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Pooja having extra marital sex With Anurag

Pooja having extra marital sex With Anurag
This is reasonably a long story which absolutely happened with me and someway deep down I agree with its now not right infect its cruel.. so please dont remark ethical values,as I already know my sins and already living with it.

earlier than I began permit me inform you something approximately myself, I belong to easy center elegance Indian own family however open minded questioning..cause became married to a person whom i really like.. our is a love arrange marriage with mutual agreement from all our family and loved ones.. before marriage was an avg looking character but as time escaped I commenced to appearance extra or much less attractive and delightful.

my top is around five.2 with slender body shape with fig 36 32 38.. having long hairs and essentially milky complexion. earlier than I met my husband i used to be an open minded lady, having alot of buddies ladies and men, lifestyles changed into in no way uninteresting to me.

The tale started out with one among my friend whom i discovered attractive again the ones days but later determined its simply an affection not anything else and after almost 7 to 8 years of that, ” I fall in love with my husband and got married. After having a good deal eventful lifestyles these types of years I were given I contact with our vintage early life friends and planned for a Reunion, in which all are invited.

Now before i go in advance its critical to say my feeling and relationship with my husband.. like I mentioned our is an love marriage then its stop obvious that love changed into never a problem.. without a doubt there may be no troubles as such which i will mention. he is the most a laugh lovable and trusted individual ever in my life, have support in all my lifestyles u.s.a.and downs.

i really like him alot and he love me like loopy but nevertheless I dont know how it came about however I become dishonest on him. this is one of the cause I percentage my tale here to make peace of mind, as I have no one else to proportion my experience.

Now coming back this started out once I visited domestic for holiday there all of my buddies deliberate for a reunion party. here I met him ( anurag) once more the character whom I had a weigh down earlier than.. additionally now could be the proper time to give an explanation for a few similarities between us which aside from my husband. he about same it height respective to mine approximately five.4 with healthy build..fairer than me and have precise appears.. this was the very reason I had a weigh down on him.

i was feeling so much excited as all people does sense after such a long time we all be assembly eachother.. in the end the date come where iam on the point of exit and have reached earlier than anyone in one of my friend location.. after having a much waited chit chat anyone else began to return.. a number of them got here with family and some alone and there its a time I saw him after such alongside time coming to joins us.


I heard he got married but turned into divorced from beyond 2 years.. after someday we began to chit chat approximately life happenings wherein he defined all his u.s.a.and downs and that i did the same. the party ended with a promise that each one be in touch with each other if now not by using call at-least chats.. He ( anurag ) shared his smartphone wide variety with mine and prepared to get again to domestic after having a lot awaited amusing.

on my way lower back i used to be questioning all the communique I had with anurag approximately his existence and mine, however immediately there has been something which I felt terrible as he misplaced his marriage.. and now is he all on my own in this world with one else but officially I accept as true with this is because of truth he become a pal.. and most importantly childhood buddy.. ( all of us have feeling for our early life friends dont we ).. so I had a soft heart somewhere for him.

after few days pasted as deliberate we hold in contact with chats and occasionally every now and then phone verbal exchange that is come what may is right to be in contact with pals.. then I started to talk with him occasionally in per week then on ordinary basis. We talked many topics usually day activities and so forth.

Then begin some conversation about our married life, He knowledgeable all about his relationship together with his spouse and how he omit her completely. I continually force him to get married again however he always says loves happens best as soon as and he isn’t equipped for any courting at this stage to which i’m able to recognize.

Slowly the verbal exchange among us was getting lighter and lighter wherein we percentage many things even topics of intercourse.. To which I consider nothing is inaccurate as we each are married and have long past all in life.. we talked freely but confined to our limits.. i’m able to put a chat conversation for all to understand the extent of communique.

Anurag – hello how are you? Me – satisfactory aur batao ky haal chal Anurag – not anything yaar was just having an off day, become no longer feeling nicely me- why, what befell Anurag – bahut dino se kiya nhii hai na thats why no longer feeling properly Me – Kiya Nhii ?? Kya Anurag – intercourse, aur kya me – toh karlo, kab se toh kah rahi hu, shaadi karlo Anurag – nahii yaar, im near find a person who will help me in this…

these type of conversation changed into taking place from ultimate days, So ultimately I determined to ask whom he’s referring too. So known as him at some point and to my wonder he became breathing heavy. I asked what passed off ? to whom he spoke back- nothing yaar. I asked again – kya hua batao toh sahi, sab theek hai na, he responded- nothing i was doing something.

