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Licking Pooja bhabhi’s mangos

Today I am going to tell you the same incident and it was just a few days ago, when I came back to my house, then I met all the people of the house, brother, sister-in-law and their children I joked a lot. Friends, one day I remembered sitting on my most beautiful moment, about which I thought why not tell that moment to all of you after about four years, which I could not forget even today.

Friends, this thing has happened when I was studying in 12th, a year before that my elder brother got married. My sister’s name is Pooja, she is only about three years older than me. Sister-in-law and I have a lot of accolades and even if I am a gentleman, I am so open about ideas and my behavior is very good with everyone. I used to make everyone happy with a lot of laughter, so everyone was very happy with me and they liked me.

Friends, my elder brother’s job is out, so he is rarely able to stay at our house and is always busy with his work. Oh yes guys, first of all you guys also hear about my sister-in-law, she looks absolutely cool with her face, the size of her figure is 34-24-36 and if anyone sees her once, her heart gets dilated. And that sweet bid on him and his killer smile should float well on him.

This incident happened such that it was June and it was very hot at that time and there is only one such place in our house and at that time there was a round of weddings all over the place and now my last paper will also come If one day, all the people here had to go to the wedding, but because of my paper being very close, I was not able to go, so that is why my papa mummy told me after talking to each other that now As if there will be alone on how to arrange your food will be what we do now for him to do it tell us? Then Pooja Bhabhi said in the middle that I also stay here with Rahul and you people can leave and both of us can stay together, because of my stay here, Rahul’s problem of eating will also end and you guys also Even the matter of being alone will not come to mind, you people will go away without tension or with it.

Now, after listening to my father and mother-in-law’s words, without any worries, they were happy and went to the wedding. After he left, sister-in-law and I were left alone at home and after some time, I went inside and got AC in sister-in-law’s room. Started and sat down, because the heat was getting so much that day and sister-in-law came and sat in the same room behind me. Friends, sister-in-law was wearing a red color saree that day and she also wore red colored lipstick, frankly, friends, she did not look any less than a heroine that day and that is why I started feeling more hot seeing her. , I started to stare at him constantly.

Sister-in-law: Rahul, you sit here and study comfortably. Let’s increase the speed even more, till then I will cook food for both of us, maybe now you will feel hungry.

I: Yes, sister-in-law, you do your work, till then, I take a little mind in my studies.

Friends after that, sister-in-law talked to me and immediately got up and went to cook, after she left, she started preparing for herself, as long as she was in front of me, my eyes kept going back and forth to her sexy filthy body and After a while the sister-in-law came back again.

Sister-in-law: Come on Rahul, the food is ready, let’s eat hot with me or else it gets cold, then you will not enjoy this much food.

Friends woke up at the behest of her sister-in-law and then went to have dinner with them and now both of us were eating together. I saw his sexy body was shining even more in that red colored sari and some of his sweat drops fell from the crack between his two boobs and he was going in, seeing this cool scene made my mind soar I felt that my heart was very happy and I was only seeing him with my thief eyes.

After some time, sister-in-law asked me what happened to Rahul? Don’t you like my food? So I said that no law, your food is very tasty, then look at how much fun I am having and I am eating it, maybe you do not have any idea about this? So you asked me such a question? Now he told me that if you put your mind in food, I think that maybe your attention has gone somewhere else. Friends, he said this to me with a mischievous smile, due to which I had a heart attack.

Then after eating the food, I went back to another room and sat down to do my studies. Then some time the elder sister-in-law came and now she brought me the mango cut and the sister-in-law sat near me and then she started asking me if someone is your girlfriend?

I suddenly got scared after hearing this from her mouth, I did not believe at all the words of her saying what she is asking me all this. I never thought that she could ever ask me all these things? So I told him that no, there is nothing like this now. Then he told me that when you were looking elsewhere while eating, your attention was less on that side than on eating and then she started laughing by saying this to me. At first the friends were very scared, but now after listening to their whole thing, they blushed a little and said that it had just happened to me by mistake.

Sister-in-law laughed again and said to me that no matter, I am not mad

Rari did not mind that action at all and while saying this to me, he hit one of his hands on my thigh and now ran a current due to the touch of that hand in my body, in which he was completely drunk. . Then she showed me and started eating mangoes very comfortably, and while eating mangoes she asked me, why was he just looking or something else? So I was very shy on hearing this and said to him that you are thinking wrong I did not have any intention, as you have thought wrong about me, I was just looking somewhere like this, but my eyesight Suddenly I fell somewhere else.

