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Sex with My Cousin Divya

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I too want to share my story with you people. when I was born I had only 1 friend. She was my cousin, Divya. She was residing near my house with her bro, dad & mom. We used to play together when we were kids. We played almost all the games. But we never fought. Well we were innocent during those days and nothing bad came into our minds.

We might be around 7-8 yrs that time. We played one funny game. These is one of the best game. Doctor-doctor. We usually used to play in the balcony. As I told u we were innocent. I still remember what happened that time. We had doctors kit, which we get in the market, the plastic one. Stethoscope, injection, bottle, saline bottle etc. I was the patient.

Divya: What is your problem.
Me: I am not feeling well. I have fever and cold.
Divya: oohh ok. Take ur tongue out.
Me: eyeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaa.nnnnnnnn
Divya. She took the stethoscope and tested my chest.
Me: its paining doctor.
Divya: I am going to give u injection.
I slept on one side and lowered my pant and underwear. She gave me injection (pinched) and we repeated the whole scene again.

After some days I went to residential school and used to come home only in vacations. I left the school after 12th std and joined college. We both took admission in the same college. We were in different departments. It was not far from our home. So my dad bought me bicycle. We didn’t had bike during that time. Odd days.

Her dad used to drop her in the college. Still now we were not thinking anything bad. We used to meet in the college. She used to be with her friends and me with mine. Days were going well. After few months I went for movie with friends (only boys). I saw her in the movie hall. She was with her friends too. I met her in the intermission. She was surprised to see me and was happy. I went home after movie. She called on our land-line after 2 hrs. no mobile phones during that time. It was 2001.

Divya: How was the movie amol?
Me: It was an average movie.
Divya: Ok, actually I wanted to talk to u for a while. Can u come to my place in 5 mins?
Me: k, I m coming but can’t wait for long time. Dad will coming soon. He wants me to study in evening hours. Otherwise u can talk on phone.
Divya: no please come here. It will not take much time.

I went to her place in 5 mins. Its not far. Her mom opened door and enquired about my studies and parents. Then Divya came downstairs. Her mom went back to kitchen.

Me: What is it?
Divya: Shhhh…. Not here. Lets go upstairs.
I followed her quietly. Her bedroom was very nice. Everything arranged properly.
Me: ok, tell me. I have to leave early.
Divya: Man…. I don’t know how to start but I ll say it. Do u know my friend Sakshi.
Me: Yes, I know her. What about it.

Divya: she keeps on inquiring about u all the time. I think she is interested in you.
Me: What? I never thought about it.
I was smiling. It was a great feeling.
Divya: Don’t jump too much. I don’t think she is nice girl. She will ditch u anytime. And I know she will be proposing you soon. So be careful.
Me: ok. So should I just say no to her???
Divya: I will tell you what to do next.
Me: Okey then. I will meet you later.

I left her place. I was very happy. Somebody liked me. I used to stare at girls all the time but never had that guts even to talk to them. It happens in remote places. It was village. I kept on thinking about sakshi all night.

Divya met me in canteen next day. I was smiling at her. She called me and told me to come home after college. I went to her place at 3pm.

She opened the door. I think her mom was sleeping. We went to her room.

Divya: Sakshi asked about u today as well.
Me: Common Divya, I think I should go for her if she’s interested. I will do time pass with her.
Divya: Oohh shut up. U don’t know this girls.
Me: I will just have fun with her.
Divya: oohh even u want to just play with her? She was looking surprisingly.

I was shy. I don’t know how I said it directly. We laughed for a while and then she said that I am the only closest friend to her. 1st you are my friend and then cousin. I don’t want anybody hurting u. it is okay if u don’t take it seriously. I don’t want to see you becoming Devdas.
Divya didn’t come to college next 2 days. I was worried for her. I went to see her friends. Sakshi told me that she is sick. I went to her place the same day.
Sex with My Cousin Divya, Antarvasna, antarvasna chudai story, antarvasna hindi, antarvasna hindi me, brother sister sex story, bhai ka lund chut me liya, bhabhi ki chudai kahani, hende sexy
Sex with My Cousin Divya, Antarvasna, antarvasna chudai story, antarvasna hindi, antarvasna hindi me, brother sister sex story, bhai ka lund chut me liya, bhabhi ki chudai kahani, hende sexy

She was lying in bed watching tv. She saw me and smiled.
Me: Hey whats wrong with you?
Divya: Fever & cold.
She got up from bed. Today she was feeling good. She took me to the balcony. There were lots of boxes. She told me all her toys are in those boxes.

Divya: I really liked my childhood days. I don’t know what would have happened to me if you were not there.
Me: Same with me Divya. Even I don’t see much difference between us.

