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Shanu ki chudai ki kahani

She was preparing for the medical exams as well as going BSC from the Jhansi University. Shanu lived in a joint family, so I had to sleep alone in the drawing room. She was caring and took care of me. She used to go to the tuitions in the morning at 5:00. Everybody used to be asleep. As, all the vehicles were kept in the garage, she used to wake me up after a bit of pleading to open the shutter. I enjoyed those lovely moments in morning. One day, I was sleeping without the underwear and when shanu woke me up in the morning; my dick was in full erection. I got up and I somehow hid my 8” erection from her eyes. As, I went to open the shutter, she was standing between her sunny and the car and since a little place was there, she just bent her towards sunny, so that I can come forward and lift the shutter. While, I was crossing her, the tip of my dick pressed against her soft buttocks. The feeling was amazing and I stood there for half a more second. She did not mind it and she left for the coaching. This was the first touch that had aroused me. I was always looking for the chance but that never some by as many members in the family were there. I can never tak e advantage of that.

Anyways, the time passed. After, one-two months I moved out of hostel with few friends to stay in the city. It was very near to shanu’s coaching and she usually came to meet me alternate days in the morning. Slowly, the winters came by and her timing of coaching was rescheduled in the afternoon. My friends have gone to there home to prepare for exams and I was studying and living in my room alone. She got a two hour break between her two subjects. So, now shanu used to now come in the afternoon and we took our lunch together. She also rested over there and had a little nap. I could not resist, but to see her. She was beautiful, smooth, soft and slender, creamish in color and even god would also have taken some time to create her. I was in love with her.

But, I could never make a move as everything was going normal. I had the feeling to make love to her. I got help from god itself. One December morning, it was ice-cold and in the afternoon it rained heavily for 5-6 hours, Shanu was trapped, but decided to spend the time over there. She called mausi and told her that she will wait in my room. Mausa, will pick her after his office time. It was 3:00 and I know that I have only 3-4 Hours. Shanu was sitting on the Dunlop bedding on the floor and she was feeling the warmth of the heater. I was also accompanying her and sat besides her. She was all rapped inside the double-bed blanket. Feeling the warmth of the heater, she said, “god! Could I hold the red-hot rod in my hands and feel the warmth and also not burned?” I said, shanu, I can fulfill your wish, by providing you an alternate solution. She readily agreed to do so. I asked to keep closing her eyes. This was once in lifetime opportunity for me. I thought that, I can bring a candle but reversed my decision. I removed my parts and underwear and sat naked in the blanket wrapped around. Sitting naked besides shanu, turned my fat mouse into an 8” monster dick. I took her hand and made her hold my cock. Her eyes were closed and when she took hold of my cock, she said “what is this?” while keeping her eyes closed. I was in seventh heaven; I could be in 8th heaven to, if there was one. My voice trembled. It took her 8-10 seconds to realize that some thing was wrong.

First, she was stunned and she shouted at me, what she can. She was very disappointed. She started to leave and I stood naked and took her hold and pushed her down. I requested her to be quiet and promised her not to do anything silly to her. She became quiet and was staring at my naked body. My cock has shrunken to a size of mouse. She said, what happened to this!!!. I said, it needs the golden touch of her hand to make her stand again. I asked her to help me as she is my sister. Staring at the cock, she said, regarding this matter, “never”. After, many minutes of guilty and promises, she agreed to play with it only once. I sat in front of my sis, naked and she slowly moved her soft hand up and down. My cock, if it was a bamboo tree, would have grown to a big tree in 5 minutes. As, she increased the speed to the strokes, it was hard for me to it down. After 12-15 minutes of pumping, my load blasted and covered her whole face with cum.

Few drops of cum have gone done her throat and she immediately said” that’s tasty?” and with the help of fingers last drop of cum in my cock. I was very very happy. She said that she wants to give me another shot. I agreed but, requested to remove her clothes too. After many pleadings, she decided to ware only panty and I was allowed to touch her boobs. I asked her, that instead, of giving blowjob, “suck my dick” and no drop of cum will be wasted. She removed her clothes and came into panty and I have seen the best breasts in the world, cream colored breasts with dark brown10 mm nipples on it, made it a perfect icing on the cake.

As soon as, she took hold of my cock, I pushed her down and I came over her breasts and after some resistance, started sucking the nipples. Her eyes were closed as I continued sucking and pressing her boobs. I showered enormous kisses on her flat tummy, cheeks, breasts and neck. She was greatly aroused, but her legs were still tight. M cock was hovering over her abdomen and brown color panty.

I could not resist and forcefully removed her panty. Shanu, tried to cover it with hand and I pushed her all over to expose her soft white asshole. My heart was pounding and I was breathing hard. I took hold of those beautiful butts and tried to bite them. She cried in pain and requested me not to do so. I kissed her back and moving her long black hairs, started kissing her cheeks. Shanu was moaning slowly. I kissed her whole body apart from the pussy. I removed her hands and she covered her face in shame. The black bush of hairs was as thick as a hive of bee. I was waiting to suck that honey. I came back with my razor and made her creamish pussy smooth and silky in 69 position and she licked my dick and I licked her pussy.

Now, with my load in one hand I was ready to insert my tool in her pussy. I started rubbing my cock all over the pussy. I was ready to insert and I came on top her and my cock on the door of the unexplored pussy. My lips were locked wit her smooth pink lips, my both hands on her ass and my dick on her pussy. As, I tried to enter the soft, swollen pussy, I failed again.
I lifted my eyes to see, shanu’s fingers were guarding the virgin pussy door. She requested and said, “Please! This is for my husband, if you let me go. I thought for a little while and
removed my pressure. My cock’s top was inside her glory hole and the tip was touching the pink hymen. I have to release my sister. We both lay naked and I wrapped her back. My dick was pressing her buttocks and my hands were pressing her boobs from behind. An idea, came into my mind to try “doggy style”. I asked shanu to wait and I came back with my cock dipped in oil. I asked her to lie on her breasts and spread her legs wide open. I came from behind and placed cock on her asshole. In a split second, I stretched her soft ass and my half cock was resting inside.
She was shouting in pain, but I continued the assault. My hands were covering her breasts and my lips over her cheeks and my cock buried into her asshole. She came thrice and I twice as I ram rodded her soft asshole.

I left my dick grow to fullest inside her asshole. I became a man in a single go. After sex, we rapped our naked bodies and sucked each other’s lips. My sis, shanu was the best in bed till she got married. I plan to enter her juicy pussy, once I get again.

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