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Randi ki aulad ko choda

i was sitting on my seat and did not paid attention towards her.

suddenly after some time she started knocking my seat at one point of time i thought
that it might b just 2 disturb me but when she touched my hand from back with her
toes i understood wat she order to avoid other people seeing us she passed
on a chit to me in which she gave her mobile no. and her name. bus almost crossed
jaipur and it was on main highway now. the lights were turned off by driver except
those at the front end. she whispered me to pass on my hand towrds her. i slipped
off my hand towards her she held my hand so tight as if v hav known each other 4
since a long time.however i met her for the first time. after some time bus stopped
at a dhaba 4 meals. she along wid her mother aighted from the bus .b4 movin out she
whispered in my ears that she wanted 2 meet me behind the bus. i said fine i ll b
there. she approached out there after settling her account wid her mother and said 2
me that on last seat there is no one out there it wud b pleasure 4 her if i cud join
her. i gave a diffrent smile 2 her and said let the light get dim and i ll b there.
and as it was scheduled i approached in there. i saw her she was wearing salwar
kameez and her duppata was above her head, the randi pretending as if like sita
mata. i straight away sat close to her. she came bit more closer to me.

(mein mauka
dekhkar choka marne wala admi hoon) i slipped my had close to her waist first and
than i approach her left boob. i squezed a bit and she stretcher hand towards my
chest, than i tried to release those fleshy boobs but failed. and in order to
facilitate me she herslf did the same. now i liftd her kameez and tried to such her
boobs. but she denied me to do so. i simply said i ll leave if u will not allow me
to do so. she said let me suck ur dick 1 st 4 which i said no probs. she sucked it
so hard as if she was proffesional.i kept on abusing her kutte ki aulad ma mat chuda
tere bobe chusne de mujhe. she said jan meri tere lund mein jo bat hai woh mere bobo
mein kaha. after sucking my dick she allowed me to suck her boobs. her boobs were
like melons. i hav not seen such boobs ever b4 in my life. i sucked them almost for
15 mins. and she kept on muttering madarchod teri ma ka boba thodi hai jo tu chusta
hi ja raha hai. i said meri ma ka boba tere jaisa hota to mein yaha nahi hota.
suddenly bus stopped and she immediately got into my seat there and i kept on
sittin on there. bus resumed its journey again and now i had a plan in my mind. i
checked that the sleeper right above me was vacant and no one is supposed to cum in
there that nite. i gave her a missed call n she came there. i made her understood
the whole plan and helped her to get on there and reached up on there. after
climbing in there she removed her kameez and i cud see her pink bra and underneath
it two huge pulpy balbs hanging to get sucked by me. i pulled off the bra one side
and kissed her brown nipples all over. i licked them all over her nipples were so
big that i was enjoin my day in there. while suckin those large ones i penetrated my
hand under her salwar

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