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Good Housekeeping Sex With Raji

There was a big construction project far away near the hills and I Rajesh was posted there as project engineer with scores of workers both technical and non technical staff working under me. The construction was being done by a big company specialized in such project and hence my job was just to supervise the work.

The villagers in the nearby villages were very happy that many unskilled workers came from these villages. Newly constructed house of the local village chief gave me his house for stay for very nominal rent. The house was furnished with brandnew furniture. I was newly married and I brought my wife to my workplace and started to stay in this new house.

The village did not have cooking gas facility and hence my wife had to cook in the wooden hearth. The smoke and soot was difficult for her to bear. We searched for a servant and one Muniamma, 50 year old, came and started the cooking and cleaning jobs. My wife Rajani was very happy and she spent much of her time in front of the TV or computer.

Cinema theater was far away and it was not possible to go there frequently. Since Muniamma was managing the house efficiently we had no worry and we were busy in our sexual activity. As a result Rajani got pregnant.

I took her to the lady doctor in the nearby town and she confirmed the pregnancy and she advised that Rajani has to be careful as it was her first pregnancy and that she has to have complete bed rest. We were happy about the pregnancy, but how she can have bed rest here in this village. I decided to take her to her home and leave her there so that she may have the care from her mother.

Muniamma was cooking good food and there was no problem. My wife talked to Muniamma and told her about my favorite dishes and she gave other instruction about house keeping. Muniamma promised to do as she was instructed. I left Rajani at her home.

After a few days Muniamma fell sick with fever and she brought her daughter, Raji, 25 and she told me that for some days Raji will come for work as she was unwell. Brown skinned and not so beautiful Raji, with well shaped body was very quick in doing work. It seems Muniamma had told her to remain in my house and come back home only on weekends.

In the evening when I return from work after tea etc. I take bath and freshen myself and sit to watch TV. I found Raji was also sitting in a corner waiting for me to switch on the TV. I asked her whether she is marred. She said yes and her busband is working in some construction work. She said he is a drunkard and comes back from work fully drunk and goes to sleep.

She was married to him for the past one year and never he had slept with her. I asked her whether she has any children, she said no, how can she get children, since her busband does not do anything to get children. Her clotheswere all old and torn. I gave some old saries of Rajani and some unused churidars.

Raji was very happy. I told her that she has to take bath daily twice, first thing in the morning and again in the evening. I gave her an old mattress and asked her to sleep in one of spare rooms. After some time she came and told me that she is afraid to sleep alone in a dark room and that she will sleep in my room in the floor.

I was wondering whether I should allow her, because in my present condition of sexual starvation I should not loose my own control. In the night we had a bedroom light in my bedroom and I saw she was just rolling in her bed without getting sleep. She had huge boobs and ass mounds. First day I found it difficult to sleep with this female in my bedroom. I just picked up to talk to her.


I asked her why she is not getting sleep. She said because this is a new place. I noticed she was not wearing any bra and tied her blouse in the front. In the night she untied it and allowed her boobs open. Brown boobs and dark coloured nipples were very erotic and I had an erection.

Is it because you are lying directly under the light that you are not getting sleep, you can move your matter closer to the cot, then you may sleep better. She got up, pulled the mattress close to the cot where I was lying. She was just an arm length away from me and we could see each other into the eyes.She was wearing an old saree and old blouse.

I called her Raji, get me a glass of water. Water was kept in a jug at a corner in the room. She got up, she poured water in a tumbler and brought it to me. She was standing before me with her open blouse and her boobs fully exposed. As I was drinking water my eyes were fixed on her boob. I had half a mind whether to touch her boob and allow her to go and sleep.

I had a full erection because of the odor from her body. She could see the projection in my pyjama. I gave back the empty tumbler to her and and turned to the other side. Raji was fully awake and was waiting for my next move. Perhaps she would have expected that I will make some move to touch her body.

Raji, I called and asked her to bring a tube of pain balm from the shelf and asked her to apply to my knees which are paining. She went and brought the tube and was taking the ointment to apply on my knee. I found she had not taken bath from odor emanating from her body. I asked her whether she took bath, she shyly said no.

I shouted at her and told her to enter my room only after taking bath. There is a odor coming out of their body if they dont take bath. My nostril catches this odor easily and with that my sleep is disturbed. Raji ran to the bathroom with her clothes and came back and told me that there is no bulb in the bathroom. I told her to bathe in my bathroom.

Keeping her saree and other clothes in her bed she walked naked into the bathroom to take bath. I saw her full naked body. I had fair color, big erect boobs, big wide asses, narrow waist and flat belly. There was some scanty hair in her public place. Raji left the door open and I could see her wiping her body, she came out and took her saree and wound it around her without putting on any blouse.

I was watching her. I went to the bathroom and washed my cock, with soap. I lied in the bed with my out stretched legs and asked Raji to apply pain balm on my knee. My cock was in full erection and standing like a flag mast. Raji had just one piece of cloth on her body and when she leaned forward her boob was swinging from one side to another and it was a nice sight.

I had just put a cloth to conceal my cock. Raji was progressing towards my thighs and her fingers were touching my balls. I asked her to lead forward and take my cock in her mouth. She was very much aroused and she was happy to have an opportunity to suck my cock. She took my whole 7″ in her mouth and the tip would have reached her throat.

She was a good sucker and was busy with her tongue running all over the cock. I extended my hand and caught her boob which was firm and hard. She was a good cock sucker and I had to throw my fluids into her mouth. She enjoyed it very much. I asked her whether whether her busband does fuck her or not.

She said, he comes daily fully drunk and does not show interest in fucking, when I force him he places his tool on my pussy and before it enters inside, he shoots his fluids. He neither gives me pleasure or child. I told her that I can give her pleasure, but no child. My child has to be born to my wife and nobody else. As you please. I asked to go and lie down in her mattress.

I got up wound my lungi around and went to her. I asked her to suck my semi erect cock to bring it to full erection. She opened her legs wide and opned her cunt lips open so that I may not find it any difficulty to search for her hole. Her hole was tight and she showed signs of pain on her face. I pacified her, sucked her nipples and then slowly inserted and went deep inside her.

I kept it like that for some time and slowly started my pumping action. She seemed to enjoy it. I increased speed and was fucking her like a racing horce. She was giving out shrieking sounds it took long time to reach climax, I pulled out and threw my fluids into her mouth which she readily accepted.

I asked her of her menstrual dates and marked it on the wall calender and calculated her safe days. I told her that I will fuck her only on her safe days and on her unsafe days I will give her a pill. She was relieved and agreed. From the almirah I took out some used sarees of my wife and gave her.We continued out sexual adventure everyday for months.

Later she brought her younger sister and introduced her to me. She was Radha, and with well developed boobs and ass. She was being fucked regularly by her uncle an old man. Raji told her that you can have full pleasure from me. Radha was a college going girl and was thin in stature. She was amenable for any pose and it was easy for me to make her ride on me.

Reji and Radha took care of my sexual needs till my delivered and came back home with the child. Reji and Radha withdrew adn our old Muniamma came and took over the work of house keeping.

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