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Hot Perverted Sexual Encounter – indian erotic stories

First of all thanks for this for having a site like this to submit our Malayalee experiences. I think, this is the only site of this type. And we are having a nice time every day. Let my try to submit mine too here.
I am from Mumbai, an unemployed youth and working for a famous political party in Mumbai.. You all can call me Pun (its not my real name, since this site is being visited my almost all my friends and they all will find me out, if I reveal my real name).

It’s the story of the time when I was the student. Like all other teenagers I was not interested in gals of my age group rather I was attracted to older about 25 to 35 aged ladies. The sole reason of this attraction was their BOOBS. Me true boob lover. Maybe it is natural for the kids those have been breast feed for longer periods.

Because we live close to my Ammama’s home so I spend most of my time with my two Ammayis. I was the only child of my family and the first one from my grandmother side. Thus I was the “Punnara-Mon” (pet and loving) of all. My younger aunt Sumathi was in her start of 20’s and the eldest Radhawas about 30, but she still not has any child yet.

At her blossom age my aunt was a real treat for any guy who could access to her perfectly shaped and beautifully carved body. Long dark black hairs well below downs her soft and silky butts. Magnificently round firm and stretched as they are starched.

Believe me at that time I did not know much about the real sex or man & woman relations (Intercourse). I just have seen a pictorial magazine of Mumbai Film Actresses. That’s all was my background of sexual know-how. Watching naked boobs in the magazine boost-up my urge to see some real ones with my own eyes.

So I start thinking that how it could be possible. I said to myself if I found a magical cap by wearing that I could be invisible and easily enter in the bathroom when my both Aunts taking bath. But I know that this whole thing is just an illusion & nothing more than that.

Meanwhile when I was in search of any way to get the glimpse of real boobs. One night, I was wandering on the roof. I heard the sound of water as someone taking bath and the sound of gold bangles. It suddenly strikes in my mind that any lady taking bath and as soon as this thought
came into my mind.

My manhood start responding in his own way. (I admit this fact that in this age me and one of my friend have explore this fact that after playing with our dick for a while a white fluid spilled out of it which provide us an enormous pleasure).

So I start searching those sounds and after a short search. I found that the half of the ventilator of the bath were open. Which exposes the whole showers taking area of our bathroom. Could you guess what was in front of my naked eyes? She was my Sumathi Ammayi. HHMMMMMM she too was a real treat to watch.


If she is not better than my RadhaAmmayi is she is not lesser too. (Me not describing her right now cause it’s the part of my next story). I watched her taking bath for at least 5 minutes and then she dressed-up and leave.

This was my first sight of real naked woman by my own naked eyes. But not the last cause now it became my habit and I start peaking all my family members through that ventilator whenever I got the chance. I usually avail this chance in the night.

So, no one could see me in the dark except that someone came to the roof and caught me red handed. And it happened! One night when I was watching my Sumathi ammayi enjoying her bath under the shower and I was busy playing with my dick too. I forget to be alert from the only caution that I have mentioned earlier.

I really astonished when I heard the sound, “Eda..nee entha cheyyuneee?” (what r u doing) The sound was not so loud but louder than a whisper. I turned my face towards my back while my dick was still in my left hand and found my Radhaammayi standing there and staring me. This sight makes me speechless and me throw down my head with guilt and shame.

She again ordered me “Thazhe poda….” (go downstairs) I followed her to her room. As we both entered in the room she pushed me a side & locked the door. Then she shout again but not loudly, ” Nee entha cheyyunathu ennu ariyamoo?”

My lips were sealed and my eyes buried in the floor. I can’t face her as she caught me red handed. I know that if she disclose this act to my mother or my Ammama they will definitely be furious.

The sound again touched with my ears, ” Enthu Vrithikedanu nee kanikkunnathu…njan ninne patti engane karuthiyilla.” I don’t know from where I got the power. I sit in her feet and holding
her leg start begging for forgiveness while tears flowing over my cheeks.

I said that “Ammayi.. pls ethu aarodum parayaruthu….njan enthu venamenkilum cheyyam..ente manam kakkanam…pls.” She think for a while and then smile meanly, ” I can excuse u, if u
agree to me.” I am ready to agree what ever u say”, I said.

