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Sam having sex with Rup bhabhi during Holi

Hey everyone, Sam here. Coming to the story, it’s “Punjabi” this time. One thing bout Punjabi bhabhis is their assets are awesome filled at right places. So the story is about one such Punjabi bhabi who stays in my apartment, let us call her Rup (sorry names cannot be disclosed) so talking about Rup, she is mother of 2 kids in her early 30s. I used to talk to her whenever we met.

Play with her kids. And usually stare at her assets most of the time. She had caught me staring couple of times. So talking about d day, it was holi and a holiday for me. I was resting at home waiting for world cup match to begin.

Suddenly I hear my house bell ring I see my neighbour (story is not about this bhabhi) fully wet standing right in front of me showing all her assets through her wet dress tempting me rip her right there. She started calling my name again n again for me to get back to normal state. She had come to invite me to play holi with the other ppl from the apartment.

So who would decline such an offer!! I right away locked my house and followed her to the terrace where everyone was already gathered and playing with colours. So my welcome was great!! As soon as I entered I was thrown with a bucket of coloured water! The t-shirt I was wearing stuck to my body exposing my hard work at the gym.

I saw the crowd and majority was girls as it wasn’t a holiday that day. But suddenly my eyes got stuck at Rup bhabhi, my god!!! She was looking hot! She was wearing a white salwar and the water had made it semi transparent (I could measure her asset size with me eyes). She saw me staring at her and welcomed me with a smile.




So holi was just beginning to be awesome for me I thought. I started applying colour to everyone around. The advantage of the festival is u can touch everyone for applying colours. So my target was Rup bhabhi now. I couldn’t find her anywhere in the vicinity! Suddenly from behind 2 ppl started rubbing colours on me.

When I saw it was Rup and one more kid, I caught hold of the kid and applied colour on him. Rup started running; I left the kid aside and started chasing her. Finally she got cornered and nowhere to run and there was no one around. I took the advantage and went close to her. She tried to escape but I immediately held her by putting my hand around her stomach.

She started to struggle and unlock my hold. But I held her tight pulled her close. She started breathing heavily my dick started to rise and it was touching her bum. My god! What a feeling. Slowly I applied the colour on her face and moved my hand towards her neck breathing got heavier, applied the colour on her boobs.

Slowly left my hold, but instead of running she turned and around and winked at me. That was a signal for me. She ran from there and disappeared; I searched for everywhere but didn’t find her. As the holi was over everyone had gone home. I too walked to my apartment and opened the door and as soon as I entered inside someone pushed me in and closed the door.

It was Rup!! I was little surprised but I pulled her close she said not here then I took her straight to the bathroom. Started staring at her for some time, those colours on her body was making her look hot. Slowly I pushed her to the wall and held her waist. I slowly moved my lips to her lips.

Breathing got heavier, she moved her lips slowly I moved my hands over her hair and got those lips closer to mine. Lips touched and she couldn’t control and started kissing like crazy. I started moving my hands over her back slowly unhooked her bra from inside with one go. She just paused for a moment; I immediately removed her top and removed the bra.

And I could feel her boobs. So tight and perfect shape (around 36) I moved my hand all over boobs kissing her neck, she was holding my hair and pulling me closer. I slowly started moving towards her boobs kneeling down and started playing with those. I pressed one while I was sucking and tingling with my tongue with the other.

After some time I moved down pulled her pant and panties down at one stretch. Her pussy was little hairy but the aroma was awesome. I lifted her on leg and made her keep on the commode so that I could access her pussy properly. Slowly I split the pussy lips and kissed the clit, she left a moan.

Slowly I started licking the clit; she was holding my head in one hand very tightly and pushing it in. Slowly I fingered her pussy and licking at the same time. She started shivering and holding my head tighter. I moved my finger vigorously and slowly came up to her and started kissing her lips and moving my fingers simultaneously. I started giving her tender bites and sucking all over her neck.

She was holding me tight and I could see my finger clasped by her vagina. I think she came. Then she came into her conscious and started undressing me, removed my t shirt I undid my pants and undies, she stared kissing me now, and also playing with my balls. My dick was at its best size and was poking her. She slowly held it and starts moving her hand to and fro.

Slowly she went down and started kissing my thighs, balls and dick. Suddenly she engulfed my dick in her mouth and I called out her name in pleasure. She started stroking my dick while moving her mouth over it. She licked sucked and did whatever, I was just closing my eyes, holding her hair and enjoying it. Then I pulled her up and started kissing her.

Slowly I switched on the shower and we were making out with water flowing all over our body. We were there for an hour I guess (at least it felt it that way). We finished our bath and we came out of the bathroom. I slowly pushed her on the bed and removed the towel from her body. She looked gorgeous. Slowly I laid beside her and we started kissing again.

I moved my hands over her body, pressed her boobs, and slowly inserted my finger to make pussy wet for the final round. She was wet like she was leaking. I moved my fingers over it and made it flowing. Now moved her legs wide I inserted my dick slowly, my god it was so hot and wet! My dick rushed inside with little restriction. She just opened her mouth and her eyes opened wide.

I was in missionary position and started screwing her. I was kissing her all over her neck holding her in my arms from beneath pressing her body to mine. I remembered that I forgot condoms but who cares now. I started pumping harder, every stroke she started moaning louder and holding me tighter.

Now held her hands and kept her legs straight making the pussy tight and started pushing my dick deeper. She just held my hand tight and left jerked. I could see her pussy lips tighten over my dick. Slowly I reduced the strokes.

Then I changed the position to doggy style, made her sit on her all fours and now I put a condom (this will increase the duration) now I inserted it from behind and what a view it is. Her ass was nice and round. I held her waist and started pumping harder n harder. She was moaning harder and I reached my peak and my body stiffened and I came. It looked like I squeezed a lot of cum.

We both completely exhausted laid on the bed. She was sleeping showing her back and I held her from back and relaxed for a while. After some time she had to leave as her husband would come back from work any time. It was the first encounter with her, now waiting for the next.

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