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Awasthi Sexy Neighbour – desi sexy stories

I did have a 22 year old girl Aswathi some time back. I had an encounter with her once in our old farm house, while cleaning up. That was the first time and I also had experienced with a virgin for the first time. I still doubt if she was virgin at that point of time. At first it was really by accident, but as soon as the first encounter ended, I did know what to do with her and how to get her do things I want.
This was the second time I was going to my native place which 60 kms from Mumbai towards north. This time I had great plans for her so my crouch was already aching by the time I reached my “sarsoli”. I reached around noon and changed dress and started to walk around. Actually I was searching for Aswathi, who should be around. As I guessed I found her near the farm house again and she was awestruck when she saw me there.

First she ran with red face and looking down wards. I also did not touched or stopped her but just smiled. As I was walking thru the farm, I heard a “shhhhh” from behind the hay stack. I went there and immediately Aswathi embraced me like a waiting lover. I hugged her back, her plump body struck against mine. And she was breathing very heavily.

She said. “Tomorrow everyone is going to a temple near by and its for the marriage. If you come in the morning, I will tell them I am not coming. Else we can plan for day after tomorrow” I looked at her, clinging to my chest, licking away the sweat I had on my chest her eyes were burning for sex, I can see that. I don’t know what had attracted her. I said yes I will come and went to my home. I litterly counted seconds to night. I did brought Moods 3s packet though.

Next Day around 10 am I went to her house and all were happy leaving there, I did chat with Uncle, Aunty and all casually passed a smile to Aswathi also. They went around 10:30 am. I asked for a tea to Aswathi. She was wearing a half sari, which was not that normal in this part of Kerala. As soon as she went in I followed, she hugged me hard and started to suck on my nipple without removing my shirt.


With her clung to my chest, I closed the door and bolted it. I walked to the bed room and started to remove my shirt. I told her to remove her dress too. She won’t even listen but started licking me like a crazy dog I removed my shirt and she was already taking out my thick hard member out of my underwear and licking it.

As I removed my underwear, she had kneeled in front of me with her full cloths and peeled my foreskin down, started to lick on the red bulb which was bulging. She sucked it in her mouth and started to swirl around her tong around my red bulb. I could not stand I pulled her head away and laid on the bed. She was like a hungry kid, started again licking and sucking on my dick.

She used her free hand to play with my balls and explore under it. My section between balls and asshole is sensitive; I feel her touching it and tracing circles to my asshole. She was almost crazed, eyes half closed left hand holding my dick and mouth drooling all over my dick, right hand between my legs. She was still clothed; I removed her duppatta and started to work on her skirt’s knot. She was willing and was adjusting for me all the time.

Some time I have to suddenly lay back and give a cry as her tong would touch some of the sensitive areas in my dick. At that point she would like a mad dog lick terribly in the very area to make me buck up and down. I had to roll my head from side to side as I feel her tong in my dick. She was drooling all over it now. I some how removed her skirt knot and yes she was not wearing panties.

She still had her yellow blouse on. I pulled her out of my dick and I looked at her face. My god!!! I will never forget that face. Drooling, sweat covered, eyes half closed, locks of hair falling on her forehead, mouth half open. She was fighting to go back to my dick. I did not want that, she will make me cum and then the fun will be over. Some how I removed her blouse and bra. Then I placed her in my lap with legs open wide and she clung to my left nipple sucking on to it.


I placed my right hand between her legs and started probe and peel open her sloppy flower. I was searching for her love button and from last experience I know that this is something she won’t stand with. I found it and as soon as I found it I pinched it and started to roll it between my index finger and thumb. She started to rock and buck in my lap, mouth open in craze and

calling my name, “Rohanaaaaa, Please da, Enne Kolledaaaaaa, AAAAHHHH” she was drooling now rolling her head from side to side on my left shoulder. She opened her legs far wider. I kept on pinching and poking her love button. Her hands were now holding my right hand in my wrist. I slowly inserted my index finger to her welcoming hole. It was wet and oozing with her juices. I told her in her ear.

“This is my rose and I am going to eat “Theen” [Honey] from it” She rolled her head and said anything…anything, I am yours, do anything you want. I inserted my middle finger also inside her and started to finger fuck her. She was rocking on my fingers and bucking. I used my both fingers and pumped her. I can hear the sloppy sound “Plack plack plack” every time I push my fingers inside.

She tilted her head back and holding on me, was repeatedly calling my name. Suddenly with a shriek she pushed my hand out of her flower and lay limp on my chest, breathing heavily. I asked her, wont you give my honey to me?. She again said, “Take it, Take it all, its all yours”. Then I slowly laid her on the bed on her back.

