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Sex With The Stranger

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So one fine day I was roaming in sector 35 Chandigarh as I am a big foodie and I love to eat so I got to know that sector 35 is a good place to have some good stuff for eating so there is a place called nik bakers and was having a sandwich and sipping Pepsi all of sudden I saw a family entering the place and I was stunned to look at the girl in the group and I was just kept gulping my Pepsi at once and looking at her. And to my luck they came and sat to table next to min e and I was like on cloud 11.i was just looking at the girl and she noticed it.

Let me tell about myself I am a handsome guy,fair,5’8,good physique, most of the girls like me and stare at me as I look good and I never leave chance to get the real fun as life is short and I believe in enjoying the life as much I can.

And now I will tell about that girl who I was watching like a hungry dog, she was a piece of art very fair thick lips like mine and pink too. She had a very sexy figure.

Now back to the story so I was looking at her and she was sitting next to the she got up to go to the counter to place an order and I didn’t want to leave this chance and got up and went to the counter to place an order which was not the purpose but I had I was standing next to her as she was placing the order I was just looking at her and she noticed an d as my eyes are charming so she just didn’t say anything and a very little curve on her lips were actually a smile for me and she didn’t want to encourage me so she just stopped herself to smile more and went back but something causing an itch in her because I know she wan ted to look at me but now she wasn’t looking at me as she was trying to stop herself and I was cursing my time and getting low all of sudden I think she made her mind an d broke all the reasons like her family or something else she just looked at me and smiled at me which seemed to be a very strange smile as if she wanted to say “hi” to me but because of her family she cant say anything .but her smile towards me was the evident of the attraction n or what ever it was for me.

I was sitting there for an hour before she entered the place and its been now 45 minutes after she entered so I was sitting there for almost 2 hours now the staff was looking at me that what am I doing there and sipping Pepsi again n again, one after one. Finally family got up and left the place and so did I and she just looked at me before passing then gate of the restaurant and I got up and ran and was trying to following her and after sometime she looked back to find me or to find that m I following her or not.
antarvasna, indian sex story, indian sex story hindi  kahaniya, kahani in hindi sex, indian housewife nude photo, indian bollywood songs, kahani hindi me, kamukta 2017, kamacharitra 2017,  Sex With The Stranger
antarvasna, indian sex story, indian sex story hindi  kahaniya, kahani in hindi sex, indian housewife nude photo, indian bollywood songs, kahani hindi me, kamukta 2017, kamacharitra 2017,  Sex With The Stranger

She saw me and blushed and then family entered a showroom and I was stopped there outside and waited after sometime she came out and the family was still in and she was looking at me and she didn’t contact me and neither did I.

She was standing outside the showroom and just waiting for her family as it seemed but she was waiting for my dare and then I finally realized I should dare now so I just crossed her way looking and smiling at her and she did smile with a joy this time and I waved my hand and she blushed and I was walking and she realized I might lose in the crowd and she finally raised her hand and waived all of sudden she felt pat on her shoulder and she looked back an found her mother and told her to walk with the family and she did. But her mother didn’t come to know about all this and again I started following her and she was looking at him again n again on the way again they stopped at the showroom and she excused to have an ice-cream and stayed outside finally she cam e to a small shop of ice-cream and I too jumped off there.

She: Ice cream bhaiya
I:I am not a bhaiya
She: (laughing) I did not address you neither had I asked to you.
I: then ask me
She: what
I: anything…
She: my family, bye
I: wait for a moment

I wrote down my number on a piece of paper and handed over to her.

She ran away and I was trying to chase her but this time the family finally left the place in the car.

I was waiting for her to call me or sms me but nothing happened for 5 hours and the in the night almost around 12 she gave me an sms”hi”
I got it that who sent this and sent back “hi, is it sector 35 one”

Reply “yes, what’s your name”
She: “Ishita, y were staring at me”
I: “couldn’t stop myself to look at most gorgeous face in the world”
She: “don’t flirt. I have a boyfriend”
I was so sad and didn’t reply back and got a reply after 5 minutes
She:” what happened”

I:” nothing my all dreams shattered”
She:” I’m sorry and but it’s not my fault”
I:”then y r u talking to me”

She “I don’t know I couldn’t stop myself too when I looked at u the way u were looking at me It was amazing and couldn’t stop myself for talking to u.
I:”wow!!is it so”
I:” can I call u”
She: “yes”

I called .her and then we chatted for all night talking about each other’s life, our relationships and our families. Then in the morning we slept and then around 1 pm I got an sms “hi”

I said how r u and how was the sleep she said she slept for good hours and want to talk to me I called her up and again we chatted for around 3 hours and she told about her bf and all the things that her bf is very good to her she loved him a lot but she got attracted towards me and she doesn’t want to leave me too and it continued for 4 days continuously and never talked about sex or dirty, then on the 5th day she said her family is going out of station for a day and she is all alone and want to meet me if I can come in the morning because her family is going to be there by 9 in the night and I got ready in the morning and left for her house.

When I reached her home I rang the bell she opened the door and I was stunned to see her as she was looking stunning that day she was wearing pink top and tight pair of blue jeans she invited me in side and we sat on the sofa, we were talking I asked her y didn’t she invite her bf and she told that she didn’t even tell her bf that the family is out and we smiled at each other and I asked her y and she said she want to spend her time with m as she was madly attracted to me. she said she will be back and she went to get juice, while sipping the juice I was looking at her and she was looking at me and we were just talking to each other and she turned on some soothing songs on low volume and we were talking and she said she went to her bedroom saying that she will be back she called me up in her bedroom by saying that she want to show her book collection as she is fond of reading l I was looking at her book shelf our hands touched each other we ignored and it happened many times,

I was crossing so my dick touched her butts and still we ignored and I looked at her she was getting uneasy and her hands were shaking I again tried to cross the way and this time she closed her eyes and we stood like statue of a moment I was just smelling her neck and my breath was smashing her neck she was getting drowsy and I held her by her waist she made a sound and leaned back to my chest with her back I moved my hand to her navel she kept her head on my shoulders started kissing her neck and moving my hand all over her waist after sometime she held my hand moved towards her breast and asked me to press them.

I was pressing then she turned back and started sucking my lips and sucking tongue again n again, while doing all this stuff we reached her bed and I was still licking her neck and moving my hand to her breast and pressing it and she started fondling her hand on my head and playing with my hair and then asked me to pinch her nipples. She unbuttoned my shirt and moving her hands on my chest I removed her top and she was wearing black bra and she unhooked it and I started sucking the nipples and she was pressing my butts and was trying to insert her hand in my pants to press the butts and I was sucking her nipples then she turned I started licking her back

I reached her low waist pull down the jeans a little bit and then unbuttoned her jeans an d put her on her back slid down the panty and tried tear her hips apart and kissed on her ass cheeks and then turned her again facing towards me and kissed her hard and sucked her navel and then she took over the charge and started playing with my chest hair and the sucked my nipples and encircled them and them came down and gave a me a sloppy Blow Job and sucked my balls too and then she gave me a naught smile and went far and spread her legs far apart and invited me to tear her apart I with 7 inches long dick inserted in her and she screamed like hell and we did it for almost 3 hour and then we were sweating heavily but still had the power of repeating it twice and we were rubbing our body with our sweat, it was the amazing feeling.

Then we started doing doggy style and it was more fun because while doing it I was playing with her pussy and boobs all together from the back while fucking her ass hole with the beautiful sounds she was making.

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