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Having sex 35000 feet in the air with Airhostess

Hi readers, this is Mr b who is shashis boss, since I was on europe tour on business couldnt catch up, but read all the episodes of my secy shashi getting handled in bus and also gang banged which was teasing my dick to have a dive in her pussy at the earliest. because of the very hectik schedule I never had time for fun excepting few times at the night club the waitress masterbating

me under the table and couple of times getting blow job done by the hotel stewardess, anyway nothing very hot so no point in thinking about it, my mind was all set to have a good fuck back with shashi.

on my return from frankfurt I got a flight yo mumbai as I had a business meet, I landed at 2.30am in the morning and checked into hotel bawa near the domestik terminal, my clients picked me up at 8.30 frm the hotel and after meeting dropped me back at hotel by 12 noon and my flight was at 3 pm I checked out and reached the terminal to find my flight was delayed by 1 hr,

anyway checked in and sat oggling at nice women and there ass with a nice erection now and then, readers you may all remember this delay was due to the international flight skidding on the runway coz of rain and there was only one runway operational, so most of the flights were delayed, and finally my flight was rescheduled to 11.30pm in the night.

dear readers what happened on the flight, is like a dream for me and many of you may feel its a concocted story, but its left upto you to believe as me and shashi who are sex freaks always tried the experience the ulimate and share with you readers hence, I am keeping the airline name in secret, with the flight getting so delayed most of the people opted to cancel their flights or reschedule for the morning.

anyway boarded and hardly there were 40 to50 people and once airborne I looked around and changed the seat to the rear, where I could peacefully work on my laptop, I asked the airhostess for some water and I went to wash room to relieve myself and when I got back the airhostess was gazing at my laptop her name was maryann which is her real name.

when I went to washroom after few minutes my screen went for screen saver, this screen saver I got from a top level business contact, its nothing but slide show of kingfisher calender girls shot off screen, its very provocative and will give anyone a hard on, as she smiled she said u seem to be a very horny man, for which I replied for this if u say horny I have 1000 times better than this in my system,

the look on her face indicated that she wanted to see more hot stuff, without wasting an oppourtunity I called her to sit in the center seat and I moved to the aile seat. as she settled I opened the folder which I had made in germany its salsa dancing fully nude, and they have sex in different posses as they dance, guys and gals this is some very eerotik sex that I have seen,

the best when he carries the girl reverse and eat her pussy while she sucks his cock its an amazing piece of action, she was seeing all this and breathing heavy and I was leaning towards her for myself also to have a clear look, when the guy was sucking the girls pussy she said in low voice she has never experienced this to which I responded instantly by saying can I give you that pleasure now,

for which suddenly turned towards me and I pressed my lips on her lips, she went back a little but the trigger was pressed she wanted more and came forward and I gave her the wettest possible kiss, I could get the taste of her lipstick, as I chewed her lips and fucked her mouth with my toung with my right hand I spread her thighs apart and caressed her thighs and went up,

she was wearing a mini skirt and in no time I reached her panty area which was warm and I could feel her pussy wetness over her panty, as I slowly fingered her pussy on panty she too reciprocated and pushed her toung in to my mouth which I savoured and sucked gently, I pushed aside her panty and felt her pussy lips which was dripping wet,

I slowly started to push my middle finger in her love cave for which she was spreading her thighs apart and accomadating my finger. when I broke the french kiss she opened her eyes and looked into mine, I could feel the lust in her eyes, I told her to remove the panty and move to the window seat, she followed my orders like a pet dog,

I lifted the arm rests of the seat and my head started to gaze her pussy and crouched myself to bury my face between her thighs, she accomadated me well to reach her pussy, it was musty smelling and wet I stuck my toung out and gave a lick, I could feel her body shiver and maon softly I ate her cunt like awild animal and both my hands invaded her breasts,



she opened the uniform button for my acces of her tids which I sqezzed and smashed like nobody business, I lifted my head to have alook of her tids which was nice and brown in color was turning red with all my massaging and pinching, I crawled somemore and took her tids in my mouth, I must have sucked for a while she was pushing my shoulder downwards,

I knew her pussy was itching for more sucking, I looked at her face and said ” baby dont push ask for it” she said ” I am about to explode and want to in your mouth please suck my pussy” I replied with pleasure will drink all your juice dear and wait for my turn to load my cum in your mouth,

that naughty look was of acceptence and the next 10 mts I voraciously ate her cunt and she exploded into her oragasm, she held my head between her thighs so tight it was difficult for me to breath, she took few minutes to recover and got up and attacked my pant zips, my cock was throbbing with erection which sprung out and in no time she was licking my circumsized dick head,

she was tasting my precum, as she enjoyed the sucking my left hand reached her pussy and I inserted 2 fingers and started to finger fuck her, I didnt last long may be 5 mts my pressure built up and I pushed her head downwards so that my cock can hit her throat and exploded my load of cum into her, she never let out a drop down and relished my sperms crawling allover inside her mouth,

she got up and looked at my face speachless and could see that satisfied look, I went forward and kissed her, as I kissed she adjusted her dress and closed buttons, I could feel the taste of my own cum and she could get the taste of her pussy from mine, she jst said thanks and got up, as she passed me I lifted her skirt at the back and wet kissed her bums and she passed

by went their stationa and dressed up and came back with a small bottle of water for me, as we exchanged our whereabouts she was standing next to me the pilot announced to prepare for landing. anyway she has given her number to me she is basically from calcutta partially manipur origin and I am going to fuck her in the near future,

as we were landing just rested my head and was thinking where all destiny takes us. readers kindly post your sincere comments, excepting the airline name everything I have written clear to the best of fucking senses hahahahahah. As I landed just dreaming when will I get my sex goddess shashi to fuck the daylights out.

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