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Big boobs Shanti screwed by Razi

Big boobs Shanti screwed by Razi

Coming to my background I am a well educated and 2 and half years old married woman. My present age is 33 years old. My hubby is working as a software employee and I have 1 year 7 months old boy, from my child age u can notice one thing that after my marriage with in 2 months I got pregnent.

This clearly indicates that how much I like sex in my life and how my husband likes to do sex with me. This story is about to 7 years back. At that time I completed my mca and working as a faculty in a private institue. At that time my structure is 32 26 32. As I am coming from well educated family I had no boy friends. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother and I am the younger girl from my family.

As my 2 sisters were married and my brother is working at delhi. I stay with my father and mother. Out of my frinds 2 were married and they married 2 to 3 yers back only. When ever they visit my town I met with them and they shre their sex life with their husband with me. My most of friends having good structure at the age of between 26 to 28. Most of my friends size is 34 to 36 size.

And I have 32 size, by wich all my friends called me as plain dosa or carom board. I think you may know the meaning of plain dosa or carom board. Those who have small boobs they are known as plain dosa. Most of my frineds had boy frined so they have good structure. As I am working in a institute were all students are between 17 to 21 age group as we know that boys look only girls structure I have only small struture.

So all boys had pass comment on me because my student girls have big boobs then me. So I am very much fond of big boobs I want to inc my boobs size. So I am very much fond of sex and I want sex before marrige. As my friends told me that with sex only they have good sexy structure. Each and every moment in my life I want to have sex in my life so I search a good sex partner.

To whom I have only sex no marriage, we cant share our sex experiance with other. because I want to increase my boobs size and want sexy structure by which all man can saw me they fell sex with me. Due to my small boobs I wear sponge bra so that my boobs look like a big apple.

My boyfriend’s name is Razi. He is a tall guy with a long hard 7.5inch dick (I had measured it many times when it is fully erect). He is a good guy. He is my student and we fall in love with each other. He got my cell number and daily night we use to talk sex through phone. He taught me everything in sex.

Once we decided to meet and we met each other and he came with his car when I was going to my college and he drove in to his uncles house (uncles family lives in Dubai so no one stays there). On the way to uncle’s house he stopped his car and gave his first direct kiss to my lips and it was awesome.

I still remember his first kiss and started caressing my boobs and started squeezing (first time in his life he is touching boobs and he was enjoying it ). I told him we can go from here as he parked his car in a remote area. After reaching his uncles house I went to bed room. After locking the garage he came to my room and sat beside me.

He was looking directly into my eyes it made me fully wet. I was in full mood. He told me that he wants to fuck me; he knows that I have some lesbian experience with aunt. He told me as it’s the first fuck it’s going to hurt my pussy little bit. I told him it doesn’t matter because today I want to taste a man’s cock. By the time he started rubbing his cock from above the pants.

He then holds my head and gave me soft kiss to my lips and started sucking my juicy lips, and slowly he moved towards my neck and smooch my necks it was heavenly. He then asked me to lay on the bed and started squeezing my boobs and asked me to remove my top of salwar.

And he told that this is first time his going to see a naked boobs directly so he was restless and he helped me to remove my top. Then he cupped my boobs with bra on. I was wearing a white bra and he liked it very much. Then he himself unhooked my bra and started sucking my tits like a baby and with the hand he started to squeeze my other boob.

It was painful for me because he was pressing it too hard. I told him it hurts then he slid his hand towards my navel and started caressing my stomach and he was sucking my boobs badly and my tit was fully erect he then slid his hand toward my pants and he asked me to remove it. I told his its self-service now If u want to see the heaven you have to remove it by yourself.

Then he started to remove by himself and asked me to raise my hips so it is easy to remove my pants of him. After removing my pants he saw wet patch in panties and he started to lick that wet patch and he started to smell my pussy with panties on. Then he came to my lips and gave the of my juice. It was tasty to have the taste of my own cum from his lips.

The put his finger inside my panties and started to rub my pussy. That time I got a shock like feeling because for the first time a guy is touching my pussy. Being the first time he did not know to rub a clit which I taught him later. He was rubbing my pussy and I was feeling very good and my pussy was completely wet.

Then he removed my panties and started staring at my pussy as he was seeing it for the first time. I told him stop staring and get in to action. Then he asked me to spread my legs and he started to lick my juice. I was feeling heavenly and I he dried all my juice and I asked him to lick my clit. I pointed my clit with my finger and he started licking it. I was feeling like I am in heaven.

