybody in this world is 26 or 27 cousin of each other, so technically everyone is screwing their cousins. Let me come to the story.

Let me describe her, she is not bombshell at all, she is an average looking girl with all average assets except her boobs which are big and it didn’t fit in my one hand. Even I am an average looking person with x” penis coz never measured it.

We all sleep in one long line next to each other in my grandparents’ house which is in my hometown. We visit there for every summer holidays. One day when I woke from my sleep in midnight, I saw she was sleeping next to me and I also saw one big mountain rising and falling, I kept watching that for some time and fell asleep later. Two days later I woke from my sleep and realized after few moments that my hands were on her breasts, immediately withdrew. Never knew how it went there was really scared if she wakes up but relieved seeing no reaction from her she was sleeping calmly. I kept watching her boobs for some time and fell asleep later.

Next also she slept next to me, I kept watching her boobs and badly wanted to touch them. At midnight when everybody slept, I gathered a little courage and put my palm on her boob as if I have done it in sleep; they felt so soft like sponge. I slept after long time with my palm on her boob, I did not dare to squeeze or something else. Next day nothing much happened, that night she also she slept next to me. Even on that night I put my palm on her boob and pressed them very delicately no response from her. I thought she might be in deep sleep, so didn’t notice, gathered some more courage and pressed a little bit harder, I was doing the same for a week, got bored of it and badly wanted to touch her bare boobs. That night she was wearing chudidar, I slid my hand into her chudidar touched her bare stomach slowly went up, I was going up inch by inch reached her ribs damn scared I was able fell my heart beating very fast but pleasure of touching helped me to go forward.

When I reached the bottom of her breast realized she was wearing a bra I just squeezed her breast from above her bra. She made a movement and at once withdrew my hand from inside her dress. As I saw her face I almost got a heart attack, she opened her eyes for a moment and closed her eyes and slept calmly like always. I was scared and guilty not because I was doing this to my cousin but because I was doing this to a girl without her awareness, avoided speaking to her for the next two days even at night I did not dare to do anything.

On the third day she came to me and was speaking about something and mentioned that whenever she sleeps, she is like a dead body, she doesn’t know or feel anything. I was relieved hearing that. That night again tried my chance though I felt guilty but pleasure overcame me, I put my hand inside her dress slowly went up reached her breast, to my shock she was not wearing a bra I pressed her boob softly looking at her face for any sign of movement but there was none felt happy and started exploring her bare chest, stomach and waist. Now I wanted to kiss her lips which I did I slowly put my lips on hers then sucked her lower lip and then upper lip and couldn’t reach for her tongue and suck her boobs which I was couldn’t coz they were inside her dress also her dress was a bit tight, just kissed them on top of her dress for some time and then slept. All this was done when she was sleeping on her back.
My Untitled SEX Story, KamaCharitra, hindi sex stories 2016, hindi sex stories in hindi only, hindi sex stories indian, hindi sex story, hindi sex stories hindi sex stories, hindi sex stoery, hindi sex images, hindi sex kahani in hindi, hindi sex stories on antarvasna, hindi sexi image, hindi sexes story
My Untitled SEX Story, KamaCharitra, hindi sex stories 2016, hindi sex stories in hindi only, hindi sex stories indian, hindi sex story, hindi sex stories hindi sex stories, hindi sex stoery, hindi sex images, hindi sex kahani in hindi, hindi sex stories on antarvasna, hindi sexi image, hindi sexes story

Next night I was confident that I will somehow suck her boobs but did knew how?

That night slept at last and she was sleeping next to me leaving no one behind me. That night she was wearing a nightie, I was very happy knowing that she was wearing a loose dress and I could reach her boobs easily and put them out of her dress so that I can suck on it. I pulled her towards me sleeping on her side facing me.

She very easily turned me, just checked if every body’s sleeping and they were sleeping calmly. I looked at her face she was also sleeping, I kissed her eyes, forehead, cheeks and then at last her lips sucked them for some time I somehow found her tongue and was sucking them while pressing her boobs with my hands moved down to her boobs. I tried to pull out her boobs out of her dress but could only get only one at a time, looked at her big boob I went crazy as I kept my lip on her boob a sudden chill ran down my spine that feel was awesome. I kissed and sucked her boob for some time put that boob inside her dress and pulled the other boob and did the same. That was a tough job but worth taking a risk and hard work.

Next night was the best of the past days, she was wearing a night suit (shinny pant and shirt), she was looking sexy and gorgeous I that outfit. I again turned her towards me kissed her lips and opened the buttons of her shirt no bra inside. I was thanking my luck, I had easy access to her body above her waist.

