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Soumya enjoying first time sexperience

I’m Sowmya working with a well-known IT company in Bangalore. Today when my hubby Rohith isn’t here because of an on-site opportunity I thought nothing can be better than writing about my first bed-time experience.

First a bit about me, I’m a medium complexioned average looking homely girl with vital stats of 34C-32-36. Sex never startled me, as I always took it as matter to deal post marriage. I used to finger myself in two months or something like that.

The matter dates back to the time when I was in third year of my engineering and we hadn’t experienced anything apart from a kiss until then. It was his birthday and the same day when he had proposed me two years ago, he travelled from Hyderabad to celebrate it with me.

I was there to welcome him at the railway station where I was surprisingly late because the train had reached before time. Without telling him anything I just held his hand and took him to a hotel where I already had booked a room. I went to turn on the geyser as he sat to relax on the bed, I was too tempted to bathe him as I saw a bathtub.

I loosened his belt and chose the dress which he was to wear after bath upon my return. He took his clothes and towel and proceeded to the bathroom. I was thinking to order the cake while he was inside, hence was very happy.

The door latched as I lifted the cradle of the phone, “I’m in need of a birthday cake as soon as possible, room no. 205”, just then I heard the door unlatch, I dropped the call as I heard, “You wanna join me?”, this was his usual thing but I took it differently because of my hidden desire.

Thousand thoughts roamed in my head as the thought, “This is now or never” encouraged me as I said, “Coming, few mins”. I took off my top & jeans wrapped a towel and walked towards the bathroom. I felt strange but it was only love which propelled me.

I turned the lock and opened the door to notice him shampoo his hair with his eyes closed standing below the shower in just a brief, this was the first time. I was seeing a guy semi-nude, though I had seen him in a vest and short but this was special. Just then I heard the phone ring, I rushed to pick it confirmed the order of the cake.

While returning to bathroom, I noticed that he couldn’t hear the phone ring, I grew in confidence as now that the sounds I make would also go unnoticed in the sound of the shower. I had reached within touching distance so I spoke, “Here I’m!!” he turned & looked bemused.




After getting back into his senses he tried to hug me but didn’t since he was wet and I wasn’t, he wanted to thank me so said, “Thank..” then thought it’d be very formal so ended up saying, “I love you.” He obeyed me when I said close your eyes as I took off the towel and hugged him.

It was a bit cold but I didn’t bother about it as our arms caressed our partners back as we tried to dig our face in our partner’s neck. Feeling of his breaths on my neck made me lose control as my panty started to get wet. Soon there were no boundaries between us, as I put my hands in his brief to caress his bums.

It felt strange but I appreciated it when he asked, “Can I also”, instead of replying I just guided his hands there as we continued. He caressed over the panty. An involuntary moment made him feel as if I was taking down his brief as he replied, “Please let them stay for now”. We released the hug and gazed into each other’s eyes as we smooched wildly.

He was so wild that despite my best efforts I had no control over my lips. I felt completely aroused and so was he as I started to feel something stiff and hard near my tummy when we hugged next. I found my excitement uncontrollable. You might not believe when I say that I had never seen a cock, not even in a photo, but its true.

My love and curiosity encouraged me as I made another attempt to take off his brief, I was so glad not to get an opposition. But just then the bell rang, I knew that it was going to be the cake, I ran out of the bathroom, took wore his short and t-shirt and somehow managed to open the door.

Collected the cake and returned. He expressed a wish to finish the bath and return to bed as he was starting to feel cold. I felt guilty of not noticing that. I went soaped & washed him. He stopped me when I took the towel to wipe him, “I need to soap down”. I took it as an opportunity to arrange the cake, so I handed him the soap and left the room.

Arranged the cake, lit the candles, turned off the fan & lights by the time he returned. I don’t know why but we felt a bit shy hence avoided an eye-contact. But he was elated to see the cake and the candles. So he almost ran to hug me very tightly, I just loved it. He did the honors and what I loved that he did all that with just a vest and towel wrapped around him.

Since we were hungry we ate almost half the cake. We turned on the TV & landed at the love making scene from Band Baaja Baraat as we imitated it. He made me lie on the bed and sucked my lips with somewhat the same intensity as he did in the bathroom.

I was losing my sanity in the pleasure I got, but still managed to caress his back and take off his vest to take a revenge of taking off my t-shirt. Now he was all over me, kissing my face, neck, throat, ears, earlobes like a hungry lion. Soon he moved down and it seemed as everything came to an abrupt stop.

I was surprised, on asking he replied, ”I’m sorry, I don’t know if I should be doing all this,….” And don’t know what all he blabbered. I noticed his moving lips, grew too passionate to return them the favor as I lied over him and kissed him hard. I moved down to his tummy and loose the towel as I involuntarily said, “Wow!!!” upon noticing the bulge on his brief.

I thought for a while and then proceeded to take down his brief. It was a pleasing sight to notice goose-bumps all around his body as I gripped the waist strip of his brief, he supported by raising his bums so that it was easy for me to take it off. Within seconds a half grown 4-5” long adult cock was right in front of my eyes. Seeing its beauty I was glad that I never saw any in the past.

The seducing smell pulled me towards itself. I moved close to his crotch, held it in my hands and was amazed by fact that I was fortunate to look at one which is mine, which belongs to the person I love. The scrotal sac attracted me, as it looked much like two gulab jamuns held together in a pack.

So I held the shaft upright as it grew in my hands, it was the most amazing thing I had experienced till now. I could feel drops of my love juice oozing out of my pussy. I couldn’t refrain myself from kissing it as he moaned. Within fraction of a second the tip swelled to become a big strawberry. It looked like a pinkish frustum with an orifice at the top.

Seeing all this I almost had an orgasm.Then was a dairy-milk colored long pipe, which continued to harden with time. I gently gripped it in my hands. I noticed that a thick foreskin covered it, soon I dragged it down to get an inside view.

It screwed daylights out of me when he exclaimed “AAAAaaaaHhhmmm”. He consoled me and shyly confessed that it was a moan in pleasure. I carefully pumped his cock, while enjoying an expression of ecstasy on his face. Soon I failed to restrain myself from the smell of his masculine balls, as I moved close to kiss them.

The expression on his face made me feel worthy of something as I was the reason behind it. I licked it as he started to moan, it was so amazing to know that I could so easily control his feeling. It seemed as if his pleasure had reached an absolute peak when stroked is cock while sucking one his balls.

I was quick to grab the pack of tissues, when he informed me that he was about to climax. From my prior phone sex experience I concentrated on his shaft and pumped it as fast as I could. Soon I felt his cock throbbing in my hands as I saw him ejaculate more than a dozen spurts of glistening white creamy & shiny cum all over place.

Three tissues which were in my hands seemed too less for this amount of load, as there was cum on his body, bedsheet, my hands & don’t know where all. We got up and went for a wash. Let me take a break & decide about proceeding upon your eagerly awaited response. Until then keep your pussies wet & cocks hard 😉

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