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Chudaas choot mein lund ka injection

I was afraid that if I feel bad, then the business too will go out of my hands and in my view, my respect will also end.

But my mind always used to fuck him, no one can have so much good stuff and if he does not like it, it cannot happen!

Pain in teat
Whenever I would watch him carefully, my 7 inch cock would immediately stand up.

I used to always hug him while thinking alone.

Once upon a time, both of us were sitting in the clinic, suddenly Ruhi’s chest ached and she started to moan.

When I paid attention, she was holding her chest and kept crying.

I asked – what happened?

So said – nothing.

Then I insisted, then – chest pain. I went near and said – What should I do?

Bid – No, it will be fine.

I did not agree and went to him and stood up. I realized that the pain is intensifying, I said – should I inject?

So she said yes, put it, the pain is getting out of tolerance.

Cool butts
Then I filled the injection and said – Where should I put it?

So she said – there will be pain in the hands, put it in the waist!

Then she lay down on the same patient table and I started preparing for the injection and said – loosen the waist!

He immediately loosened his salwar pulse and slid it down slightly. What cool butts were there!

For the first time I saw such smooth butts of a girl.

I moved her salwar down a little more! Now his entire butts were visible.

Seeing his cool butts, my cock started saluting him.

She started injecting his butts, it was probably tickling her, she said let it be!

I said – if I crush a little, the medicine will go in properly.

I was getting completely excited by caressing her hips.

Now the pain of Ruhi started getting a little more intense, so I also felt afraid that what happened to it?

Tit massage
I looked at Ava na Taw, started massaging her chest. She also did not say anything.

When I was going to massage, I felt that if his pain subsided a little, then he bid – stay!

But where was I going to believe, I was just like in heaven!

When her pain subsided, I noticed that there was a tightness in her cunt, now she was also getting warm due to the touch of a man. He lovingly took a kiss from me.

Now I flew, I also answered him with a kiss and my hand was on his big nipple.

I showered kisses on her instead of a kiss, now she was completely in my arms.

His eyes were closed and his breath was hot. Now she was enjoying her youth very much.

I was kissing her and rubbing her pussy.

Now Ruhi was fully supporting me. I did not take much time and immediately put my hand in Ruhi’s salwar.

She did not say anything.

Pussy fuck
Now my spirits increased and I started caressing her smooth pussy. Her pussy was already getting wet and now even my cock was starting to release some water. I immediately opened the chain of my pants and made the cocks out and put Ruhi’s hand on my hard cocks.

At first, she was a little swearing, but she grabbed my 7 inch big cock in her full fist and started caressing it.

I was also being fingered in her pussy. He was enjoying it very much.

After a while, her body started to stiffen and she completely collapsed with my body. I now asked to suck my cock in her mouth and she started to refuse.

I said – it will be fun! Don’t suck darling!

Then she agreed and started sucking my cock with her mouth.

Rupert’s blowjobs
‘Ahh oh’ now as if I was in heaven.

Now my cock was about to drain, I removed all my goods in his mouth.

She too got all the stuff stuffed inside and kept licking my cock.

Incidentally there was no patient, so we were completely free in the inside cabin.

And Ruhi was also getting hot, now I lay on the table and started kissing her whole body. I completely naked him. I was going to kiss him like a mad dog. He was also having fun. Was coming out of his mouth ahhh… .ohh uhh ……

As soon as I brought my mouth to her pussy, she pressed my head tightly.

I also started licking her big pussy, now she was completely intoxicated and said, holding my LND – Lotus,

Don’t leave me now, fuck me! Tear off my burr by putting your cocks in it! Ahhh … come!

After getting such a soft touch, my cock stood up again.

Laund Injection
I pushed my land hard on the mouth of her pussy,

She immediately shouted and said- Please leave it! It is paining.

When I looked at her pussy, blood was coming out but I did not tell her and slowly started to move back and forth and she was being kissed.

Gradually she too started to calm down and she also started having fun.

After a while she collapsed and I also removed all my goods in her bur.

Now we both lay down together for a while.

I cleaned her pussy blood with cotton and sat on her seat wearing her clothes.

Now the sex of Ruhi’s Chudas pussy started frequenting.

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