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Komal’s First

I have generally been one for the mature women. Be it a simple stranger or the wife of a colleague or friend, I always prefer them more than younger and lesser inexperienced girls. Making my way to attend the anniversary party of a family friend, little did I know that my World was about to be turned on its head.

As they were headed for Phuket for the weekend the couple were having a get-together in the late afternoon. Chattering couples and their toddlers were hardly my cup of tea and I was clock watching waiting for the right time to make a quick getaway.

It was then that ‘She’ made a quiet entrance. She had just returned from school, from one of the more prestigious Delhi schools. Long black hair below her shoulders, an angelical naughty face, a waist curved like the neck of a vase, a chest that almost made my jaw drop and long beautiful legs. She was the daughter of the couple,and I cursed them a thousand times for keeping her hidden away all these years while blessing them at the same time for producing such a fine specimen.

I controlled my thoughts, her being so young and made my way towards the exit only to be stopped mid way by the couple.

“Rohan…meet my daughter Komal” and I shook hands with her. She needed a ride it seems, to Jor Bagh and her grandma’s place where she’d be staying for the weekend while her parents went off honeymooning.

I so wanted to avoid complications and reluctantly agreed to deliver Komal, to her grandma in Jorbagh.

We set off together in my car and chatted casually about many topics especially movies and music. She was much at ease and I guess she was enjoying the ride here, a new found freedom perhaps. We stopped on the way for ice cream, another reminder to me that she was way too young for my advances, however one couldn’t help staring at her legs every now and then and imagine the sinful possibilities.

It was she who then suggested we stop off at Lodhi Gardens where she could finish off her ice cream, not wanting to take it home. Seemed a weak excuse and it had me doubting her innocence.
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By the time we entered Lodhi it was dark and for those who’ve never been to the Gardens, it’s a humongous piece of green where people come for their walk and couples come to make out. She had certainly not come for the walk and made her way to one of the remotest corners.
She still talked about mundane things, but leaned forward on a stone platform looking over the garden, her ass most deliciously protruding. She invited me over for the view.

I did not need further hints and my dick won over my conscience as I began looking around for signs of other people who could get us into trouble. Seeing the coast was clear I snuck up next to her, our bodies touching. Placing one leg in between hers I slowly moved my knee in between her legs while I placed my hand on her shoulder.

I probed my knee further in and touched her ass with it. Seeing no reaction from her I leaned in, my erection pushing in between the folds of her buttocks.

Turning her around slowly I looked at her face,now facing downwards, shy, yet still she put down her ice cream signalling me that she was game. Putting my hand on her chin I raised her face and kissed her on the lips. It was soft and arousing and I sucked on her lips for the next few minutes while slowly prying open her mouth to access her tongue. Our tongues met and I placed my hands behind her back, then lowered them both to place them on her ass. Her butt was so soft,like cotton or wool.

She moaned the moment I squeezed her ass and I lifted her skirt to feel the soft skin on her fleshy behind. I wasn’t thinking of any consequences anymore as I turned her around and kissed her shoulders and neck while placing both my hands on her boobs. They were firm round globes and I fondled them as I tasted her skin.

At this moment I knew this would be one conquest I would never be able to speak off, it felt so deviant and predatorial and I felt turned on by all that even more.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. Pulling up her skirt, this time I pulled down her panties and pushed my penis in between her naked ass cheeks. She shuddered at the sudden intrusion.

Getting on my knees I stuck my tongue in between her buttocks and licked the rim of her arsehole. She almost collapsed at the sudden burst of pleasure surging through her. Turning her around I buried my face in her pussy. The taste of a young sixteen year old cunt, probably shaved recently, a suggestion of new growing hair, was heavenly, and spreading her labia I probed deep inside her hole taking in as much of the nectar that leaked out.

She was almost breathless as her groin shuddered, and she orgasmed with the innocence of youth, holding my head while she half screamed releasing her honey into my mouth, some of it dripping down her legs, some down my neck.

She was spent. Exhausted. Fell into my arms and I lay her down on the cold earth. As she peacefully regained her breath, her chest heaving up and down, I unbuttoned her shirt taking it off and exposed her bra encased treasure to the summer air. They were marvellous.

Slipping a hand beneath her back I unhooked her brassiere and lowered the straps and off came her bra. My lips had waited too long and they moved from one nipple to the other, sucking generously while my hands rubbed and caressed, kneaded and groped her fleshy tits. Lowering one hand I made the final preparations, her panties now lay on the ground beside her, her skirt around her waist and with my dick I felt the warm folds of her womanhood as I readied myself and her for intercourse.

I knew from my earlier probing that she was untouched and my heart thumped realizing I was only moments away from fucking her virgin pussy. The head of my penis was just entering her now as she opened her eyes, wide, her mouth gasping for air as more of my shaft entered her. By the time most of it had gone in she was almost in tears,”aaram se..please” she pleaded with me to be gentle. It was time to break her, and I readied my mouth on her nipples. Pushing my finger into her mouth I bit her nipple hard tearing her hymen at the same time. Her scream was swallowed by my cupped hand on her mouth.

Putting my mouth on her’s to further keep her voice down, I half pulled out my cock and pushed it repeatedly and I started to fuck this gorgeous school girl while sucking her juicy lips and fondling her ample breasts. The feeling is indescribable. Lying on top of a young girl who has let you take her virginity and now is moaning with enjoyment as you fuck her is pure heaven. There was complete trust now as she opened her eyes and looked into mine as I started to increase speed and pushed deeper inside.

I wasn’t even in full flow when she blurted out, “Oh God! Am cumming..oh Rohan…oh yeah..yes..yes!”

She was gushing from her hole as I pulled out just in time to release my load on her waist and her chest.

I lay beside her then, holding her close to me as we whispered about the mundane chores we had planned for the next day in contrast to the sublime that had just transpired.

She was relaxed, so much that I had to dress her as she stood on her knees giggling.

I dropped her off with a kiss and walked off with her number and a date for the weekend…but then…that’s another story.

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