I again kissed her lips went down to her chin, neck , upper boobs, lower boob, chest between her boobs mean time rubbing and squeezing her back finally kissed her big areola which was dark brown and her erect nipples and then went further down to her ribs, stomach, navel came up to her boobs pressing and squeezing and sucking them. Don’t know when I slept off but was sure about one thing when I woke up I did not close the shirt buttons. I was scared now and scolding myself for not being careful. Now that she or someone has found that her shirt has been unbuttoning, they will doubt me only. I was in the toilet thinking about all these things and was really scared to come out. But there was no other way had to come out, avoiding everybody after sometime she came spoke casually to me and everybody else is behaving the same way as they were before except me.

That night I was scared to anything for the fear the getting caught red handed, and slept off thinking about all those things. At that night, I woke up hearing a loud scream; it was her screaming as a rat ran over her.

I then started recalling and realized the fact that she was seducing me and fell for it. I was so angry at her, stopped speaking to her and started avoiding her. I slept next to my mom for a week to avoid her. She somehow slept next to that night. Will continue in my next part.

Continuation of story My Untitled Story Part I

That night she managed to sleep next to me, I am aware of it. Went near her ears and said I know that you were aware of everything but just pretending to be asleep. If you think that I will do it again, then I am sorry. I did not do anything not even touched her and I slept. The very next night I felt some movement on my hand, but did not do anything just kept silent. I felt she took my hand and placed it on her boob above her shirt the softness of her boob was tempting me to press it. But controlled myself to great extent, I didn’t know how but controlled myself. Just laid dead, after sometime she put her hand on my hand was pressing her boob. Though I was enjoying it kept mum.

Now she pulled me facing towards her. She kissed my lips but that was not soft like mine but passionate and filled with lust (I wouldn’t say it was love at that age). She bit my lower lip it was paining but pleasurable too. She put a hand into my t-shirt and caressing my back and hand into my shorts started touching my penis.I couldn’t control myself, I caught hold of her face and started responding to her kiss. We kissed for like 15 mins or more or even lesser than that, at that passionate moment who cares to note down time, we were kissing each other’s lips and sucking each other’s tongues, once we broke the kiss, I went down to her neck kissing and licking her ears. Suddenly heard a sound we both played dead. Someone got up for midnight water. We turned our backs to each other. After some time she took my hand was sucking my fingers, took my fingers out of her mouth kissed her lips softly said this is not the right time to take it forward. But she said we can at least kiss and suck each other. I said yes.

Three nights passed with doing nothing other than kissing and sucking. Suddenly got a call some distant old relative passed away, everybody had to go, it was a 2 day trip I refused to go and she was at her home and said that she was in her periods and cannot go. So finally it was decided that she will stay at grandparents place. I will be there if anything required.

She went straight away to the room and slept. After some half an hour everybody left. Some 5 mins later she came outside kissed my cheek; I was watching TV and did not reply .I wanted her to seduce me. She hugged me from behind and bit my cheek and slowly nibbling my ears, kissing my neck suddenly doorbell rang, she ran in to the room played dead, I went and opened the door, it was her mom, she forgot something and come to take it. She spoke something to her daughter and left.

After half an hour or so she came out the room, only after I got a call from them that they have started, she came behind me and kissed my ear and said shall we start?

I said her to take a bath clean all your parts properly and wear a sari and then we will start. I did the same took bath cleaned myself properly. It was a hot afternoon, she called me, I went inside the room. She was wearing a white semitransparent sari closed all the doors switched off all the lights then lit 3 candles, she was looking hot and sexy, she has already seduced me I said to myself. She was showing off her sari did a small catwalk kinda thing, revealed her bare skin in a candle light. Couldn’t wait for long straight away and kissed her on her lips this time I was filled with lust. While kissing her I hugged her so tightly that she broke the kiss and said please loosen up your hug which I did obediently and resumed kissing while caressing her back and squeezing her ass and waist.

We broke the kiss and came down to her neck kissing it and massaging her shoulders. Laid her in the bed lifted her pallu kissed all the bare skin, wet kissed her cleavage. Came up to kiss her lips for some time, again went down opened the hooks of her blouse one by one revealing her semitransparent bra, she looked stunning in candle light erect nipples, semi visible bare skin of her breast, that moment is still in my memories. Removed her blouse kissed her nipples and cleavage on her bra for some time. Came down to her stomach licked and wet kissed it all this while she was holding my hair pushing it towards her body, the whole area was wet completely messed up. Came up put my hands beneath her back tried to remove her bra but couldn’t, she helped me in removing it. Her boobs looked amazing in candle light,

I put her pallu back into its place rubbed my whole face on her boobs, went up again kissed her for some time while pressing her boobs over her sari, lifted her sari up from her stomach kissed it went inside her sari It was on me placed a soft kiss on her nipple and licked it for some time, did the same with the other boob, she was holding my head with her pallu on top of it pushing my face more in to her body, I came out kissed her lips again, made her lie down on her chest kissed her bare back ran my finger on her spine which sent chills into her body, kissed her back and neck for some time, then came down to her ass cheeks squeezed hard bit softly over her sari.

