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Keshav Having Honeymoon Sex With Sudha In Mahabaleshwar

Keshav Having Honeymoon Sex With Sudha In Mahabaleshwar

Now coming to the story. This is about my affair with a lady who also is a parent of my daughters classmate. Sudha (name changed) aged 35 reasonably fair 5’6 tall with vulptous assets measuring 38 34 38. She stays with her 2 kids in an apartment in the same city. She actually belongs to Madhya Pradesh though.

So the parents of that school had a group on whatsapp where I was added by someone I really don’t know and I was getting msgs with all school problems etc etc. I rarely used to reply in the group and once happened to interact with Sudha and she agreed with my opinion on some matter and things were going normally. I had added her in my contact list thereafter.

One evening my kids had gone to nearby park with my wife and I was with my lappy relaxing on the couch and checking out posts on FB. In the friends suggestion box I found Sudha and I just sent a request to her and she instantly accepted as she also was online and we chatted for a while about this and that.

After a week I was checking FB n found her online and again we were chatting and I asked about her family and came to know that her hubby is working for a MNC based in Delhi and mostly is on the go throughout asia. She said their marriage was an arranged one and she was eager to pursue her career which was denied by her parents for some reason.

Our chats started increasing and I found her very joyous and kind hearted person. Our chats were drifting towards personal matters as we were now very free with each other a lot. She told me that she is not been loved for more than 4 months now and she is really missing a male company. I was looking for a chance now and was quite sure something would happen between us soon.

I also told her about my sex life which was a bit dull after my second child. We decided to meet for a coffee in a restaurant next week as she said she would be visiting a certain office which was nearby my work place. Finally the day arrived and we met for the first time and talked a lot in between I used to stare into her eyes which were very beautiful and deep.


She was very happy and was blushing too when I praised her for her beauty. And our first meet ended there and we started chatting again on whatsapp and this time our chats were only about lovemaking. We both were attracted to each other and really wanted to explore a lot. But the problem was how and where?

During Ganesh holidays my wife decided to visit her mom for a week and I was more than happy to accept it and my mind started cooking up what all me and Sudha would do.. hehehehe. . She booked the tickets and I dropped her at the railway station in the evening.

Well I stay with my parents so couldn’t even think of inviting Sudha to my place and same with her as her in laws were staying just one floor below her apartment. We were chatting for more than 5 hours that day to find a way out so that we could be together. I suggested a resort which she said no bcoz her hubbys friends live around that place.

Than we both agreed to go for a weekend picnic to Mahabaleshwar by road. I made an excuse at home that my colleagues are going to some hill station for a weekend and she informed her in laws that she has to attend a workshop on some therapy in the neighbouring state n kids would stay with inlaws.

Her father in law would drop her at the bus stand and I would pick her up from a distance of 40 kms far from our city. I was really very restless thinking about what would happen in Mahabaleshwar.. I asked her to carry sexy lingerie for out stay and also told her that I like hair only at places where needed. She asked me aur koi hukum hai mere huzoor?


(anyhthing else my master ?) I said that should be alright. I also shaved my unwanted hair and also bought a new boxer for me and some tshirts. I messaged her to ask if she requires anything to which she said buy an emergency contraceptive pill and said she is in the parlour. I was really very excited and was eagerly waiting for that day to arrive.

I had already booked a villa for us and also had instructed the manager to decorate the bedroom. On the decided day I left from home and was waiting on the highway when Sudha msgd me that she is at the bus stand and the bus is about to leave. She also gave me the bus number.

After about 10 mins I saw the bus coming and I started following it and when we reached to that city she made an excuse and got down from the bus. And I was waiting across the road. She hurriedly came in the car n kept her bag on the rear seat. She was looking delicious in mango yellow kurti and red leggings. My God my heart skipped a beat.

Her lips seemed to be so juicy I wanted to suck and lick them there itself. OK the time was 9.40 and Mahabaleshwar was a 6 hrs drive from here. We started our drive and in between I used to caress her thighs and also pinch her and she used to just blush. I asked her why are you quite, you talk I mean chat so much on whatsapp and now what happened?

She said nothing and kept staring at me. I stopped the car to see her and that instant she pulled me towards her n we were liplocked for a few minutes. My hands were all over her back caressing and on her boobs too. I was so aroused I wanted to do it there but somehow controlled my self n started driving. We had a liplock thrice during the journey.

We reached to our destination at 4.30 pm and checked in to the villa. The villa was really awesome and had mind blowing views from the gallery. After the formalities I turned back and couldn’t find Sudha there. She was in the washroom and asked me to wait as she is freshening up. I also used the other washroom and got freshened up.

I wore a short and a tshirt n was smoking with the remote in my hand and surfing the channels.. she was really taking long to come out but let me tell you the wait was worth it…Rest in my next story. Sorry if any mistakes and plz leave a feedback in the comments below to encourage my writing. Thanks…


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