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Bus groping and sex with Ruchi

Bus groping and sex with Ruchi

I am 5’8″ & have an athletic body as I regularly go to gym from past 2 years. and a massive 6″ cock which could satisfy any girl completely. now coming to the real incident which happened a couple of months ago.

It was a normal day. I was heading to my home from college. as usual I took a bus to my home. the bus was very crowded. I made some space n stood near the ladies seats. it takes the bus about an hour to reach my destination. After 4-5 minutes, the bus stopped at a market and a hot girl boarded the bus. let me describe that girl.

She was slim, around 5″6″, round n perfect ass and awesome tits. The moment I saw her I got a hard on. She took the ticket and came n stood near me. Due to the crowd of the bus, there was not enough space to stand properly. Due to which my hand touch her ass and just by the touch of her ass, my cock sprang up. She turned around and gave me a strange look. I thought that may be she didn’t liked that.

But due to the pushes, my hand again touched her ass. this time she didnt responded. I thought may be she wouldn’t have felt it. After some time, the bus got more crowded and it was suffocating. Previously I was standing adjacent to her but now the crowd punched me behind her. As the bus accelerated, my hard cock touched her ass and it became more hard.

But I was surprised that she didnt responded this time also. I thought that may be she is interested. Making some space, I created a gap between her ass and my cock. But to my surprise, she moved back and made her ass touch my cock. I was amazed at this. I decided that I will fuck her by hook or crook. I was massaging my cock on her ass.

As the bus was very crowded, no one could see what was happening. Her face expressions were let me knowing that she is enjoying touch of my cock. I started thinking that how to make her friend so that we can continue further. Suddenly an idea came into my mind. I took out my mobile and opened facebook and kept the mobile in my hand in such a way that she could see what was I doing.

I scrolled down on Fb n showed her my e-mail id and name. She saw that and took out her mobile and opened fb. I got surprised when she searched my e-mail n sent me friend request. I was very happy that soon I am going to fuck a pussy. I refreshed my browser and received her request and accepted it.

Her name was Ruchi. I messaged her “Sweet name” and she replied “thanks”. Unfortunately her destination came n she got down from the bus. But I knew that its the starting. From the very next day, we started chatting on fb for hours. I came 2 know that she is a student and her college is in south delhi only very near to my college. I was very happy after knowing this.

Next day I got a message on my mobile from an unknown no. saying HI. on inquiring who it is, I came 2 know that it is Ruchi only. she got my number from my profile. We were chatting for the whole day on topics like hobbies, interests, etc. She inquired about my relationship status n I told her that I m single n she too was single. We would chat for hours, late in the night.


This continued for about 2 weeks. We used to travel to college in same bus and return in the same bus. Then I asked her for a movie. She agreed. We made plans and one day, we both bunked our respective college and met at a Cinema. I was waiting for her and when she came, my mouth was wide open when I saw her. What a sex bomb she was looking.

She was wearing a low cut sleeveless top which revealed her boobs quite good and a mini skirt which showed her hot and milky thighs. I was uncontrollable and my cock was very hard just seeing her. I was continuously gazing at her figure. I complimented her “looking hot” and giving a naughty smile she thanked me.

I took 2 wall corner tickets of the movie Raaz 3. we went in for the movie. The movie started. We were watching the movie calmly when suddenly a hot scene came of emraan hashmi and bipasha basu. I again got a hard on and my cock was ready to jump out of my jeans. Ruchi saw this and gave a naughty smile. I put my hands on her thighs and she let out a slow moan.

I understood that she is enjoying this. I slided my hand to her panty and her panty was wet. I put my hand inside her panty and found her vagina very hot. I started caressing her clit and she was enjoying every moment. I wouldn’t have stopped but then the lights went on as it was interval. I went to the washroom and jerked off as I couldn’t control myself. Then after the movie was over after an hour or so we exited the pvr.

We both knew what we wanted but there was no place available for us. She rejected my idea of taking a room for rent for some hours. So after a sensuous hug, we left to our homes. After 2-3 days, she told me that her parents are going out of town for marriage for two days. I was damn happy that finally I got the chance. Her parents left in the afternoon and she informed me.

