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I Was Made A Real Bitch In The Office By My Friend

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Hi, Sobhita here 24 years old and working in a MNC at Chennai and my stats are 36c boobs, 28 waist and 34 ass very perfect structure where many men/ boys will enjoy having sex with me.

This incident happened when i was 22 years old in my previous company Sutherland at velachery. I completed my graduation from one of the colleges at andra and went to chennai for a job opportunity. I got selected into Sutherland and me and my boyfriend was very happy about my job. In the initial days i was staying with my friend and after 3 months when i was out of the bench i moved to velachery which is very close to my office to a working women hostel and there are some of my good friends namely called siva, pradeep and some more but i will spend most of the time with these two only.

Pradeep was my team leader and siva was my team member we three were very close friends at office and these two know about my intimacy with my boyfriend who is at Delhi for further studies. My mother stays at our hometown alone and i will visit her frequently once i have to visit my mom because she is not well in condition so i have to stay there for a week with my mom and came back to office. Then my project leader shouted on me and even pradeep also shouted and said that to complete the pending work and also said that i have loose the pay

They ordered me to work extra time and i have to work for many other where my processes has an off and even in the shift changing times i have to be in the office and compensate the one week. we usually have one hour breaks in between the shifts. there will be no one at the office at that time.

One day as it was Sunday many processes has off on that shift that means 12 hour shift was completely empty that day and unfortunately my process is also off today but i got a mail on the previous day that i have to attend the office to compensate the leave it came from my project leader. so i woke up in the morning and wore a chudidhar with the inners of designer black bra and panty and my chudi top was light colour so my bra is visible a bit. still i wore it and kept my duppatta over my top and went to office and went onto my floor and it was all empty i started working all alone and after an hour someone came inside that floor that is pradeep he came to me directly and seen me working and sat beside me and said ” You are looking so pretty today” for that i said ” thanks”. Then he gone away and said ” sobhita you look very sexy in this dress and your structure is very much visible in this dress” i got a bit angry and said” will you shut your mouth and leave so that i can complete my work”. for that he left from there and i concentrated on my work.

After sometime my intranet messenger got a ping and it is from him and he started the same words again again and later he said finally that it was a nice design on your bra. I got shocked and checked myself then i got to know that it was visible. Then later he asked me to come to his cabin once as he is my team leader i went there obeying his words and opened the door and said ” what happened pradeep” then he said “sobhita take as many leaves as you want and you have work less and if you cooperate with me” then i got angry and said “i’m not that kind” then he said ” please sobhita once can you let me play with your boobs i will do anything you want please ” and touched my hand to push me back and i slapped him hard on his face and said”i’m not a bitch to do all of those” and left the cabin. after a while he came to me and said sorry and i got very bad about it and said sorry for him and said him” pradeep dont keep all those in mind and ruin me” he said nothing will happen ok and after an hour its snacks time so he called me to his cabin and arranged some tea and biscuits and we started drinking tea and having biscuits.
I Was Made A Real Bitch In The Office By My Friend, antarvasna, sex store hinde, sex story hindi antarvasna, sex kahani hindi sex, sexi hindi story, Sex Story, sex story in hindi, sex stori in hindi
I Was Made A Real Bitch In The Office By My Friend, antarvasna, sex store hinde, sex story hindi antarvasna, sex kahani hindi sex, sexi hindi story, Sex Story, sex story in hindi, sex stori in hindi

This time he started pleading me that he want to play with my boobs for any cost that too only for 30 minutes and pleaded very much and at last offered me Rs.500 for that and still pleaded very so i thought there is no one to see us here and he only plays with my boobs nothing will happen other than that so i said ” ok pradeep only for 30 minutes and i took 500″ and that was the first mistake i did and started touching my boobs over my dress removed my duppatha and then inserted his finger inside my top and from back removed my zip and my top got loose and my black designer bra was visible for him he gone mad and sucked my boobs over the bra itself and at last removed my bra and kept it in his draw and started sucking and twisting my nipples and i just left a moan like”aaah” and truly speaking his act was giving me pleasure after 3 years i was having a man touching me and other all my past experience with 2 boys is nothing in front of him and my bf never given me such pleasure.

