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Hot sex with ex girlfriend

after few days i received a message from her asking to meet again. i refused as she was married and i dont want to spoil her married life. stating my reason i parted my ways from her. then after few days her message came, that its fine i can go away from her life but before leaving just met her once so that she could share her part of moments with me.

thinking so i said okay lets meet. we met coming weekend and chatted a lot about life. then the sad part of her life begans. she told me how her husband is always on the tours and not giving enough time to her. so i being a straight forward person saw the opportunity asked her then what does she wants exactly from me.

she was aware of my nature thats why she decided to dumped me earlier. now after looking into my eyes for few minutes she told me i have not changed. to which i agree and asked her that i am leaving before she started again chattering blah blah blah. as i was about to make a move she said holding my hand to wait.

and accepted that yes she wants me, as she want to feel me since she again met me few days ago. so i asked her when can we reschedule our plan. so the plan was up for next weekend in a hotel. i booked one, i went there in afternoon just to throw an impression that i am an outsider and here for meeting purpose.

and she came in the night we had dinner, and we talked about how do we fantasized for each other. yes i did managed to get a little phone sex in my small relation ship with her earlier. and she told me that she liked the sound and feel of my heavy breath over the phone and eversince wanted to feel the air flow in real.

and i told her that i imagined her always in saree without blouse and open hair, and if we could get under shower like that it would be a treat for me. so we finished our dinner and walked towards our room. i hold her hand it was soft. then as she opened the door i entered behind her and as the door get closed a planted a small kiss on her shoulder letting my breath went through her kurti.



i then opend her hair, let them go loose and swing. then i removed her kurti and asked let us fullfill our dreams. she said me to reduce my cloth line to boxer’s only. yes, i was amazed she was noticing my ding dong all the time. i asked her to remove everything from her body. then i wrapped her chunri around her like a towel. watched her for few seconds, wow what a site.

a lady covered in just chunri and god that impression of her breast and damn sexy legs. i was getting outta control. i stood up and approached for a long awaited smooch. doing so she saw my dinky started to rise up high. and senseing this she smiled, and pinched it. i also tinkered her near her waist line. and she started to move and her movement over my dick was something i cherrished.

i did it few more time. soon i placed my dick at the entrance of her vagina. and started massaging her melons. i made them red by pressing them hard. my finger were printed on her both breast like such, that i can count all 10 fingers. then i kissed her all over from nipples, to neck, to cheeks, to shoulder, sucked her fingers, moved finger on her back while she was resting over me,

circled her boobs, played with her hair, licked her thighs, played with the G spot. she also responded well by sucking my nipples too and bitting my ear, pulling my hair, pressing my balls, giving me hand job multiple time and each time she trid to press my dick more harder. she also tried to press my dick between her feets. yes she was going nuts.

except for mouth job she gave me every best possible job. also i did not asked her give blow job. now we had enough of our foreplay, so we decided to go into shower. i asked her to wear that churi again and then do some teaser for me to watch under water. she moved her self like a dancer just like madhuri dixit from beta her movie.

and by god ki kasam, i went staright into her and we smooched hard. then i took one end of her chunri and started to remove like some hindi vilian removing saree from hindi heroine body. she started spinning round, and when it was removed completely i sucked her melons again and to the limit that she enjoyed it. now we were wet, still hot, teasing each other and time was to go to next level.

so i lift her up bring her to the bed and bend her like her round footbal like ass is opening the gates of her vagina. i pushed from behind and she shouted from front. soon there was regularity. the juices were dripping out, we were soon sweating like shit. changed couple of positions from doggie to missionary and god knows how many more. coz i dont remember it now.

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