I reached her home after my college n informed my parents that I would get late as I will be completing my project at my friend’s house. On the way to her home, I purchased a red rose bouquet for her. Then I reached her home and rang the bell. She opened the door. I was again dumbstruck after what I saw.

She was standing on the door wearing a transparent nighty till her knees which was almost full transparent. I kissed her and handed her the bouquet to her and entered her house. She kissed me in return to thank me for the bouquet. She told me to sit on the couch while she went to get me water. She came and then we sat together and chatted for a while.

Her clothes were making her look very very sexy and I was unable to control myself. I put my hands on her thighs and said “Ruchi, I want you to tell something”. She said “I know what you wanna say”. I asked her to tell me what I wanna tell. She said that I want to make love to her. I was shocked after what I heard. Without wasting a second, I started smooching her.

That was our first smooch and was very passionate. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and licked her tongue. Her saliva tasted AWESOME. This continued for almost 5-10 minutes till we were out of breath. I carried her to bedroom, made her lie on the bed and came over her and started kissing her.

Starting from forehead, then cheeks, lips, neck, cleavage and my every kiss was making her mad. I unzipped her nighty from back and now she was in just her bra and panty. She was wearing white bra and white panty which matched her milky body. She was a sex bomb. I started licking her cleavage, then her navel and then I moved my tongue over her totally wet panty.

I kissed her thighs. She was letting out slow moans. Then she stood up and removed my t-shirt and jeans. She saw the bulge in my underwear. She quickly slided down my underwear and my cock sprang out. It was rock hard. She wrapped her tongue around the tip of my cock and licked my pre cum. Then she took the whole cock in her mouth.

I was experiencing my first blow job ever. She was too good at it, instead she was sucking like a expert. She continued sucking for 10 minutes and then I cummed and she drank all the cum and didn’t wasted a single drop of it. She told me that my cum tasted too good. I kissed her lips and made her lie down on the bed. I removed her bra and I saw a pair of sexiest boobs on earth.

I asked her is ur size 34, she said no, its 36. I started licking those melons. Her nipples were rock hard. I took her left boob in my mouth and sucked it for so long and meanwhile pressed her right boob. She was moaning in pleasure and saying suck them hard baby. they are all yours. then I sucked her right boob and rubbed her left boob and she was caressing my hair meanwhile.

I was sucking the best boobs. They were amazing. Then I went down and tore off her panty. It was so wet. I started rubbing her clitoris and she started moaning loudly. I inserted two fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking her. She was enjoying it very much. I licked her pussy till she squirted and drank her liquid. It was tasty. And now it was show time.

My cock was ready for the show. I put a pillow below her ass and inserted my cock into her pussy. It was not going inside. She was a virgin. I pushed it inside and very struggling it entered her pussy and she shouted very loudly. Blood came out flowing from her pussy. She was begging me to stop as she was in pain.

But I was in no mood to stop. I continued fucking her. After some time, I increased my speed and was fucking her pussy very fast. The room was filled with the sound of phutch!phutch!phutch!phutch!. she was moaning and saying ah! fuck me jaan. this pussy is all urs tonight. fuck it!fuck it! tore my pussy off! her words were motivating me and I increased my speed.

She was moaning in pain but I continued to fuck. I fucked her for 15 minutes and then I was about to cum. I asked her where should I release my cum, she said that she wanted it inside her pussy. She wanted to feel the warmth of my hot cum inside her pussy. And after a few seconds, I filled her pussy with my cum. She pulled me down and smooched me hard.

We kissed for some time and then I licked her boobs and then she blowed me. My cock again became hard in some minutes and then it was time for another round. I fucked her pussy for 20 minutes in doggy style. then again I came in her pussy. She was very satisfied with the pleasure she received from my cock. We kissed for some time.

Then we went to the bathroom and we both took a bath together and while bathing, I again fucked her and she drank my cum this time. It was a memorable fuck in my life as it was our first fuck. We both lost our virginity that day. We dressed up and then she made coffee for both of us. I drank the coffee and with a kiss, I left her house.

We both are very horny for each other. Whenever we get a chance, we fuck. I got a chance to fuck her lovely ass also. I will tell that story later on.

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