I was in his control and even i’m ready get fucked at that time but he me a lot on my boobs an my panty got wet by the time and the act went on for 1 hour 15 minutes and even i was enjoying a lot by his act and he said ” Thanks sobhita for offering me your boobs and they were really tasty ” and left me and he said that he will keep my bra with him and i was bra-less in the office for the rest of the day and i went back to work and started working and felt very disappointed because he haven’t fucked me but still working hard to complete my work and mean while pradeep came there with a weird smile and said “you slapped me so you have to pay the price and i’ll make u pay it right and show what a real bitch is” and went away after my work done i went to his cabin pleaded not to do anything and he said “no i’ll teach u a lesson” but i said ” i’ll do anything u want please” then he got convinced and ok then come to office tomorrow in a tight T-Shirt and jeans and without bra. I said i dont have such clothes then he took me on his bike and we went to city centre mall and he bought a pair for me and asked me to wear it to the office the other day.

I said ok and the other i wore those clothes as he said and went to office and he called me to his cabin and i went there and he asked me to close the door and lock it i did as he said and he asked me to remove the T-shirt in front of him and i did as he said exactly and both my milk tanks were in front of he again started to suck my boobs for 10 minutes and said today i’ll teach u something and said it is nothing but blowjob. I was shocked but has to obey him so i did as he said and opened his pants and removed his 8 inch cock i think so and inserted it inside my mouth hesitatingly and later started to suck it and after 15 minutes i started enjoying it but i acted as i was doing it forcefully and i got a bulky orgasm in my panties. after he got satisfied by the blowjob he asked me to come to the service floor where no one will be there after completed my work.

I went to the service floor after completing my work and there are some rooms in that floor and sometimes office parties will be held there so i went inside the pantry where he was waiting for me. He seen me and said come here and lifted me and placed on the desk inside the pantry and said remove your T-shirt and i did that and the he said remove your pants i said please but he shouted to remove them so i did that too and my panty was there and he made me open my legs in v shape and slid my panty a side and started sucking and licking my pussy and my pussy was partly shaved and truly speaking his licking made me more horny and after sometime i was lifting my ass to reach his tongue and enjoying it to my core and i got 3 orgasms by his licking in just 40 minutes and he drank all cum of mine and i felt very relieving then.

From then i started ignoring my boyfriend and addicted to pradeep’s touch and i became a toy in his hand for 3 months it went on like that everyday after office we will meet at service floor and have our exercise once the office arranged for a tour and many of them are going some of us thought we will enjoy the holidays and we declared we are not part of the tour.

The office people went for tour and the next day i went to office wearing a tight T-Shirt and a low waist jeans without any inner wear and u know my boobs was also increased by then by his act. I went to his cabin and he started removing my clothes and by his touch i went into his hands and dont know whats happening in and around in just 5 minutes he removed all my clothes and kept them in his draw and locked it.

I was stark naked and he was enjoying my body from head to toe and said I love you and even i said him love you too. he started licking and i given him blowjob and today he said” sobhita i cant wait anymore i want to fuck you today at any cost” even isaid i was waiting for horny cock in my hot pussy dear come on go on let us enjoy today to the core and he inserted his cock inside my pussy it tore me a part and after one more orgasm i started enjoying and closed my eyes after a while something flashed in front of and i opened my eyes to see the security officials ramnadhan and murugan with a digital camera and murugan said” hey u people think this is a lodge for your fucking or your office we will complaint to the higher authorities on this do what ever u want to do” and ram pointed me and said ” you bitch you are getting fucked by him and how much u charge for it”

I started crying and pradeep came into picture and started talking to them and after a while he came to me and said ” sobhita they are ready to give us our fucking pictures on one condition that they both want have you for one hour each” i said what the fuck. But there is no other option and i was stark naked nothing to do so i said ok and both came in and pradeep left me alone with these two ram handling the camera and murugan came in front of me and removed his pants and his cock which is much bigger than pradeep was out and it was not even clean and i started sucking his cock and ram is capturing those pics i asked them why you are capturing the pics then ram said ” we will show these to our friends and tell them we fucked a corporate bitch like you” i have no choice and sucked him deep throat and then ram came the same replicated to him also and by all this blowjobs and all i was very horny and both ram and murugan came to me with their semi erect cocks and started enjoying my boobs and cunt and even i got my 4th orgasm of the day by then.

Then they got their erection again and ram slept on the floor and murugan forced me to sit on ram and inserted his cock inside my pussy and it went completely in till my womb and murugan took my ass and both enjoyed me for 20 minutes and i was shouting like fuck me fuck me bastards i’m your slut bitch fuck me hard and give me your cum like that after so much hard fucking they released their loads inside my pussy and ass and we three got relaxed and i enjoyed that session to the core and again a flash came and i seen it was pradeep capturing us like that. Both ram and murugan thanked him and went away then i understood that it was a trap by pradeep to make me a real bitch in the office . Rest story will be continued in the coming parts depends on your comments

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