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Sex With Keerthana

My name is Philips and I am working in one of the MNCs in Chennai . This narration is an incident which happened between me and an office colleague who I became friend with and finally made amazing love ..I joined this new office 6 months ago and as many know first few days or weeks most IT companies keep employees in bench till project is allocated . One day i saw an amazing lady / girl who had sindhoor in her forehead – she was just married .She had everything in right amounts and right places . She never tied her hair but put a small clip , her hair was not free flowing but kind of springy coming just below her neck but very dark hair contrasting to her amazing white skin .

One day I passed through her desk and saw she had left her ID card at desk .Found her name to be Keerthana . In the same floor there were many girls from North and AP but there was some thing magnetic about Keerthana . She never looked at guys so it was difficult for to get close to her . One day we walked across each other and I could not take my eyes on her and she also looked back . From that day she would look if we cross each other . I got allocated to a project and I was a bit sad that I will miss Keerthana . But luckily soon our lunch timings started to match and we would glance at each other .One day after lunch we were walking and I turned around hearing noise . It was her and she was looking at me with mischief eyes.As soon as I went back to desk I added her in communicator and said Hi nervously . She responded casually and we started speaking in chat every day .Keerthana spoke very decent and it was very difficult to flirt with her. But I started saying facts about her dress , her smile her sharp eyes and she seemed to like it .

On a friday she wore cotton kurta with jean which she never wore before since she always wears full chudi with duppatta . Her tops were a little tight showing her curves proper . I sent a text saying her husband is lucky and she replied why . I responded “cos he has a s***y wife”. She understood that i said sexy and replied with a wink emoticon .Slowly she started responding to talks like this and I started sending forwards mostly sexy ones . One night she kept texting for a long time and I asked if her husband is not there and she said he had gone for an urgent office trip and wont be back for few days . I wanted to go to her place right away but I knew she will say no .Next day being weekend I went to near her place and texted her if shes busy . She said no and that she’s bored . As planned I said I am near her place and immediately she said to come over casually .

I went to super market near by and got her fav chocolates , flowers and also a condom pack . Being Saturday, Keerthana had taken head bath and was wearing a dark color nighty. She was surprised that I was in her area since I stayed far away from her place . I made up a story that I came to relatives house and asked for some water .

When she walked I could see her nighty clinging to her ass making my cock stand up inside my pants .I gave her chocolates and flowers. Keerthana kept flowers in her hair as she liked flowers lot . She casually sat next to me and we were watching TV and talking . She opened chocolate and shared . I had to do some thing before time runs out so I took my chocolate near her mouth , she was surprised but didnt say anything and ate it .. I purposely touched her soft lips and licked my fingers . She noticed it… Since she had just taken bath and kept flowers there was an aroma in the hall and I was looking at her while she was watching TV .
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To make her come closer i started showing some fwds in my mobile and she was blushing at some sexy ones . The smell was making me crazy and I whispered slowly in her ears if I can sit closer and touch her hair . She was silent but I didnt want to waste time before she says no , so I sat closer and went closer to her neck and touched her hair for few mins. She closed eyes and gave a soft moan . But she regained her senses and wanted to stop . Keerthana suddenly stood and went to kitchen saying she will make tea .

I followed her and stood behind her and was playing with her hair . Her silence gave me bit of encouragement and I moved in closer and started rubbing my face on her neck . keerthana started sweating and I could sense the heat emenating from her body . Standing from her back I switched off the stove and kissed her ears.My hands moved to her hands and were caressing them . She said stop it.. but I started nibbling her ears slowly and turned her to face me . She had closed her eyes .