She opened few boxes and removed some stuff. Her mom came to upstairs and told me to wait for an hour while she visits temple. She left.
Now we sat in the bedroom again. Divya had that bag.

Me: What is that?
Divya: Doctor I am having fever and cold.

Me: Ohhh. Don’t worry I will cure u soon.

I took the torch and she opened her mouth. I took her plastic stethoscope. I was small, so I had to bend forward. These time I felt awkward. I waited for a while. I didn’t know if it was right play at this age.

Divya: Doctor what happened?

I bend again and put scope on her chest. She was breathing heavily.
Me: I will have to inject you.

Without saying anything she slept on one side. I didn’t know what to do next. Even she was calm. Then she saw back at me and started lowering her trouser. I was shocked. She was looking front. I lots of guts I pinched her. It was too soft. I was scared because I didn’t want to spoil my relations with her.

She saw me again and smiled shyly.

Divya: Now its my turn. Common sleep on the bed.

I came to senses again. I wanted to say something but she pushed me on bed and hurryingly checked my heartbeats.

Divya: I will have to inject you.

I leaned on one side but couldn’t lower my trouser. She waited for a while and herself lowerd my trouser. I was dumbstuck. She pinched very hard on my ass. I screamed. She bit me and told me to not shout. I was very shyly looking at her. Even she was the same. She saw my erection and her eyes were wide open.

Divya: Ohh my god. Something is happening with you.

Then she realized that what she has done.

Divya: I am really sorry Amol. Its all my mistake. I forgot that we have grown up now. But is it that much sensitive???
Me: Ofcoarse. Its happens when we get excited.
Divya: I am really sorry again.
Divya was quite for a while. I was trying to hide my erection, but couldn’t. We both were blushing. And suddenly she asked me
Divya: You are my closest friend. Can you show me your penis?

I was getting shock after shock.

Me: Divya, I am feeling very shy. How can I just show you.
Divya? Common man, just show it.

I started removing my trouser. She was desperate. I pulled my trouser down and again looked at her. Then I started pulling down my underwear. She saw my penis and her eyes had become big. She was surprised and shocked. She had never seen it. I started wearing pant again. I could see her nipples erecting. I thought I should do the same.

Me: Hey Divya something is happening to you also. Common show me yours as well.

She was shy and she hold her boobs from t-shirt. But without much hesitation she removed her t-shirt. No bra. Ohh my god, what a feeling that was. I moved forward and touched her boobs. That was the smoothest feeling ever. I was overjoyed. I lied on bed with her. She was breathing heavily. I was in seventh heaven. I kissed her on face first, then French kissed. We kissed for a long time. Then she started searching for my dick. I too slid my hand in her underwear. Her pussy was quiet hairy. At first I just rolled over her pussy and she moaned and her hands tightened me. Even I felt good. My dick was growing bigger and bigger. Even she caught my dick.

Divya: wowwwwwwwww…. Amolllllllllllllll……………… wow……………………… these is really superb.

I was just smooching her. Then I moved towards her boobs and started sucking her nipples. I tried sucking whole boob, but couldn’t. I wish I could suck her whole boob. She was pressing my dick. I slid down and removed her trouser in 2 seconds. She was all naked in front of me now. I removed mine.

She was excited as well. I became naked and jumped on the bed. As these was our first time we directly started putting dick inside her pussy. I was not able to put it, even she tried. Then I lifted her legs a bit. Saw the hole properly and tried again. Wow what a feeling that was. Divya moaned loudly at first but then later started enjoying it. After 2 mins a strange feeling happened in my dick, I thought its my toilet and kept on ramping her pussy.

My dick was paining but it was more pleasure than pain. And suddenly it came out. I grunted loudly. She was scared and asked me what happened. I just kept hand on her mouth and continued fucking her. Then sounds like pichak pichack came and I stopped. Her pussy was flowing with white and bit red stains. She covered her pussy by hand and ran to bathroom. She came back and hold me tightly again. We kissed for a long time again.

Me: Will you get pregnant?

Divya: I don’t know, but don’t worry Sakshi knows much about it. I will ask her. And I will never involve you in this. Just trust me.
I kissed her again. She took some pills and never got pregnant. We use to have sex 3-4 times a week. We used to have 2-3 times a day depending on the situation of parents etc. Now we both are married. She is in Mumbai and I am in Pune.

She visits my place whenever she comes to Pune. We never broke our friendship. There is one question since my first sex. We both were virgins and there was blood stains in her pussy and my dick. How come we were never infected with HIV. I always think about it but couldn’t ask anyone about it. Please send me some feedback on the story

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