He started to lick me fast and I told him keep licking I am going to cum. He licked me fast as there is not tomorrow and I reached orgasm. Then I told him to remove his dress. That time he told me that is self-service and I removed his shirt and pants. I was surprised to see a huge bulge in his underwear I started feeling his cock with his underwear on.


Then he removed his underwear and asked me suck his cock. It’s very huge and for the first time I am seeing an adult cock directly. My mouth started watering to taste that rod. And my pussy started itching for that hot rod. I started licking his tip of the cock tasted his pre cum. It was salty in taste and I like it most. Then he asked to suck it as he doesn’t want waste time.

Being the first time it was very difficult for me to suck his cock and I was not able to suck I properly I gave a bite to his cock and told his it is TIT FOR TAT (he squeezed my boobs every hard). Then he told me you bitch I ll show you.then asked me lay on back and spread my legs. Then he took a cloth piece and asked me to raise my ass and he spread it on the bed.

Then I asked him why you need that under my ass then he told me as you are a virgin little blood will come and it may spoil the bed sheet. Then he started rubbing his hard cock on my vaginal slit and I was enjoying that as my vagina is full wet then he told me it’s going to hurt you a little bit and you are a virgin.

Then I told him am afraid; he told me not to worry he will be very soft toward me. Then he stopped rubbing and told me that he wants see my hymen. He parted my legs wide and opened my pussy lips wide. Then he started rubbing his finger on my pussy and told me that you are having a small hole and he is going to make it big today.

Then I was in full mood and told him not to waste time and then he started to rub is rod again and started to insert it was very painful and I told his I can’t bear the pain and then he removed his cock and asked me to relax. Then he started to insert his tool again. I closed my mouth with ma hands he have me huge push and I screamed in pain that time he leaned forward

and started to smooch my lips and he didn’t remove his dick the he told me not to worry everything will be alright soon. Only his head of the cock went inside and I was feeling like something got jammed inside my pussy. He then removed his cock a little and gave me another hard push and I felt like I was dying in pain.

Then he started moving back and forth and blood started coming. I told him not to stop as the pain will subsidies soon and he slowly started fucking me. He increased his speed and I was in pain I told his to slowdown but he was not listing to me he was enjoying his first fuck and then he told me that he is going to cum.

I told him not to cum in my pussy and he removed his dick from my pussy when I was about to cum and he cum his sperm on my stomach. that time I was his cock and it was coated with my juice and mixture of blood. Then he went to bathroom to clean his cock and I relaxed in the bed.

Then I went to bathroom and he asked to take bath and he cleaned my pussy and we took bath together and after that I went to the bed and asked him how our session was. He told me he wants to fuck me daily and he wants to marry me. Then he hugged me tightly and told sorry for hurting my pussy. Then he asked whether I want more today.

I asked him to lick my pussy as I was having a little pain. Then he lay between my legs and started to lick my clit. I started enjoying. I hold his head toward my pussy and asked him to lick faster and in no time I got my orgasm. He moved to my ass hole and started to lick my ass hole. I never thought that he will like my ass hole. I asked him did he like it or not.

He told me he even lick my shit if you want. I was so happy to hear that from him as I want to get my ass hole lick (because my aunt use to lick my ass home and she use to put her middle finger in my ass hole and I had done the same to her also). Then he told me that he wants to fuck me again.

He asked to get in doggy style as he want to fuck me from behind and I did and slides his cock into my tight vagina and it started pain again. He was enjoying fucking me and later my pain converted into pleasure and I also started enjoying. After 5 min he asked me to lay on my back and asked me suck his cock and this time I tried giving a nice blowjob and he enjoyed it.

The he did 69 positions where he licks my pussy and I suck his cock. I asked him to fuck me again as I was fully aroused. He inserted his cock to my socked pussy and he started to fuck me slowly as he wants to enjoy it for a long time. He then increased his speed and I achieved my orgasm 2 times then he told me he is going to cum and I asked his to cum in my mouth

because I want to drink the cum and he shot his cum inside my mouth. I tasted every single drop of his cum and I told him I loves him a lot and we were very tired and he asked me to take rest for some time.This is the end of my story hope you guys and gals have enjoyed my experience. I look forward for your comments and any boy or gal want to contact me then I will give my contact number.

I have lesbian experience with aunt and one of my friends that I will write it later. Any female can contact me because I like to have fun with female and for boy I will talk to u through phone but won’t let u guys to fuck me unless you have a 10 inch thick cock.

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