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Loosing virginity with best friends friend

Loosing virginity with best friends friend

I tried my contacts and shared the information across my circle. Slowly we came in contact via gtalk. I still remember the first time I had talked over gtalk. Her voice was so sweet, mellifluous. I was a shy boy and my past records had showed my certificates of shyness to my friends. Hence that time also, I couldn’t talk much with her.

But those 1-2 minutes of talk creates some impression in my memory. Slowly we talked over gtalk regularly. She was not having job and searching for it, so she used to get lot of ample time and for me I was not loaded in office works too. The regular conversation brought us close. She used to had pressure of getting the job quickly and somehow it was not working. After 1 month, finally she got a job in a company.

I was very happy for her. We were good friends by then. When I came back to Bangalore, my friend thought of a get-together party among friends. He invited his friend who is now my friend too. I was anxious to meet her. Finally we met and shared some good time along with other friends. It was a nice lunch. She was staying in a P.G.

Slowly we used to meet regularly and I used to go for jogging daily near by park followed by playing badminton. Later she asked me it would be nice if she could join in playing badminton. I definitely encouraged her to come early in morning and play as it is good for body. Around 3-4 months passed on and I used to figured her body while playing.

She was having big boobs, though she was bit healthy. Slowly our friendship took more close encounters. One day while playing badminton, she asked me some questions as she knew that I was getting inclined to her. It is still a surprise for man/boy that how females get to know so easily about the man’s thought. I replied in a diplomatic way. She used to come when I was at my room.

By the way, I was staying with my friends. As we all are common friends, none had any restrictions of coming/allowing girl to our rooms. Even though other friends not there, I used to call her and we used to talk a lot.

One night, we attended candle light dinner and our closeness increased. Till then, I hadn’t kissed her. After romantic dinner, We came by autorickshaw and first time I kissed her in auto. I still remember the time !!!

She also kissed her..It was not so was love. My affection increased many a times for her. When a person falls in love, he knows that he is on the top and he is so delved in love, nothing seems any difficult to him. Perhaps the great persons writings in books are correct. I felt in that day. I dropped her at her P.G and I moved ahead to my room.

That night, we called over phone for more than 1 hour and I was full of joy. This happiness was there for quite a long time. One day she came to my room in afternoon when my other room mates were not there. This situation had happened many times. But I don’t know how on that I kissed her first on her mouth. She also kissed me and it kept for 2 minutes.


We kept on kissing like lovers as we’re and slowly the lust took over. I told her to remove her dress. I dragged her dupatta. She was very fair and her body was not having any hair by nature. She felt shy and told me what I am doing. I told lets just continue. I unchained her back as she was wearing dress. The strong feeling I couldn’t explain. Her white body even enticed me more. I said you are really beautiful and she is too!

She was wearing a white bra. I kissed her face followed by neck and belly. She was also loosing control and took my shirt off. I removed my baniyan. We kissed all over the body except the below parts. Then I removed her black leggins and I saw the black panty. I kissed her leg slowly. She removed my jeans and we kissed again our bodies.

I slowly put my finger on the top of her panty and rubbed her. She was too much aroused and making faces that she was not able to control it. I slowly put my index finger on her vagina. She gave a jerk and suddenly word ‘Aahhhh’ came out.

Then I removed her panty and the white body was having some hairs near hair genitals. I caressed them with care and kissed the vagina. I removed my pant and my penis was so strong. This strong arousal put my penis into her vagina. And I asked might going to hurt you. Slowly I went inside her..the soft..warm feeling aggravated my penis to nowhere and I fucked her hard.

She was just not allowing herself to enjoy..It was my first time..I had sex with my girlfriend. Later after the sex, some tears came from her eyes as she told she never expected to lose her virginity before marriage. I told it is good to have sex..what is the harm in it…she agreed.

I hope you must have liked this experience. Girls and Boys…Ladies and Man…please comment about this topic and share your thoughts of experience too.

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