That finished my court hearing against my Aunt and she left the room after sometime me too leave the room cleaning my cheeks and eyes. I returned to my home and start trying my best to avoid going to my granny’s home.


One day, about after a week or so to this incidence. My Ammama, Ammayi came to our house and said that they are going to Tvm. To attend the death ceremony of my Ammayi’s relative. They have planned to stay a night there. So they asked my mother to send me to my Ammama’s home to stay with my

RadhaAmmayi, as she will be alone there. My mother accepts this request and ordered me to take my books with me and go to my Aunt and stay with her. Now I can not refuse my mother. Thus I took my bag and went to my Aunt.

She received me at the main door and start interrogation with a smiling face ” Oru Aaazhcha Kandillallo ninne?” She never let me answer taking my bag in her hand; she kissed me on my
cheek and said “Njan ninakku Fruit cream salad undakkiyittundu.”

I was really shocked with her response. Because I was expecting that this night would be the worst night of my life but here the scene was totally different. Me washed my hands and mouth from he toilet and join her in the lounge.

She was sitting rather lying on the couch and a large bowl filled with fresh fruit-cream along with two small bowls & tea spoons were placed on the center table. The television was on and I soon got that she was watching some movie cause video was also flashing.

Me sit on the couch too and after filling my bowl start eating (I should mention here that fruit-cream is my weakness). She was wearing a Nadan Settu Mundu, with Green border, her pointed boobs in tight jacket can be seen thru the transparent settu. I can imagine how cute & lustful they are as I have seen her naked in the bath too.

She suddenly turned towards me and said, “How is the fruit cream?.” As she make quick turn one of her breast spilled out to her settu mundu cover. Then I noticed a bit dark pink color circles and a semi erected nipple. It strikes in my mind that she is not wearing her bra.

My mouth stopped chewing the fruit-cream as soon as this thought came in to my mind. Me took another snap of whole colored part with my eyes to confirm my illusion and found that it is real. “Enthu patti?….” she smiled, stop the movie and moved closer to me.

“Tell me from when u started this?” Me replied “What Aammyi ?” “Dont lie, u know everything, now tell me all …” she said. This attitude of her really scared me once again and I replied to her
shamefully, “since last month.” Oh!

“So since a month you were watching Sumathi in the bath. Have you ever seen me too?” she asked. Me confirmed her “YES” with my head movement in affirmation. “Oh!” She giggled loudly. Because we were alone in the house so no one could hear us.


“DO YOU LIKE ME?” she asked “Dont lie ok?” My eyes were fixed on the fruit-cream bowl and my face covered with perspiration due to the inner guilt feeling. My brain was just dead and I
am just answering her question like a man who is hypnotized by her.

“You are so beautiful and sexy” me replied. “Ok!” She giggled once again this time the sound pitch was a bit higher. “Are u feeling shy?” She took my face in her hands & placed in front of
her. Then first time I see that she has taken her set mundu off and her white creamy tight jacket fairly exposing all the features of her magnificent boobs. I can see her boobs waiting to realease outside.

She kissed me on my forehead providing a closer look of her cleaves and said “dont worry, I wont tell anyone.” She said all this so politely which gives me some courage and I thank
her for her kindness.

She picked my hands kissing on them with her warm silky lips and then
placing them on her lustrous boobs asked? “DO YOU LIKE TO PLAY WITH

An indescribable current run through my whole body as my hands touched
her soft breasts and I feel the hardness of nipples first time in my
life. I was shocked and a bit shy but her heart melting soft noise and
loving support gradually take off my fear. Me start squeezing them and

feeling the pleasure of my life. Then a strange noise reached to my ears
(that was her moan) and my hands stopped. I assumed that maybe I have
hurt her, so I withdraw my hands.


“NO NO PLEASE DON’T STOP.” She opened her eyes and said “dont be afraid, you are doing really great.” She again put my hands on her breasts. “HHHHMMMMMMMMMMM” so soft. My whole body was shivering with the pleasure and heat, which could easily be measured from my dick. Complete or rather extra stretched dick

very prompted in my short. She starts moaning again but this time she hold my hands and join me in pushing & squeezing her breasts. We both enjoyed this life experience which was my first and maybe her too for a while. Then she slipped to the floor and lying on the carpet she pulled
me over her too.

