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Mene apni chachi ki mast chudai ki

I have been masturbating since the age of 16 as most teenagers do and at that time I wanted to fuck almost every girl I saw I have always been a fan of big boobs and round huge asses .This happened about 4 years back my parents were going out of town for a couple of days so they told me to go stay with my chacha(Fathers brother) and chachi (his wife)her name is sadia. I went to their house at about 1230 pm and started talking to my cousins my chachi was in the shower.

I talked to my cousin for about 10 mins and then went in chachis bedroom to watch TV as they only had one in their bedroom after about 15 mins my chachi opened the bath door and looked out with the head outside and the rest of the body still in the bathroom she saw me sitting there watching TV we greeted each other with a smile (by then I didn’t have any naughty feeling about her in fact to be honest she was not good enough to get any mans attention fat dark color the only good thing in her whole body was her big big boobs).she then went back inside and came out wearing a bathrobe fully covering her body. Me and my chachi were very frank as she was about 6 yrs older then me so I said “chachi aaj to bari sexy lag rahee ho is bathrobe main chacha ji gher hotay to kaam kherab ho jata” she smiled but said nothing but I was shocked to see tears in her eyes I asked her what happened but she said it was nothing then she asked me to go out for a few mins so she could change I went out side the room and came back after about five mins I saw her wearing a black sleeve less blouse and sari I said “wow chachi aaj to lagta hay chacha ko katal ker kay dumloge” to be honest she was actually looking good in that sari she again looked at me with tears in her eyes and said y don’t u stop saying those things Dee I was confused I got up and went closer to her asked “what’s the matter sadia??” I often called her by name when we were alone as she was like a friend not being so much older. She turned around and said Dee u know I am not ur chachas first wife and u know I married ur old chacha just to be financially secure but there is more needed in life then just money saying that she started crying. I knew they both had fights like all the time but never thought she’d be so unhappy. I held her from her shoulders and said don’t worry everything would be ok but she started crying even more I got closer and took her in my arms trying to stop her from crying. She continued crying for like 10 mins and then she managed to stop she then looked at me and said sorry I said its ok chachi u know I am ur boyfriend and u can share anything with me and we both started laughing I even started tickling her to cheer her up while doing that my hand touched the boob by mistake but she didn’t notice but the touch on her huge 38DD size soft tit made me think about a lot of things after that I touched it on purpose 3-4 times and even pressed it softly she was not wearing a bra by now she had full idea of what I had on my mind but didn’t resist making me more brave I decided to take a big step so I held her from her hair and brought her closer she was looking directly in my eyes and I could see that she wanted it just as much as I did the invitation in her eyes made me mad so I put my lips on hers and we kissed each other like that’s what we were born to do my hand was in her hair and other on her back I moved both my hand to her huge ass and pressed her but cheeks hard she stopped kissing and said

“haramzaday sharam nahee atee” I was afraid that she is pissed of and I m in big trouble now she started laughing all of a sudden and said “comeon dee I was just messing with u” we started laughing again she locked the door and came closer she told me that she wore this sari just for me and wanted me to be her real boyfriend I said I would love that but then she said on one condition I asked her what that was and she said “tum mujhay hamesha chachi bulao gay or akailay main bhi naam say nahee bulao gay “ I was surprised so I asked her y and she said she wanted me to call her chachi always as a revenge to her hubby I said ok we started kissing again and our tongs explored each others mouth for about 5 mins my hand was moving up and down on her back she started to unbutton my shirt and then threw it in the corner I held her palu and started pulling she rolled and rolled till the whole sari was of and there she stood in front of me in her blouse and lower I got rid of my trouser while she took of her clothes and now here we were standing naked in front of each other we looked at each other and I said “aoo chachi ji apnay chodo ka lun chuso ” she said “behenchod itna bara lora tairay pass hay pehlay kiun nahee bataya “I was really surprised to hear her talking that way as she was always very sober with words but her dirty talk made me mad for her and I said “aja haramzadi kitna terpaey gi” the next minute we were in the bed kissing and touching each other all over I asked her to get in 69 so we did I licked her pussy while she sucked on my cock we kept doing that for the next few mins until she said common dee come fuck ur chachi I wavent had a real man fuck me ever so we got in position she opened her legs wide and I put my cocks tip on her wet pussy I wanted to show her that I was a real man so I pushed all my cock in in one fast jerk aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh haramzaday phar day ga kya that’s what she said I replied chachi asli mard aisay he choda tay hain she was moving her ass up and down while I was fucking her hard. I kept on fucking her for 15 mins and then collapsed inside her she had also cum twice. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it like a baby we both were exhausted so we kept lying there for a few mins until I was ready again my rod was getting hard I asked her to suck on it till its fully erect after about 5 mins of sucking it was ready we had sex again after that she joined me in the bathroom we took a shower together and got dressed after lunch we slept together at 4 she woke me up and fucked again 2 times after that we used to stay naked all day when chacha was out working and fucked many times since then we have been playing our sex game whenever we get a chance she even got her sister and bhabi for me but that’s for the next story  till then happy humping every one:)

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