Turned her removed her sari she’s now in her petticoat. She said now it’s my turn, I laid on my back she came over me kissed my lips very passionately and she came down kissed my neck bit it (she was rough). Took off my t shirt started kissing my chest, sucking on my nipples, her bare breast crushing on my stomach, further went down removed my shorts, kissed my penis on my undie , I said it felt great, she said wait for a moment then say the same, she removed my undie I was completely naked, then she kissed the bulb of my penis, asked if this kiss was better than the one before, replied better than before, she licked my penis like a cone ice cream, asked if this better than before, replied better than before, she took the upper bulb in her mouth and licking the opening of the penis inside her mouth for some time, that felt amazing I leaked and it kept oozing for few moments before she asked I said best of all she let out a naughty smile, I asked how is so good at it had a she done it to someone before, she replied she say some videos on exotic blow jobs in the net practiced with a banana or cucumber. I was like what the hell, you are amazing.

I sat on the corner of the bed made her sit on my lap kissed her lips, neck, side of her breast, bit her nipples softly, made her stand in front of me kissed her stomach pulled the knot of her petticoat if fell instantly. Made her to stand a bit far away from me so that I can have a look of her completely. She looked stunning in candle light. I would say candle light is the best light while having sex. She came sat on my lap again started kissing each other.

Pushed her to the wall, removed her panty, put one of her leg on my shoulder started kissing her inner thighs, slowly to the corners where the legs meet waist next to vagina, then kissed her vagina, she let out a soft moan, nibbled her clitoris she was not able to stand properly because of excitement, I kept kissing and nibbling her vagina, she lost control twice and decided we will do it on bed, she laid on her back I put both her leg on my shoulders held them firmly started kissing, licking and nibbling her vagina, she couldn’t control her body kept moving after sometime she let out loud moan which slowly faded down and she relaxed for a moment before me asking anything she replied one of the best of all my orgasms. I came up laid on her side facing her started her lips while my finger went inside her it felt good for both I was finger fucking her, after sometime removed the finger from her vagina licked my finger clean, then came time to fuck.

I asked her if she is ready for penetration, informed her that I will pain blood will come in the initial then once the wound is good then its only pleasure, I asked her don’t mind are u virgin? she replied yes and no. I was confused, she explained virgin for pineal penetration but lot of condom worn medium sized candles have already visited several times, don’t worry there won’t be blood and other issues. She asked the same question to me, I replied you are first girl to even kiss me. she replied I am happy it me, now I positioned myself at the entrance of her vagina, tried to push it slowly, unsuccessful, we tried few times before it we placed it properly at the entrance, finally the top part went it she let out a sight of pain, she said haven’t tried anything this thick so far, she said wait in the same position for few moments I did the same she said, asked me to give another push she was again in pain I offered to withdraw but she rejected after few moments with another push it went completely. She let out medium scream, her inside was squeezing my penis. I waited in the same position for few moments then they relaxed It felt warm it felt better than her mouth,

I was enjoying it not making a move just enjoying the warmness of her inside then said aren’t you going to fuck me? few moments let me just enjoy the warmness of your insides then we will do have a fucking section, saying this I kissed her lips and neck, she wrapped her legs over my buttocks pushing my penis inside her, I started giving her slow thrusts once I got the rhythm I started giving strong thrusts, I would almost bring my penis to the entrance and one strong push where It completely goes inside. I fucked her like that for some time I was about to reach my climax asked her what to do, she cooly said release inside I want to feel the warm semen inside, in a few pushes I released a load inside, it kept oozing never knew it can carry this much.

Fell on her for few moments took out the limp cock out and laid next to her playing with her boobs occasionally kissing her lips or neck silently without speaking a word and she was running her hands on my hair and playing with my mustache. When I checked time realized we spent 4 hours but never felt that long. Next morning bathed together, my teeth marks were all over her neck and boobs, had a standing session there under shower

We tried 5 positions in that 2 days. Best of all for me was from behind while she was lying on her chest slow but long lazy sex and standing position under shower where I pinned her to the wall one leg wrapped around my waist slowly fucking while kissing her, for her she liked sitting position while she rides on my penis I hug her or kiss, lick and suck her boobs and lips.

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