Kissing me on my lips she asked, “did you remember that how you suck your moms breast for milk.” Me, who am fully in control now, wait for a while and replied, “I did not remember that but I assure you that if you give me the chance, I will not let you down.” (Actually the whole conversation was in my first language that is Malayalam, but I am translating it to make it more

She smiled and said, “you naughty! You got my point very soon.” After finishing this sentence she take her back up to the floor and start taking her shirt off. Me help her in this course, as I want to see her well-shaped pink color body as soon as possible.

As she take off her shirt and throw it on the couch. I can’t stop my emotions and hugged
her with my face crunched between her big breasts. She circles her arms around me too and gives me a kiss on my head. I pushed her on the floor again and grabbing one nipple in my mouth start sucking it hard.

“Hay takes it easy” she screamed. “First lick it as you lick a cone ice cream.” “Ok Aunt, as you like.” I replied. Me start licking her whole colored part of both breasts one after
another. “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMM, now bite on my nipples gently,” she ordered


Me fulfill her order like a good servant. “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, ” she takes a deep breath. Me repeating licking, biting and sucking while my hands squeezing and rubbing her breasts. Her hands were busy in massaging my back and her body color changing from pink to reddish-pink.

Suddenly I feel that my body temperature start rising as she hold insert her right hand in my short & hold my dick. “Oh! you have already ejaculated, ” she smiled and me too. She pulled down my lungi and start playing with my dick, who was about 5″ at that time.

I felt that my dick is getting a bit extra length than the normal masturbation. I don’t know the reason at that time but the feeling was really great. She was stroking him with great expertness. As she was pleasing me I noticed that her left hand is in her adipavada and moving up down, up down.

“What is in there Aunt, ” me asked? “Do you like to see?” she said. “Sure why not”, me replied with a great curiosity. “Ok, ” she raised her legs up and asks me to take her pavada off. As it done she takes her legs apart and asks me to sit right between them.

“What you see” she giggle? It is “pooru (pussy) my friend told me. And girls use it to do pee as
we use our dick, ” me replied with innocence. She laughs loudly, “oh! Yes but it also very useful in other aspects too. You will know it later.”

Before that I asked about those later parts of my life. She said, “could you give me some fruit-cream? I am feeling a bit hungry now.” Me filled the bowl and give it to her. She took few spoons in her mouth and then place some fruit-cream on her pussy. I was astonished that
what is she doing. How she could eat it through her pussy.

After covering the top of her pussy cut she asked me, “Have you seen Tomy (our dog) to drinking milk from his pan with his tong.” “Yes, several times but why are you asking this,” me replied.

I want you to act like Tomy for me. Lick this whole fruit-cream with your tongue only. My puss must be neat and clean. Me bend forward as I was sitting right between her parted legs and start licking the fruit-cream.

“HHHHHHHMMMMMMM” she starts moaning again. I licked the whole fruit-cream. As I finished first she placed more double this time and me start on my job again. Then she opened her pussy lips with the help of her fingers and asked me to lick in. The inner was filled with a greasy fluid, which is trying to blend with blended fresh cream.


“Ayeeeya, is this your urine Ammayi?” I asked. “Oh! No it is my love juice. I am sure you would like it, come-on gives it a try, ” she said. I start again what was doing before but now with a different taste. Very new for me because to eat fruit-cream with love juice dressings. As I was doing my job she was busy in making different noises. When I was at the end of my second round.

Suddenly she grabs me with her legs. Her eyes were closed and her head was in motion from right to left and left to right. “AAAHHHHHH, OOOHHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHHH, HHHHHHMMMMMM.”

The room was filled with these noises. Me trapped in her legs watching her movements with a blank mind. After sometime her legs grip loosen a bit & then legs straightened. She pulled me over her and start kissing me on my lips, cheeks and all my face. We spent some time in the similar posture.

Then she took me to the bath; we both take our bath together. Then we went to bed together and naked. So this was my first sexual contact with any girl that opens a real New World for me. Hope you will enjoy reading it if you have a good imagination too.

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