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Prince Fucked Isha At Baroda

So now lets start the story, i live at alkapuri area in vadodara near our house we have jim , i regularly go to jim at 8 – 9 a.m, i have been going to jim from 6 months every body know me in the jim because my nature is very friendly and i have friendship with every body , it was my friends marriage on 14 november so i dint went to jim for 3 days and after 3 days as i went to jim and was doing regular excercises and at 8.15 a girl around 27 entered jim and was wearing jacket and track she started doing warm up and then regular work out after some time she say me and i gave her smile but no reaction from her side , that day passed on 2 nd day she was busy in work out and that week went same no reaction from her side, aprrox it was 9 th day my car was puncher so i desided to do walk and go to jim as i was on the way i saw her isha stoped the car and said come i will droup you at jim, i sat in her car and told her thanks with in 2 min jim came, i did the work out and went to lift as the door was closing she came in lift as i got on ground floor she said come i will droup u.

I sat in her car and she started songs in car, i asked isha u dont have english songs she aaid i dont have but i will buy today i told dont buy i have many songs u give Your pen drive i will put in that as my building came she drouped me i said her thankyou she said mension not i said my name is prince and she told i am isha I asked her to come at my place but she told she was in hurry because her hubby was going out of country , dear readers as i went up in my flat i hade breakfast and Then i started my lappy and inserted isha’s pen drive as i oped the folder there were lots of hindi songs and her photos.

As i started seeing her photos she was looking Sexy she had aprox 20 photos of her in which she was looking sexy there was 1 photo in which she was in bikny i took all photos from her drive and transfered in my Laptop and i installed many english songs in that, Next day i again went by walking becuse i knew she will again meet me as i was on the way she came and said hi prince howz you i said fine she opened the door and i Sat in her car and said i have forgoten the pendrive and will give u after jim she said ok no problem, that day as we entered jim mostly 5 to 6 people were there , So she also started doing work out with me and after that i asked her shall we live she said ok, again we went to lift , in lift as i was pressing ground floor buton.
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I by Mistake touched her balls her balls were so soft like jelly i was just in her dreams i was blank, as ground floor came she told me move prince ground floor is there. We went towards car and on the way i told her come to my home today i will give u pen drive on this she agreed, she parked the car in our flats parking and we went to our flat as i opened the flat i wellcomed her and asked her to sit at sofa, i gave her water and asked her for coffee, we had coffee and then i showed her my flat , as she entered my bed room she asked me do u live alone in this house i said i live alone, she asked me u have well mantained your house i said i like clean things she said good. we came to hall and started general talks in which she asked me do u have girl friend i said no i dont have have, she asked whats your age prince i said 24 . Then i also started her asking are you maried , do u have children and etc.

I gave her pendrive and she asked are you on wats app i said ya she asked my mobile no. I gave her, in afternoon i was sleeping i saw 2 messages from unknow number as i woke up i called on that no. But she cutted the phone and agin she messaged me that hey i am at home with sasuma dont call me just message me , i was wondering who was she i messaged her who r u she answered i am isha, i said hi howz u She asked me why dint u reply from 2 hours i said i was sleeping, she said this is my no. Save it , she said i am going out at temple with my sasuma pls dont message me i asked which temple she said near to my house i said today is saturday i am also going over there she said ok we will there but pls dont talk witb me over there beco i would be with my sasu i said ok as u live your home message me sge said ok.

I got ready and after 20 min she messaged me and then i left for temple as i reached there i saw her she gave me smile and i did same. as i was going back to home she messaged me bye i did same, after half an hour she again messaged me and said we will have chat at 10 p.m i said ok but i dont like i wana talk to you she messaged me i will try. … She messaged me hi and i replyed can we talk she said wait after some time, i replied ok isha ji no problem she repiled pls dont tell me isha ji call me only isha i told ok After 30 min around 10.30 p.m she called me i picted the phone and we started talking with each other we had talked for around 1 hour i dont know when we started talking about sex , i said isha i have been hidding u about 1 thing i said i have see your photos which were there i pen drive she dint told me any thing and said pls keep it secret i said i am mature i am not a kid and she asked have u saved then any were i said on i asked can u give your pen drive again she said why u want i said I want to see your photos again she said i will think and tell u tomorow. Next day again i went in her car and we did work out together and she droped me and we became more closer day by day,

I started touching her hips, legs, waist, neck, while work out and she dint said any thing for that. and now we were good friends and we started chating and talking late nights , it was saturday she drouped me at home and i requsted her to come at my home and she agred we had coffee and 1 hour talk and some what about sex i saw she was free to talk with me about any thing , she became more friendly witb me as by my nature, i saw she was touching her pussy while talking with me and she was closeing her legs i saw all this things and while going i gave her xx c.d and i told her watch this english movie its new and u will enjoy she dint knew it was sex movie and i asked her for her pendrive she gave me and gave me a nauthy smile i undustood some thing is going to happen , she went home and messaged me dont become soo much naught prince i replyed i am very much naught she said hummm i again sended her xxx video by whatapp she replied humm thats a real men she also sended me 1 xxx video i sended her 2 more videos she replied bus karo prince muje kuch ho raha hai aur mere pati bi bhar hai.

Then she called me and said prince you are very Naughty stop all this my hubby is out of country , i asked for how many days she said for 3 months, i asked how can u live without him and his sex, she dint anwer me I asked isha tomorow is sunday and jim is closed so come at my home and we will have work out here she said ok but i will come at 7.30 a.m i agreed. Next morning i was waiting for her ans she was on time i gave her water and then we had coffee she asked me where was chaning room i showed her she went to change cloths as she came out ahe was wearing small shorts and sports bra only i was gone mad , we started work out and while i was teaching her how to do i was standing on her back my erect dick was touching her hips she undustood and was smileing,

I became bold and kept my handa on her waist she dint told me any thing i raises my hand and brought till starting of her balls she was doing situps and hand was touching her balls while siting and qhile comeing up my dick was touching after sometime she told me i thing u should go to bathrom for fresh up i said i want you isha to get me fresh buy saying this i kissed her on her lips she started responsing me i started touching her balls preasing them , by kissing i took her to my bedroom and i closed the door and removed her bra i could see her her white bid balls her figure was 34-30-38 she was looking very sexy she revoed my t-shirt and the stared aucking my cheast and then slowly she removed my track and then took my dick in her hands and then started sucking my dick i was pressing her balls while she was sucking then i removed her shorts and then her penty i was her pussy Was wet i asked her she said it was 3 rd time she got wet in 1 hour i asked why she said prince your dick was touching me so i got wet baby now come on prince Fuck me harderi have not done sex from last a month,

Dear iss readers my dick size is 6 inc and 2.5 inc broud i think this size dick girls love it while sex, so i fucked Isha for 40 mins for 1st time and 35 mjn for 2nd time she was fully satisfied from me and said ahe had never had sex more than 15 – 20 min in her life she said u have owned me from today and she went to her house aprox 10.30. still today we have sex 4 times in week as we get time . I had gone to fuck her at home before 2 days we had sex till 12.30 to 5a.m we had for 4 times . Girls and womens i am mature boy and who ever are intereated in me pls mail me and i will give u my no. By mail i will satisfy you but only mature girls and women call me, i wil keep our relation secrec and sequre. … I have written this story by her permission and isha is changed name my

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