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Rakesh Having intercourse With Swathi Aunty

Rakesh Having intercourse With Swathi Aunty In Hyderabad
i am 5.9 top with truthful colour, seventy eight kgs, well built, appropriate looking man.Coming to intercourse story…

After completing my B.Tech i used to be purported to visit Hyderabad for getting to know software program route and searching for process, I rented a room with friends in kphb colony in Hyderabad. After few days i found that park and made a plan of going to morning stroll to keep match my self, I requested my pals they rejected to come back,

after few days I started out to go for stroll regularly by way of 4 am and no one is there until five am, after five am many human beings come and do their physical games. After few days a lady got here by means of four:30 am, she could be very lovely, with properly shape may be 38 boobs, waist 36, back 38, her hair is clipped in pony tail, she got here in saree and footwear.

She is taking walks in contrary route to us, I faced her nearly 20 times on that day. I did now not care an awful lot that day. subsequent day she got here via 4:30 and persisted her stroll, after some time she turned into sweating heavily and unable to stroll more and thrusty,

I saw her and asked for any assist she is unable to talk then I understood situation and gave her water to drink which I carried with me day by day 1 litre bottle, she drank and thanked me and left to her domestic.

next day she came again via 4:30 am with bottle of water and commenced taking walks, she noticed me and smiled, I wanted her top morning, she replied with smile the identical, Her smile is god’s present to her face. subsequent day as ordinary we greeted, after a while I sat on bench, she saw me and came close to me and asked me

she: are you tired. me : no. she: through what time are coming to stroll me : by way of 4 am and then she left with the aid of greeting me bye. subsequent day to my wonder she came to park earlier than me only, I greeted her and asked u r too early, she stated she has some earn a living from home so she have to depart early, after which we persevered our stroll, by means of asking each different private life,


I stated my proper is Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh and studied B.Tech in Siddhartha engineering university, i’m right here for activity trails and courses for few months, she turned into amazed and stated she is also from same town Vijayawada and married 12 years in the past to software program engineer, came to Hyderabad three months ago from Bangalore on switch, she stated her call is Swathi and asked for my name I stated Rakesh.

intercourse With Swathi Aunty

intercourse With Swathi Aunty

She have become very near me for few days handiest as we’re from same town. each day we walked together from 4 am to 5:30 am, someday she asked me approximately my lunch and dinner in room, I stated we cook dinner rice in electric cooker and acquired curry from curry factor. She invited me for lunch on the next day, first I felt shy and in a while her pressure I agreed to return.

subsequent day she said her address and flat quantity and also gave her touch variety for enquiry in finding deal with, and also insisted me to come back by means of eleven: 30 am, I said and left to my room I were given equipped and stated to my friends that i am going to fulfill a friend on process functions and could now not come for lunch, I started at eleven: 30 am and reached her flat and rang the door bell, she opened the door,

by means of seeing her i used to be taken aback she wore blue saree with black shirt very appealing in her partywear saree. I greeted her good day and she welcomed me, I said you are very beautiful on this saree and he or she thanked me, I asked if she goes to any party, she said no, she stated birthday party is here in her domestic with me best, i was surprised by means of her respond,

we had chat for half of an hour and that i requested about her daughter and husband, she stated she become married eleven years in the past at the age of 23 and her daughter is reading 4th popular, at that time I constantly staring at her waist, she noticed it, I said her after marriage of 11 years additionally your body preservation is excellent, she thanked me, she said it is already 1 pm we shall have our lunch.

I agreed and she became serving me biriyani at that point i used to be starring at her waist and left aspect boob, she noticed it and stated first have your lunch and later you may have them, i was amazed and scared for her answer and that i said sorry, she smiled and sat in front of me and served her plate, we had our lunch, all through this time she is seeing immediately into my eyes and that i felt scared to face her,

after lunch she asked me to sit down and watch television she may be again in 15 mins, I said good enough, she completed her work and got here after 15 mins its already 2 pm, she gave a soft drink and sat in the front of me and starring instantly into my eyes, i was scared and stated me : i’m able to go away it is too overdue. she: Do i have any work. me : No she: Then stay here up to 5:30 pm till her daughter come, she is bored being lonely.


I agreed uncomfortably, she stated don’t worry be free. She asked what are starring whilst i am serving you lunch i was afraid to reply, she insisted me to inform, I said your waist and boobs are very attractive in that blue saree and black shirt, she laughed and she or he got here near me sat down near to my knees and requested what do you want maximum in me.

looking immediately into her eyes I stated i love your smile very a whole lot and that i keep her face with my both palms and kissed on her lips. We smooched for some time in lip lock via tongue twisting in mouth and saliva trade for 15 mins, we stood up and hugged each different and kissed, after that she directed me to her bedroom, she switched at the AC and commenced to take away her saree.

Now she is in her black blouse and blue petticoat (lamga in Telugu), she could be very attractive in that, I laid her on bed commenced kissing her stomach and navel, she may be very excited, I grew to become her back and removed her shirt and bra and began kissing and biting her shoulders and i licked her neck, I kissed and licked her bare returned blouse location as much as her bumps,

I separated her both ass and kissed her ass crank, she love it and gave a jerk in temptation, after that I became her front and kissed throughout her face and chewed her earlobes, she preferred it moaned in satisfaction aaaahhh…

Now I got here to her breast chewed, sucked and kissed, bite each the boobs and nipples one after one, she cherished it very lots, I separated her both boobs and licked and chunk in middle of the boobs crank, she loved it by way of holding my hair very tight.

Now I kissed and licked her thighs up to her knees, later I removed her panty, I kissed her pussy with lot of love, I cherished her pussy smell, I separated the pussy lips and began licking and finger fuck her asshole, I licked her pussy and asshole constantly top to backside for 20 mins and slept beside her,

she got here on to me and eliminated my shirt and kissed all aver my face and my chest and my nipples slowly she went down via kissing and eliminated my pant and began to kiss my dick over undies, I enjoyed it, she eliminated it and started kissing and sucking and licking my dick like lollipop seeing immediately into my eyes, I cherished her lusty eyes,

she sucked for 5 minutes my 6.five inch dick and came directly to me and inserted my dick in her pussy and started out fucking with the aid of kissing my lips, after some time we got here in to missionary position and fucked difficult, and after 10 minutes I got here in her hollow, we took relaxation for 15 mins by hugging each different.

She asked to kiss and lick her frame once more she loved it very a whole lot, I did it via biting, licking, kissing throughout her body as she requested, and again she sucked my cock and this time I fucked her pussy in domestic dog style very difficult…she cherished me very a lot, we had three rounds that day as much as 5:15 pm, and that i were given ready and left to my room by having a long deep kiss.

From that day we had morning stroll, and day intercourse while ever viable, we enjoyed for 1 year, however now to my terrible success her husband become transferred once more to Bangalore 1 month back. She hugged me and cried very an awful lot the day before she left to Bangalore. I also felt sad via missing my Swathi aunty.


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