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Doctor uncle se chudkar randi bani

Friends, there used to be a doctor near my house, they had to come to our house a lot and all the people in my house liked the behavior, they were also good in appearance and I also had a little way of talking to them. Used to like We used to respect him a lot, he used to talk to me with a lot of laughs and he even touched me many times, but I did not think much of him nor paid so much attention to him, but after some time I got his The filth assigned above was detected.

Friends, once my mother and father had to go to our village for some work for 15 days and those people left me alone at my house for some reason. Then in those days, at the behest of her family, she went to stay at her uncle’s house and even before that she had stayed at his house many times and Uncle became very happy to see me. Uncle, aunt used to stay in their house because both of their children were studying outside the hostel. Friends were very fair looking, beautiful, but I did not like my boobs, because they were very big in size and everyone stared at them and I did not like them at all.

Then when I was sleeping in the night, Uncle came to me and started touching my boobes lightly and turning his hand on my boob and felt something, but I kept pretending to sleep with my eyes closed and after some time He left, because I used to sleep alone in another room and Uncle, aunt used to sleep in his room, so he always got a chance to touch my body and when aunt was not at home, he Zhe was everyone had shed live around teased, but she does all overlooked. I never told this to anyone, so even then they got a chance to move forward.

One day the aunt was not at home and was in the kitchen at that time, they first came from behind and touched my ass and after that they smiled and asked me why this is how big your boobs are, whom are you kissing your boobs? So I said no to anyone and what are you asking me this? Friends came out saying so much to them and they too followed me and started staring at my body and on that very night, there was a sound of crying, shouting from their room. Then I woke up to see and I looked inside the window of their room, then at that time both Uncle Aunty was without clothes and was fucking uncle very badly and he was killing Chudai along with Chudai.

At that time the aunt was lying down on the bed and they were being pushed very hard by putting their cocks on them and the aunt was adding her hands and feet in front of them that please leave me now, I am feeling very pain, but she Did not agree and kept fucking them loudly. Then, for some time, they came back to their rooms with the pleasure of their sex. I thought in my mind that uncle is so dirty he is killing the aunt.

Then in the evening on the second day of the evening, suddenly without telling me his elder brother was very ill, so I went to Chandigarh, so I asked Uncle where the aunt is? So they told me that she has gone out for a few days. Then we sat together and ate food and after some time I went to sleep in my room and after that Uncle came to my room and he started teasing me today without any fear, because the two of us were just at home that day Were.

Then I asked him what were you doing to me? So he told me that I am going to make you a woman today, you will have a lot of fun with me today. Then I told them to go away from here and pushed them and then they slapped me very hard, I started crying and tears started flowing from my eyes. Then they grabbed me in their arms and they started pressing on me and biting my boobs, they quickly tore all my clothes and they very badly started biting, pressing and after a while they straightened Started putting my hand on my pussy.

Later, he continued to refuse them, but he continued in his work and kept screaming. After some time, he got up from me and immediately started trying to run away, he grabbed me quickly and picked me up on his lap and slammed him on the bed and then he tied both my hands and he in my mouth Put on my torn panty and take off all my clothes. I was very surprised to see his cock, so big and thick.

Then I found out why the aunt was crying that day? He now came on top of me and he forcefully spread both my legs and then put the top of his cock on the mouth of my pussy and started trying to force it inside, due to which the Topa itself went inside. Then they pushed hard, but still some cocks went in and tears came out of my eyes, but I could not speak, because one hand was also on my mouth and the other hand was squeezing my boobs.

Then, seeing the opportunity, he gave another strong push and the cocks went inside tearing my pussy, because of that my seal broke and he kept banging and screaming and screaming, crying and crying with that pain. In this way, he put all the cocks in my pussy and he kept fucking me for about 15 minutes, he kept abusing me, my queen, today I have torn your pussy, tell me how you felt, I will fuck you even more now , I will kill your ass today too, you just enjoy my fuck with me.

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