I started planting kisses on eyes nose cheeks and then a small one in lips . Took her hand and put them on my waist and pulled her close and hugged her . I could feel her breasts being crushed on my chest and my hands were caressing her back . I could feel her bra straps inside and kissed her neck .She was submissive now and I gave a kiss on her lips . I dont recall who started the smooch but it was a wild passionate one .my hands slowly moved below her neck and her hands stopped mine .I moved her hands to my chest and touched her breasts . Keerthana kissed me harder and I started squeezing her breasts more . I could not get access inside her nighty so moved hands back and squeezed her ass . We both were hotter and hotter and we moved to another room with couch . I slowly pulled her nighty up and she covered her breasts with shyness . I pushed her slowly in the couch and removed her hair clip. we started smooching and tasting each others saliva . Her hands were inside my shirt and I helped her removing it .

My bare chest on her bra was making both of us crazy and i held her hand above her head and started kissing her arm pits . She had hair there and the sweat smell was the best perfume on earth!i was licking her arm pits and squeezing her breasts slowly . She was twitching with pleasure and I turned her around . Removed her bra straps and pulled her panty . Started kissing from her ankles inner thighs and her ass . I was licking her ass like an ice cream and she was moaning hard .I turned her back and there she was the sexiest body I have seen . Her shyness was adding to the sexines. I sat on her thighs and ran my fingers from her head to face to neck and caressed her breasts . kneaded them slowly and played with her navel . Planted a kiss on her navel .Her pussy had good amount of hair and visibly wet . I wantedly did not touch her pussy …

Keerthana was dripping wet and so was my cock hard giving me pain . I went down and kissed her thighs and sucked her leg fingers . She could not handle the tingle and pulled me up . I started sucking her brown nipple slowly and she was playing with my hair hands started slowly to her pussy and she shivered a bit when I touched her pussy .her hands undid my pant and she pushed my pants with her legs .her hands were roaming on my legs and she slowly touched my dick over my underwear and squeezed it along with the balls .I slowly inserted my finger in her pussy and she did the same inserting her hand in my undies . Her touch was electrifying and I closed my eyes . I pulled her on top of me and she was amazing in kissing . She didnt leave one part of my body and showered with kisses .

She played with her tongue on my chest and bit …I was not sure if she will kiss my dick but she slowly went down and kissed below my balls .then licked below the balls and started sucking the balls while pulling the dick . Keerthana then started licking my dick and bit the tip slowly . I wanted the pleasure to be at same time for both so made her lie on my face and started licking her pussy . She was flowing with juices and i was licking every drop of it .

I inserted my tongue in her pussy and started slowly inserting finger in her ass . She took my dick fully and I started tongue fucking faster .I could sense she was about to explode as her pussy was contracting around my tongue and she started moaning harder . When she had an orgasm she took my dick fully till her throat and bit without her knowledge . Now it was time for real fun …I pulled Keerthana up and spread her legs and inserted my dick slowly …Since she had cumm a couple of times it was bit easy to enter her pussy and I started pushing harder .Her legs were on my ass , locking and pushing me more inside her . I started sucking her nipples hard and she was moaning loudly .I could sense my balls getting ready to explode and stopped sucking her nipples and slowed down . After a min again started pushing my dick hard in her pussy wall and I was pulling her hair and we were biting each others lips like crazy . I didnt want to stop so I removed my dick and asked her to turn around .

She had not done this position before so I made her ready in doggy position and fucked from her back . I could not hold it any more so wore condom and started ramming her pussy from back . Spanked her ass a couple of times and one hand was pulling her breast like tearing it away and another was pulling her hair . We could see our position in the bed room mirror which was adding to the horniness. She was about to come and I rammed her hard till i had an epic orgasm which never seemed to stop.I lied down on her and we hugged each other and cleaned each other . We both wanted more but we were tired . Keerthana said she will make food and we could have next round after lunch . I agreed but I wanted some thing more . I asked her to kneel down and take my dick in her mouth and make it hard again . I slowly started mouth fucking her and was gagging her . Her sexy eyes and face were making me do things which I never imagined . She was sucking my dick and playing with my balls and I was about to cumm.. She tried to move away but I held her mouth on my dick and the first spurt of semen went inside her mouth . Following spurts were on her face neck and breast …She swallowed what ever was in her mouth and licked me clean slowly …

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