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Chudwakar randi went to Punjab

Now our conversation started, I was mourning for the lion and poetry, which I used to send often, which he liked very much. Now we had a conversation and we exchanged our numbers. Then he told me that I will call myself, but you will not do until I say, I agreed, but I asked him promis that you will call.

Then she got a call at 7 in the morning and she used to go to the temple at that time. Then we had 30 talks, then he told me that he is married and has a 3-year-old daughter. Now let me tell you about Avantika, figure 38-36-40 is soft skin, dark, hot and sexy and she is from Punjab. Then I told him that if you do not mind, can we be friends? I do not have any friends Then she agreed and now a hope had awakened in her mind, as if she had got life, because she lived separately from her husband, her husband was an alcoholic and she told me about this by force me and started crying. Then I silenced her and asked her to support me, now she started talking to me everyday, now she would call everyday at 7 in the morning and chat on Facebook in the evening.

Then one day suddenly my Facebook was open on my brother’s phone and my brother started chatting with him. Then I checked on my system, the message was chat, I was confuse. Then when I reached home, it was found that while chatting with him yesterday, I.D. Was left on brother’s phone. Then suddenly Avantika got a call.

He asked who was chatting? So I said that sorry the mistake, Facebook was turned on on my brother’s phone. Then he got angry, but after asking a lot of forgiveness, he forgave me, my first time talked to him at night and I told him that I like you. Then he said that you want to have sex with me, then I got shocked and suddenly said to him that yes, I want to say, where will you meet me? So he said that all seen are the same.

Then I said that I just want your love, which will never end, and Avantika became mad with this thing and she also started loving me. Now she too was thirsty, because after being away from her husband, she had not had sex for a long time.

Then I made a plan to meet him, till then we were quite open and talked about sex to a large extent. Now she left home with her friend, her friend also came with her boyfriend, because she too had to spend time with him and I had to spend time with Avantika. Now we reached the designated place.

Then I booked two rooms in the hotel and we had friends in one room and his friend in the other. Now in closing the room, I was lying on the bed and she met her friend and came back to the room and broke on me as soon as I locked the door.

Now he hugged me hard, so I turned him over and laid him on the bed and started kissing him. Now I started kissing on her neck, on her cheeks, on her eyes, and started pressing her boobs very tightly and sucking them on top of clothes. Now he closed his eyes and started rubbing his hands on my paint. Now I was so happy to meet him that I could not stand any longer and I started removing his clothes.

This was my first experience of sex with her and she had her first experience of sex with a strange man, she had never been paid by anyone but her husband. Then I bare it from above. Now I opened her bra with my lips. Then I kissed all over her back and her ass, due to which she had become very hot. Then I removed her pajamas and now she was in front of me in a pink floral panty, now there was nothing but panty on her body.

Then I started kissing all over her body, on her lips, on her neck, on her cheeks and on her boobs, she sucked them very tightly, squeezing her brown and thick nipple, she was completely doomed. Then when I sucked the deep hole in her navel, she was very agitated.

Then when I kissed her pussy up and down on her pussy, she immediately grabbed my head and turned back, but where was I going to stop? Then I put both her hands behind and grabbed her panty and started pulling it off. At that time she started to refuse, but I could not stop now and I removed her panty and threw it and started blushing. She had cleaned her pussy, her pussy was very clean shave. Then I straightened her and grabbed her two hands and started smooching her, now she started trying to get herself out of me, but she failed.

Then he closed his eyes. Then I told him that Avantika open the eyes and look, I open your eyes, so she did not open her eyes. Then I grabbed her head with both my hands and then said that Avantika opened her eyes.

Then he slowly opened his eyes and looked into my eyes, just got up again and lifted his legs up and widened and started licking his clean pussy with his lips. Then she was very upset and started to follow my head, but I started licking her pussy with all my strength, the taste of her pussy was fun. Now white foam was coming out of her pussy, which I kept licking. Now he too started having fun. Then he started pressing my head on my pussy, then I started to insert my tongue into the inside of her pussy and after pressing the grain of her pussy in his teeth, he started to bite slowly. Now he was enjoying it so much that suddenly he lifted his waist and wanted to follow my head, but I kept pressing and he took his water

Gave up and she calmed down.

Then I licked all the water in her pussy and laughed her and lay down. Then she told me that her husband had not given such fun even till today. Now my cock which was already standing and was now puffing to go in her pussy. Then I started kissing her again. Then I took out a condom from my pocket and applied it on the cocks. Now she was surprised to see my cock, my cock is 8 inches long and 4 inches thick.

Then I slowly put the first finger in her pussy, then she was completely torn. Her pussy was very tight. Then I thought that the mother of a child and such a tight pussy, is amazing, after having a baby, the doctor had her pussy completely tight. Then I kissed her pussy, she screamed, Sahil don’t do it, it hurts. Then I said that life is fun only in pain, so he said that you are very fat, I will not be able to take it.

Then I said why did your husband not fuck you properly? So he said that it did not start soon and the cocks were too small, 4 inches long and 2 inches thick. Then I said that it would be fun again, her pussy was also tight, now it was hot again. Then I lifted his legs and grabbed both his hands and started smooching him.

Then I put my cock on her pussy and slowly started putting in. Now she got a little pain and started screaming, then I stopped for a while and started kissing her. Then in some time she calmed down and I bent my waist back and struck a single blow, that jerk was so loud that my whole cock penetrated into her pussy.

Now tears were coming out of her eyes and she started screaming, but she could not scream due to my lips being pressed against my lips and I held her tightly. Then after being like this for some time, she calmed down a bit and then I started banging. Now she started screaming slowly. Then after some time he started enjoying it too, now he also started to support me by lifting his waist.

Then she started shaking her waist and she collapsed, but I continued my strokes and kept on banging. Now the cool voices started coming out of her mouth, aaaah sahil is enjoying a lot and fast, cum on sahil you are very good fuck, no one has given me such pleasure till today, aaaah and loud chodo sahil, very fun Now, I am going to fall. Now my excitement increased after hearing her talk, now I also felt that I am going to fall and then I fell, but she did not know, because I kept banging and then after 5-6 bumps she also fell.

Then he told me that I love you Sahil. Then Avantika said that you are truly men, I have not got such happiness till date. Then I looked at her pussy which was full of blood. Then I cleaned it, now her pussy was completely red and swollen. Now my cock was still standing. Then I took out my condom and threw it and together with the other condom started kissing it again. Now she got hot again and this time I asked her to become a mare. Then I slapped her ass and kissed and kissed her pussy from behind and got up and put cocks in her pussy. Now scream came out of his mouth.

Then I caught her boobs and started banging. Now my cock was fucking her pussy tightly, now her pussy was getting wet due to wetness. Now I started to fuck her very fast, after such a fuck, she fell once again and the second time we got together. Then I kissed her pussy and called her I love you and she also said I love you to me and then she went back to Punjab.

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