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Sardi mei bhabhi ki garmi ko thanda kiya

My parents had to go to Delhi for 1 week, but I did not want to go, because I did not want to spoil my holidays, but my mother had a lot of tension to drink my food, so she gave my sister-in-law and my brother to me Called to stay at home, but Bhaiya had to go out of town due to her office work, so sister-in-law came to stay at my house alone.

Now I will tell you about my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law’s name is Sandhya, she is 28 years old and her color is very fair and she is very fair and her figure is 36-26-38, she is very hot and she mostly wears backless saris and she has more She also looks hot, she used to tie her sari under her navel.

Now I will come directly to the story. Now due to the time of the train, my parents left early and after some time of their departure Sandhya Bhabhi came to my house. Then they rang the doorbell and then I opened the door, I kept looking at them, what was that cool stuff? She was wearing a red and black color saree and she tied her sari below her navel.

Then after that I welcomed them and then they asked about my parents. Then I told him that his train was getting timed, so he left early. Then we both started talking. Then both of us made a plan to watch the film, then we went to a multiplex to watch the movie. Then after watching the movie, we had dinner and then came back home. We came home by 10 o’clock in the night. Then we talked about the film for a while and then I said that.

In: – Sister-in-law, I will sleep in my room and you sleep in another bedroom.

Sister-in-law: – Why in the second bedroom? You sleep with me, I’m afraid alone.

Now after listening to this, I became very happy and thought that I will definitely make something tonight. Then after a while the sister-in-law went to take bath and then when she came out of the bathroom, I was mad at her, she had just put a towel on her body. Then she went to change in the bedroom. Then when she came out after changing, what did she look like? She was wearing a red backless saree and also wore red lipstick. Then he said that he loved the saree and she used to wear the saree at night also. Then he said that the night is over, let’s go to sleep.

In: – OK sister-in-law.

Then after going to the room, I switched off the light and lay down on the bed. Then sister-in-law said that her back is hurting, then she told me to turn on the light and press her back. Then I turned on the light and saw that she was lying on her stomach. Then I started pressing his back. Then I thought that if something is done now, then I started throwing my hand on his entire back and now he too was making such sounds. Now I was moved to hear these voices from his mouth.

Sister-in-law: Ricky unbutton my blouse, it will be easy for you to press my back.

In: – OK sister-in-law.

Now when I was going to open her blouse, I saw that her string was very tight.

In: – Sister-in-law is very tight.

Sister-in-law: Try once.

Then even after my repeated attempts, that cord was not opening. Then I used my teeth and then my blouse opened and then pressed her back.

Sister-in-law: – Ahhhh Ricky looks very good, a little down and down.

Then as soon as I started pressing down, then the sister-in-law turned and then filled me in her arm and kissed me like crazy everywhere.

In: – What are you doing in law?

Sister-in-law: Now you are not even a child that you have to tell what I am doing? Don’t torture me anymore, fuck me on Ricky Chodo, fuck your young and thirsty sister-in-law, now she was being kissed everywhere.

Now after listening to all this, I could not stop myself and even then I started kissing them everywhere. Then sister-in-law grabbed my mouth and then started smooching me. Now I was getting a test of their lipstick and in 10-15 minutes, I started kissing her lips. Then later went to the kitchen and brought a chocolate and chocolate paste from the fridge.

Then I put that chocolate in my mouth on one side and sister-in-law kept it in my mouth from the other side and then we started eating that chocolate. Then after that we both got lips and both of us started smooching again, that was my first chocolate kiss. Now kissing time, that chocolate test had increased even more and the fun of kissing had doubled.

Then I tore off her sister’s blouse and also removed her petticoat, she was wearing a black bra and panty, for one she was so fair and her thick boobs in black bra looked absolutely cool. Then I took off their bra and put chocolate paste on their fat boobs and then started sucking their boobs, tell me guys how much I was enjoying while I was sucking their boobs?

Sister-in-law: – Suck ahhhhhhh and loudly ah oohhhhhhhhhh ayahhh.

Now after listening to all this, his bobs had started cutting. Now she was completely mad. Then after that he took out my camera and then placed it on the camera stand so that a good scene would come. Then I also refused them, but she did not listen. Then he said don’t be afraid to delete the video tomorrow morning.

Then he pressed the camera button and then she started removing my clothes and licking my chest. Then he also removed my underwear and now both of us were completely naked, now he kisses me French.

She started crying

Then after 10 minutes I took them to bed and then started fingering them in their pussy. Then I started putting my tongue in her pussy, now she was hurrying like a tortured fish. Then after that she climbed on top of me and started kissing on my neck. Then she started licking my whole body.

Sister-in-law: Ricky quench his thirst for his sister-in-law with his cock.

Then she sat on top of me and then I put my cock in her pussy, now she was starting to go down and was very loudly silent.

Sister-in-law: Ahhh Ricky Fuck Me Chodo Me, Chodo Ahhhhhh to your sister-in-law, tear your sister-in-law’s pussy today, Chodo me awash.

In: – Sister-in-law ahhhh ah ooooh.

Then after about 15 minutes the sister-in-law said.

Sister-in-law: Ahhh Ricky, I am going to fall, I ammm cumming.

Then we both collapsed together. Then after that I put my video in pan drive and then T.V. I played my own blue film. Now I and my sister were lying naked on the bed. Then I took out a quilt and then we both muffled it and started watching our own videos. Then for some 10 minutes we both kept doing French and then after that we clung to each other and slept naked.

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