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Faraz ne Faiza ko mast choda

This happend 1 month ago i was in my cousin house she is also my age her named is
Faiza she is cooled,dam sexy.No one can imagin about her beauty.she is one of her
parents,I was staying in her home for 3 days,her parents go for job and she was
alone with me at her home.We both have kiss each others at young ages,while she was
off from her school,i was watching TV and she was making breakfast for me.

When she
bring the breakfast so we were taking our breakfast,and watching TV suddenly a sex
scene came in the movie and she turn the channel,after seeing that little sex scene
my rod wake and moving in my trouser.I control myself.After some hours,i was still
horny and think to fuck Faiza but i was afraid,i think that this is the golden
chance because no body was at home.She came to me and sit with me and start talking
i start talking about love and romance.She was also talking with me at my topic,my
desire was incresing then i came closer to her and put my hand on her thigs she
didn’t say a word then i move my hand all over her leg but she didn’t say
anything,it was possitve signal.

Then i kiss on her lips and and squeez her boobs
then i took her cloth off and become mad of seeing her body.She ask me to unzipped
my trouser and i do,she took my rod in her mouth and i got a 100000000000 watt
shock.After 20min sucking she want me to lick her pussy and i do because i don’t
want to miss any chance.It was sweet then i put some cream on my rod and insert in
her pussy she shouted but i don’t care cauz i was in deep love with her.I was moving
my rod in & out she was shouting but some after some time she was relax.we both were
enjoying every moment of it.After 30-37mins i was about to cum and took my rod out
of her pussy and placed it on her huge boobs and she gave me a tit job everything
was superb.Then i cum it out.We both enjoy next day also and when ever we get chance
we enjoy our love.

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