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kavita ke kadak chuche

I chuckled and as soon as I turned back, my towel opened which I was able to handle, I left the bucket by hand and Kavita came to know that there is someone outside, Kavita immediately wore her maxi and she came out. I could not get down the stairs. And in no way was I able to tie the towel and that fucking towel opened again, Kavita laughed, Kavita newly called me to her and took her to the room and said “What you just saw from someone Shall do, “I told you that moves dirty” so she bid has to do with the hand not get it, “I said” action is still dirty it. ” From that day on, there was an unknown stretch between me and Kavita, whenever I went to the terrace, I would avoid Kavita but there was a desire to peek in her window again and again.

One day, I was peeping through her window again and she could not see, then she started jumping and jumping and then putting new hands on my shoulder and saying “You are jumping in the wrong place”, she brought me to her room. He removed his maxi by putting a window curtain. Inside, Kavita was wearing nothing and her nipples were also standing and inviting me, I started going from there but do not know what to think and turned and sucked nipples like Kavita’s juicy grapes, then she said “suck slowly now Its paining. Hearing this, I started sucking her nipples with haughtily, then she asked me “Never done this before,” I nodded my head and asked her if she did. Kavita smiled and said, “Chudai is common in the village and you learn soon but when someone comes to know, there is a big ruckus”, saying this, he started kissing my body and kissing each of my clothes in a sexy way Taking off my body with my tongue and licking it, I wondered how the simple village girl is doing.

However, I was having fun and I started sucking her nipples and started kissing her lips, both of us had fun in this, although she had hair on her pussy but I had never seen her pussy, I did not mind and I Kissed her pussy too fiercely and licked her said location with her tongue. He said this is bhaganasa and this is the most important thing, so I licked him more thoroughly, now the poem was hot, which was a proof of his relationship with her pussy, warm lukewarm substance Kavita laid her hands on the new wall and asked me to follow her After a bit of struggle, my cock was on the whereabouts of her pussy, now Kavita newly said, “Just enter it, don’t do it now”, so I inserted my cock in her pussy in one stroke.

Kavita was already experienced, so she did not feel so much pain, just a little voice came out, I was thinking many things while fucking her and also wanted to ask when was she the first to do it but it was so much fun to bang that I was the same Kept doing Kavita was probably tired, so she lay on the floor lying on the ground and took me on her own. Now there was a problem of finding a teaser again and also prevention but now both of us were making fun. Kavita was licking my cock in her pussy by shaking her waist and I was drinking the juice of her boobs while fucking her, suppicioli her nipples, which I still found big juices. We both collapsed and stayed on each other that day, I did not even go to college and spent the whole day just fucking Kavita, I got out before Bansi Lal came in the evening, but now I get a chance every day And I used to fuck Kavita and I would enjoy her juicy nipples.

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