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How I Fucked My Mom In Shimla – Maa ki chudai

This my first story how I fucked my mother on a vacation to shimla Hi all readers , Am new to this site and after reading the submitted stories I feel like sharing my own life experience with you all and please forgive if you found any mistakes in the following story. Myself 23yr male from Hyderabad and now completed my degree and waiting for my call letter from a big corporate .we are a family of four members and dad works in a private company.
I have youngest sister she is 18 , mom( kalyani) she is 43 but looks like 35 she is very hot coming to her shapes . her boobs are of size 38 which look like two mangos to suck and navel size is of 28 or 29 and the most arousing part is her ass which is of size 38 in size. While coming to me I am a normal looking guy.

Coming to the story after completion of my degree we planned to go to shimla .so we booked tickets in second class for four of us we started in morning. we reached shimla and took a room in hotel. It was too cold over there my father and sister used to sleep on the bed used to sleep on floor with extra bed first two days nothing happened. Third day it was very cold and did not go to out my father had few pegs and went to sleep and my sister also went to sleep in the night the temperature decreased.

I woke in the middle of the night and my father was not on the bed I saw he sleeping beside my mom and he was pressing my mom boobs,she was making sounds and suddenly my father go up and switched of the lights the room was totally dark I could not see a thing but I cold hear the sounds made by mom they stopped after few seconds I could not hear a sound. after some time I got up and went to bathroom without switching on the light.


Then slowly I switched on the light in bathroom and saw that dad was sleeping on bed and mom was half naked waiting for dad. I slowly went to the other side of my mom without making a noise .it was cold but I was sweating very heavily .it took time for me to settle beside my mother now slowly I placed my hand on boobs and started pressing my woke up and thought it was dad and told what took u so long I did not talk with mom she told not to make sound raj will wake up.

I was sucking her right boob and pressing left boob but didn’t kiss her otherwise she will get doubt after playing with her boobs I slowly removed the langa(witch girls wearer inside the sari )and inserted my finger in the crack hole the juices were flowing through it and without taking time any time I removed my pant and my dick was ready I slowly inserted my dick into the crack hole and started having sex I fucked my mom like an animal my mom was making sounds I placed my hand on her mouth fucked her after some I ejected inside and collapsed on the her She started to kiss me and she suddenly pushed and said what fuck u r doing I am your mom in a slow voice………………………………………continue in the second part


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