I opened her legs, the butter thighs apart and lay between. I pushed my both hands under her thighs and lifted and placed each thigh on my shoulder. She was kind of sleep walker style, her entire body was now covered in sweat, she was muttering I love you, please take me, my flower is yours. I placed my hands on her crouch and parted her pussy lips and parted them, the pink flower blossoming in front of me. The whitish thick juice was all over her crouch.


I started to explore her flower with my tong. She jolted the moment my touched her inner parts. I was swirling and swooping inside her love hole. She placed her hands on my head and presses it gently on to her pussy. All the while muttering my name. She was caressing my head. I started to play with her pussy too. I moved my tough on the upper parts of her vagina in search of her ever weak love button.

The moment my tong passed over it she jolted again. I find it and peeled open its hood using my fingers. Sucked it on to my mouth, as if it was a small dick, now she was really in ecstasy. Hold her clit between my lips and started to nib the tip of it with my tong. That was it she rocked and jolted, twisted her midsection to escape the ruthless assault.

This may have been her limit. But I was not sure. She pressed her both thighs to my head and crossed her legs behind me. And started to push her pussy into my mouth. Like hugging her, I crossed my hands over her lower abdomen. Now I folded my knees and started to rise. She was shrieking and rolling her head from side to side. I am now kneeling and she is hanging from my mouth.

Only her shoulder blades and head is in the bed. Rest is in air and she is grabbing the bed with her both hands. I cant really hear her screams as my ears are being pressed heard to my head with her smooth thighs. I am very disturbed as I can breath barley and her pubic hair is filling my nostrils. But I didn’t want to leave her. I can feel her slashing each time my tong tip touches her there.

My chin is now flowing with her honey and dripping to my chest even!!!. But I won’t leave her. I think she wanted to push me out, but she is now unable to reach my head. She is trying every now and then with her hands to touch my head. But when I see those coming up I will give a small bite to the clit and she would go rocking and holding on the bed.


I don’t know what’s the time was, I really don’t care. I was sucking on her, playing with her love button. It was like remote control of Aswathi’s body. I can make her do anything in this position. She was just a doll for me. A doll with a clit my mouth.

This continued for a long time. She had stopped slashing now. Her thighs have gone limp and just hanging around my shoulders, her hands are limp, head is turned to one side and eyes are half closed, she was drooling as if she was in deep sleep. Still every now and then when I lick her clit tip very fast, she would rock her middle section. I think she has lost count of her cums. Now I can hear her begging.

Please rohan viddeda mone, ente kutta please vittekeada, rohan ….Aaaayyyyoooo, please da, videdeaa….aaaahhhh I was really enjoying it. Slowly I put her down on the bed. She was laying limp and fully wet with her sweat. Flowing down my chest was a thick line of her honey. My mouth was dry as I didn’t swallow for a long time.

My saliva is mixed with her honey covered my lower face and chest. I stood up slowly and walked towards the kitchen. Washed my face and chest and had a glass of water. Then I came back. My crouch was aching and every step was painful for me now. She was there in the same position as I left her. I hold on to her hair and tilted her head slowly.

Her face now pointing up and looking at my throbbing dick. I peeled my foreskin and inserted it slowly to her mouth. She gulped first and then started to lick me, very slowly and very sloppy. But just the touch of her tong was enough for my dick. My legs went watery. I some how hold on to it. Just seconds after she started licking my dick I pulled it out. It was time now! I took the moods and applied condom on my dick.

Slowly I climbed over her. She was sleeping I believe. I opened her legs apart and placed my dick on her swollen wet sloppy pussy. Slowly pushed it down towards her love canal, murmuring my name Aswathi turned her head. I pushed it fully inside. AAAAA rrrrggggggggg aaaaaaaa HHHHHHH….

Like shocked out of dream she opened eyes. Crazy and lust filled her looks was really frightening. She supported her upper body in her elbows and started to rock in my dick like mad. I see her melons boobs bouncing up and down. I caught hold of one nipple each hand. Twisted and turned them. Rolled them all the while pumping her in and out.


She was rocking back to me too. But that didn’t continue for long. I exploded inside her. If I didn’t had moods, sure she would be in trouble. I actually collapsed over her. She welcomed me with open hands. I can smell her musky smell as I rolled over and lay beside her. My dick limping very fast and I removed the used condom, filled with my cum and placed it on the ground near the bed.

Aswathi turned over, placed her head on my chest, one leg over my thighs, placed her left hand over my dick, cupping it. I smiled. She said in my ear “We can’t do this for long, They will be back in another 2 hours” I felt Aswathi licking on my nipple, I was falling asleep now.

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