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Ashu Eating Chetty of Tanya

Her boobs or as I call them small tanyas are 34c and a plump ass to play with. I am 24, athletic boy. I also works out and plays various sport. So this girl Tanya was my girlfriend from final year of college in Mumbai. As we met in last year, we didn’t get too much time together. After a lots of discussion, it was agreed that if she clears the interview, I will get to eat her cherry.

Coming back to the fortunate Saturday, I reached Hyderabad and straight away to the location where interview was being held. I had already booked a hotel in Khairatabad as I knew she will easily clear her interview. I did not get to meet her for the one hour as she was busy in her interview. As soon as she came out from the interview, I hugged her and raised her in my arms.

She being shy was refraining as we were still in the campus. We talked for a little while as we were waiting for the results and I was teasing her for the night ahead. As expected, she cleared the interview and got the job.

I had already planned everything earlier. We straight away went to our hotel. We kept our luggage and I took her for a romantic candle night dinner. She was wearing a stunning and sexy black one piece with black strapless bra for me that night. As we couldn’t control our anxiety, we finished the food fast and headed straight back to Hotel Suite.

As we entered the room, I had already arranged a bed with rose petals and Vodka to spice up the scene. But this girl was also full of surprises. She asked me in a sexy tone: Tanya: Ashu, You have to keep your eyes closed for 5 minutes. Me: Tanya honey, I am not in a position to wait dear. Why do you want me to close my eyes?

Tanya: Just let me tie this cloth to your eyes, and wait for 5 minutes!! Me: Come fast otherwise I will attack you like a lion!! Within 5 minutes, while I was lying in the bed with my eyes covered, I felt Tanya opening my shirt. I grabbed her back quickly. She asked me to wait and enjoy slowly. She then removed my shirt and started kissing all over my front.

She started with my shoulders and went back to my chest and started biting my nipples. I was getting very excited. I asked her to uncover me eyes. What I saw after opening my eyes was out of the world. She was in a semitransparent white baby doll dress just covering her ass. Beneath the sheer cloth, she was wearing a very sexy black thong and a black strapless bra barely covering her mounds.

I just took her in my arms and hugged her with full force. She was also very excited and breathing heavily. I took her face in my palms and started rubbing my lips all over her face. I started licking her earlobes, I caressed her cheeks, I gave a peck on her eyes and finally came to her luscious tasty lips covered with red lipstick.

Within no time, we were smooching hardly. My tongue was entangled with her for a long time. By the end of our 10 minute long kiss. We both had love marks on our lips depicting our wild love. Just then I decided to tease her more. Now I asked her to keep her eye closed. She was damn excited and was not agreeing but somehow I convinced her.

I took a glass and poured some Vodka with her favorite cranberry juice and some rose petals in it. I took the chilled glass near her and caressed it in her cleavage. She let out a huge moan taking my name saying “Ashu, I can’t take it more. Please love me.” I just did not say anything and took a Vodka dipped rose petal and placed it in my lips.



Now I took the rose petal and rubbed it through her lips. She again let out a huge moan. She begged me to let her open her eyes but I forbid her. Now I started undressing her one by one and at the same time caressing her body with vodka dipped rose petals. She was going mad. Though, we had some intimate contacts with each other, but this night was special.

As soon as I removed her baby doll dress, I could not believe my luck seeing her in the sexy black bra and thong. I unhooked her bra in a hurry. I took some vodka in my mouth and straightaway placed my vodka filled mouth to her nipples. She was very sensitive with her nipples.

As soon as I did that she arched her back, opened her eyes and pressed my head too her left bosom. She took my right hand and started pressing her left breast simultaneously letting a huge moan. Within 5 minutes of doing this, we were lying naked in each other arms and pressing our body against each other.

Then she surprised me. She came on my top and placed her vagina right on my face and at the same time came to 69 position. She made me take a gulf of vodka and took a sip herself as well. Then she started sucking my cock with vodka in her mouth. I cannot explain the sensation. I was out of the world. I was doing the same while licking her pussy. I picked her clitoris and was biting it lightly.

She was moaning heavily and at the same time giving me the world’s best blowjob. Within 5 minutes, we both had our first orgasms of the night. We both came in each other mouths. We went to bathroom and cleaned our faces. After coming back I made two more drinks and this pegs took us to a new level.

We were again in each other arms. I made her sit on my lap with my rock again cock pressing against her ass crack. I was sucking her nipples one by one. I also started fingering her wet pussy in the same time. She could not control the excitement and was vigorously kissing me and shaking her ass over my cock.

She asked me to penetrate her. I took her in my arms and took her to the bed. I placed her on her back and widened her thighs. Her glory hell was shining with wetness. I placed my cock and caressed her clit. She took my cock in her hand and placed the tip at the entrance. I started pushing it in. Although it was wet, but still very hard as she was virgin.

Finally after some force, half my cock was inside her. It was damn tight. She started crying and was making load moans. I took her lips to mine and gave her some time. I again with a big thrust placed my entire cock inside her hole and again gave her some time to adjust to my wide and long cock. After few kisses and a couple of minutes, she started moving her ass.

I started making the in out motion and within no time we were fucking like wild animals. She came over me and started riding me. Seeing her jumping over my cock with her boobs oscillating was the best sight I could imagine. Within ten more minutes, we both were near climax.

I took her to missionary position and she came very vigorously clinching my cock with her inner walls. I was also near climax and planted my seed inside her. I placed my head over her boobs and we slept in the same position.

Hope you liked the long story. Please do comment below, I will post the rest of story after that.

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