I asked once more – kya, he answered – yaar masturbation kar raha hu..par ho nhi paa chee..kiyu ? he answered- I guess aid is – kysa guide, he – kisi ke sath mile yaa kuch ho jo pleasure to boom karde atleast…. I kept licence then he said again – acha kya tum toda assist kar doge.. Me– What !!!


He – kiyu kuch galat kaha, kon sa isse koi frank padega telephone pe kya galat hai. me- its no longer right anurag, he spoke back – choro jane do its ok..mein khud he settel kar lunga dont fear too much.. after this he disconnected the call.. i used to be socked and surprised what just happened, did he honestly requested me to sign up for him.. how dare he stated this to me.

Alot of things became occurring my thoughts but at identical time i was wondering is probably he turned into horny and within the heat of the hour he requested something which you did not suggest it completely. some days surpassed I did not heard something from him, So I referred to as him again to test on him..this time picked my name and at once stated im sorry if I stated not anything incorrect however cant help it to whom

I responded its good enough and i understand. after that he informed me that day he turned into feeling uneasy to which I requested – koi mili phir.. he responded mile thi par chor diya usko, kiyuki vo aurat hai bhul gaie hai.. ( She forgot that she is girl ). I said no, nothing like that.. to which he requested me something which i’m able to in no way overlook.

he stated – then proof me by sending your naked boobs snap shots and let me test in case you are girl or not. I said are you critical to which he replied – yes iam.., after that I kept silence.. he spoke once more – are you sending me or now not ? to which I answered – pagal ho kya.. He said – kiyu there nothing wrong in that yaar.. we know every other for long time now and i respect you.

in case you need you could conceal your face in the % i will no longer thoughts it.. I simply want some gasoline to be able to do it nicely.. and that i don’t have any one else to assist me out in this.. so asking you for the favour. Seeing his need and lust i used to be carried away and said will do the favour. after few hours I were given a name from him soliciting for the photos to which I responded no longer viable as its no longer proper,

he said there’s nothing incorrect as it could be our mystery,and we will be helping every other for the coolest of each.. he then asked to test on chat as he can be sending few pictures so that you can assist me to trust him, I checked and observed his bare picture with a large and thick device.. which is even bigger than my husband. It become round 6 1/2 inch long with 3 to 4 thick.

i was finished blown away with the image and woman interior me is getting mad seeing this massive device. Now I start to rub my Virginia and on the identical identical my smartphone ring again.. He stated did you preferred it, to which I cited very an awful lot. Now he requested to ship some of mine.

I accompanied it to click a number of the image and despatched to him. after that for about half an hour he did not known as me, So I referred to as him and asked what passed off to whom he responded became doing jerking looking my pics, We did phone sex for nearly an hour and had more than one organs collectively.

After that we used to do almost each day with an increasing number of intensity and lust.. we revel in each different employer and now and again do a real intercourse over phone in which he fucks me difficult. He desired to have me in real and that i additionally questioning the concept to be at ease with.. this is correct factor to explain my point of view, As a human we all want someone to care and love,

Pooja having extra marital sex

Pooja having extra marital sex

which i was getting absolutely from his aspect. i used to be completely blown away from his want and my delight. After this we where looking for an possibility to be in contact with every different for the actual enjoyment and to my luck that day came quickly than I consider.

I must go our home metropolis to atten a wedding ceremony of certainly one of my cousin to which due to heavy paintings load my husband no longer capable of come along with me. i used to be think to leave in 15 days time. To my happiness I informed i used to be knowledgeable to return early and live which my husband agreed with none drama.


Me and Anurag became very excited to satisfy sooner or later for which we where planning for a long term. I started out being on tablets from the day onwards in order that we can each experience our sexual come upon absolutely. we’ve got planned the whole lot how we will be moving into contact and planned for the timings.

at the day after I arrived everybody changed into soo happy to see me as after lots awaited wait we where all togather for feature. now as deliberate I think to exit to fulfill my vintage friends and knowledgeable same to family member. so by morning I can be leaving from my area to go to anurag home so that we are able to meet till night time.

I left from my residence and reached to anurag area and rang the bell. he opened is happiness and anticipation for a long smash over ultimately. we entered the house and at once he grabbed me and kissed me without end until the ultimate moment in which I should get myself wet. after this he requested for any snacks to which I rejected. then we begin to talk closer to the bed room in which he already vicinity the whole thing in place.