Now she started to tell me that you do not lie more than me now, what is in your mind, you tell me, what do you hide from me now? I will not say anything to anyone. Friends, after listening to him, I expressed great faith and great courage with him that I liked you very much and I wanted to tell you this for a long time, but until then I did not have so much courage, so I still Just looking at you with your thief eyes, your mind kept going, I did not have any courage to move forward.

Now sister-in-law bid me thank you Rahul and what do you like? So I said that I want to tell you everything about you, your speaking, laughing, walking, your style, your tantrums and your figure. Friends, after hearing all this from my mouth, a strange smile had come on the face of sister-in-law and then she started telling me that this last mango is also to be eaten by you. Then I said yes and she said to me but I also have to eat, she said to me Ummm, let’s eat both of them and then they put that mango in their mouth and then told me that you suck from there and In here

Friends, hearing all these things from his mouth became very hot and both of us started sucking that mango and seeing it, our lips came in front of each other. Then both of us stopped sucking and then after 5 seconds the sister-in-law touched my lips while sucking and then I also started sucking, wow what were hot soft lips, their very cool raspberries we had each other in such a passion for ten minutes. Kissed till

Then after that he told me that today, do whatever you want to do with me, Rahul. Then she started kissing me back, Ummm Amm Ah Issah’s voice filled the room and both of us were drowned, kissing her neck. Then I took off her saree, which as soon as I removed her blouse, when I opened her blouse and hit her mouth like my boob and hit my mouth, I became even more crazy and now I started licking them on top of the bra and she was going crazy.

Then I unbuttoned her bra and sucked her boobs tightly for about ten minutes continuously and by then she was totally drunk, due to which she was saying again and again, ummm ammhhhhhh enjoyed it.

Then I licked her belly and broke her deep navel and I licked her for about five minutes, then she came to IEEE and said yes and suck it out loud and now she grabbed my head and put it on her navel Was suppressed.

Then I opened his petticoat after some time and now I kissed his white thighs. Then I loved her pussy on top of panty and she started doing crazy like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Give me, make me quench my thirst, uffeffle please do it a little early.

Friends, after hearing this from his mouth, now his pussy broke like a hunger and now I started licking his pussy like crazy and he pressed my head on his pussy and started licking my pussy even harder. Then after about five minutes she said to me that now you lie down, now my turn. Then they knocked me back with a loud push and then they took off my shirt and after that she started sucking my nipple, which caused me to go crazy after a while.

Then after two minutes, he took my cock out of the paint and touched it with his tongue first and started licking and then he also stroked my thighs, which had caused me to go absolutely crazy by then.

Then they sucked my cocks continuously for about ten minutes like no one has ever sucked and as soon as it was about to fall, they stopped sucking and sucking the cocks out and then they told me to start further work now. Shall and then I lay them down and put my cock on the mouth of their soft pussy and seeing the perfect opportunity, I gave a strong push and put my whole cock in the depths of the pussy. Aya, my cock rubbed into her pussy and went inside, due to which she bounced and the sound of IEEE UFFFF was coming from her mouth.

Friends, that was my first sex experience, so I got excited and pushed hard without thinking, due to being unconscious for a long time, I realized that her pussy was very tight and then because of that she was loud Shouted, screaming, he died.

Then I immediately put my hand on his mouth, I stayed in the same way and playing with his body started squeezing his perfectly round balls, and after some time when I started to feel a little calm, I got him a little lighter Started banging and

That yes, uffeff, a little faster and quickly put UEEEEE yes, the whole was fun.

Friends, after listening to him, I increased the speed of my jogging and now both of us were enjoying the sex very much, she was encouraging me by speaking and I was constantly being pushed in the rage. Then after two consecutive blows for 15 minutes, now both of us were about to fall. Then he told me to stop and I stopped immediately at his behest.

Then they took the cocks out of the cocks and took them straight in their mouths and now they started giving me the pleasure of sucking ahhhhh IEEE and then they also gave me a little shock and after a few bumps, they fell in their mouth and they took all my goods. jaundice.

After some time even after that, he did not stop chasing my cock, she still continued to suck and after some time I too got excited and licked her pussy till she did not fall. After his loss, I also drank his pussy juice and then both of us lay tired and kissed each other. Friends, we did this twice more that day, we heated up licking each other’s cocks very fiercely. After that we started fucking.

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