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Indhira having Sex With Lover At Varkala Resort

Now about myself i’m indhira age 19 and bali my lover he is 24. He is tall and m short. 38-32-36 that’s my size. It was my holidays and was returning to my hostel. I told my parents that the classes start early and so I got the ticket booked 3 days earlier itself.I boarded the train from nagerkovil and my parents bid me good bye. He too had boarded the train early from madurai.

I was supposed to go to guruvayur but as per our plans we decided to get down at varkala. He had booked a resort in varkala for 2 days. I got comfortable in my seat and texted him that I had boarded and texted him my berth no. I waited impatiently I was meeting him for the first time in my life the man I love. I was feeling nervous and happy at the same time.

I was looking out of the window and recalling all the time we had spent texting, video chats. I was smiling then my phone vibrated I saw the text ” look straight’ there he was siting right in front of me and smiling. I just wanted to hug him and kiss him but for the people around me I just couldn’t. Within 1 and a half hours we were to get down at varkala.

I waited impatiently we acted like strangers in train the we got down at varkala. He held my hands as we walked to the exit that got shivers on me. We got a cab and he said the resorts name the person the driver. We sat in the back seat. He held my hand tight. Till that we didn’t speak a word. I couldn’t believe that I was waiting for these moments and now m unable to open my mouth.

I just smiled he came near to my ears and said love you dear. So we reached the resort we got down and he talked to the receptionist. I was just numb. We got to room. I keep my things and and then I felt strong hands around my waist it was bali. He held me close to him and hugged me and bent down and was kissing me on my ear lobes, neck and shoulders.

I turned around and dug my face in his shoulders. He let me loose and I looked up and our eyes met. His eyes were shining with love. I just said bali, love you da. He then bent and before I could say anything more his lips were taking to mine.. He was kissing me softly and passionately. We hugged harder and so were our kisses.. We were now kissing madly.

Finally I pushed him playfully.. I told I need to bath. He told okay. I took a towel and went to the bathroom I let the door open.. I was wearing a kurtha and jean. He saw me.. He came inside and told that we can bath together. I just smiled. He came close, slide his hand around my waist and and held me tight, pushed me against the wall started to kiss my forehead, eyes,cheeks, lips, neck, shoulder.

I reached out my hand and opened the shower. Water was making was even hotter. I was unbuttoning his shirt, he wore an inner baniyan. I dint remove it. He removed my kurtha. I was in my wet slip and res bra. He saw my wet boobs and went crazy he sucked over the bra and bite my nipples which were erect. Mmm I let a soft moan.

I turned the shower off and took the towel and wiped the water. Went into the room and he was on the bed. I had undressed completely and wore the towel alone. It was just covering my ass. Still water dripped over my thighs. I went to him removed his pants. And ran my hand over his bulge. I came over him and kissed him. And was literally sucking his shoulder.

Chest, navel. I moved down and was over his bulge. I looked at him and removed his boxer. My god it was the first time I am seeing a real cock it was about about 5 inches and thick and erect. I licked the tip it was slimy with his precum. I stroked it slowly then began to suck it. He lied down completely enjoying it and was ruffling his hand into my hair and slightly pushing my head.


I sucked it deep.. After some time he pulled me over him and rolled. By which he came over me. He pulled the undid the towel knot. I was lying naked in front of him. I closed my eyes. I heard a muffled laugh from him he came close to my neck and blew out his breath. I held on to the bed tightly. We went slowly kissed me over my collar bone and aaaah he was sucking my left boob.

It was so wonderful I had never felt such pleasure. He placed his hand over my right boob and pressed it slowly. He bit and pinched my nipples at the same time. I was moaning fast now. He came over my right boob and kept sucking my pussy was dripping wet then.Aaaahhh umm… He placed his hands on my clit and rubbed it.. He went below and licked it.

The touch of his tongue sent shivers.. He kept licking it and I this time my moans were getting louder. Aaahhh hhaaa.. Uuumm..He now put a finger into my pussy.. And fingered me.. He made mye cumm hard within seconds. Then he came over me and placed the head of the penis on the clit and strik on it once,. I was saying bali please put it inside me.. He teases me for a bit.

Soon he put his raw cock into me. I was filled with tears and it was my first time that m having a cock inside me.. He tired hard to make it in. Within few thrusts he went in completely. I dug my nails into him. I now the pain turned pleasure.. Aaaa aaaaa ahhhh hhhh hhha aaa …. Hhhmm mmm … Ummmm …. I was moaning high…. He stroked slowly at first and then it was hard fucks.

He fucked my hard…. Within 10 mins or so he wanted to cum.. I told him to some on my stomach.. He pulled it out and cummed on my stomach. We kisses passionately for a minute and hugged each other. I placed my head over his chest looked at his. He too looked at me.. I said I love you bali. I’m yours. He replied.. I love you too Indhira.

He kissed on my head and we fell asleep soon.. We fucked 3 times the next day. I will share more on seeing your reply. Love you and hope you liked it. Sorry for any mistakes. Reply me in the comments below.

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