(i was so excited and wagered the great internal wears which I may want to to make him absolutely mad, let me remind you all im now not soo appropriate searching character by way of face however have the first-rate frame a person can preference, my boobs are a chunk in heavier aspect with 36 size and spherical and pointed.. now not those large boobs which is hangs round cheats place. and crimson virginal lips with proper proposal everywhere in body to whom guy can find it irresistible)

So we entered in bed room and started kissing, every kiss he become getting inner me ingnating the lust increasingly. after plenty awaited kissing we begin to look each other in special manner, he became absolutely blown away with the aid of my beauty. I absolutely surrender to his will.. He stayed for whilst looking every different with lustful eyes after which he begin to remove my cloths slowly.

i was wearing a saari which he first kissed on my neck to release the anxiety and surrender my entire frame and will to get equipped for motion. he then removed my pallu and start to kiss the uppar half of my chest which changed into open part of my blouse.. he changed into kiss my cleavages (the hole among a girl’s breasts when supported, mainly as uncovered by using a low-cut garment)

then start to unhock my blouse buttons. now iam standing with most effective bra in the front of him to which he removed my entire saari.. he then lose the petticoat and i used to be in my inner only. He then saw with entire lust for a moment and removed all his cloths immediately.. he then put me on bed kissing my cleavages.

after lots aim kissing he eliminated my bra and panty at same time making me completely bare.. after that he endured fondling my boobs like there isn’t different day. he sucked it so tough that nipple wherein getting purple warm and nearly drank blood out of it.. He pressed it soo hard that could not experience it after someday.

He become like an hungry animal throughout me.. after nearly an half hour of motion he then places his finger inner my love hollow to test its wetter to allow his love rod to slide in, which become already wetter than earlier than. he then sitsup and make an pose which pointed his love rode to the entrance of my love hollow.

and most effective to my torture even the being wetter than ever before his love rod would now not cross inner without difficulty.. he was pussing it in and my breath changed into going out with each puss. slowly slowly it started out to get inner and after lots ache he subsequently manged to get all that internal me and changed into a great in shape hitting my Virginia walls.

then he start the back and front movement coming down on me to kiss at the same time as he became giving it a gradual movement.. then he said ” pooja aaj bahut acha lag raha hai, aur shayad aaj ka din tum bhi har roj jeena chahogi ” ( nowadays I simply loving it and desire you furthermore may want to stay it every day ) to which I just “hmm”.. then he commenced speed up his back and seasoned movement kissing me all of the time.

after a good deal long time i used to be getting the acute delight and his love rod is hitting me.. with the aid of this time I lost count how normally did I had my organism and entire misplaced in my revel in then he asked to concentrate him.. he stopped for a moment ans requested to open my eyes to which I responded.

he then adjusted himself absolutely on me and asked to sign up for my boobs together and asked to grab on maintain on him from back with my fingers. He asked to take a look at his face all of the time and dont kiss untill he does it from his facet..Our faces are just incs faraway from every other and i was seeking to his face and he is looking at me.

after this he began to back and pro movement again with deeper strokes and quicker.. after approximately 1 min of deep and fast stroke he given his love rod one tough puss to my love hollow and remain there for moment.. I ought to sense his rod pressed on my Virginia partitions after which something befell which I can’t explicit in phrases.

that is is probably largest and strongest sperm discharge i’m able to ever felt in my life.. his love rode spraying load of manhood sperm inside me which began a small quantity then coming at quicker and heavier fee with each spray. at this second i used to be looking him and he’s watching me,


his face was completely silent with out a expression after which unexpectedly it got changes while he hit his very last shot inside me to start his respiratory again. it lastly for atlest 15 to 23 sec.. then he kissed me hard and fell over me. after heavy breathing for a second he then requested “this is actual men seeds which is inner you” “did you experience it” to which I stated yes i’m able to feel.

after that he flow over to my side and let me all on my own to experience it.. I remained there for someday so that i’m able to sense it completely running inside. After this he continued to do it a couples of instances that day after which we wiped clean each different and were given clean up. I got geared up to go out returned to my domestic and planned the second one come upon.

On my subsequent element i will writing deeply about my studies and will also provide our modern-day meeting which remains going on nearly 2 times every month.. how and this is viable and everything you all will be gaining knowledge of once i am getting a few encouragement by means of your comments.

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