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Wife’s group sex on her birthday

Kunvaari dost ki bhayaanak chudai 

This is done when both of us had sex every day. One day we read the talk of wife swapping on the net and we also started to wish that we do something similar. Then we started reading sexy movies and stories every day. Then we came to know one more thing of wife group […]

Mere tan badan ki pyaas ab tum bhujao

Vah kahane laga darasal meenaakshee ek ladake se pyaar karatee hai aur vah ladaka kuchh bhee kaam nahin karata meenaakshee chaahatee hai ki ham log usakee shaadee usase karava den. ab tum hee batao ki ham log usakee shaadee usake saath kaise karava sakate hain usaka parivaar bhee kuchh theek nahin hai ham logon ne […]