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Bala having sex with Maya

Dance schools invite me for final performances of their students at various stages, school, colleges, universities, temple festivals, huge cultural functions etc. I am the cchoice for many of them. Many dance teachers have great faith in my capacity and entrust their students to me while practicing. Sometime I go to the homes of the students to train theim up in difficult steps.

They pay me lavishly and I have a standard and according to that they pay me. Money is not a criteria at all. When we are out attending to some outstation programme, teachers entrust the care of senior students to me and they concentrate to train junior students. There have been occasions when I have slept with these girls in the hotel rooms, once or twice sharing their bed.

But I never had any serious sex thought with them. Sometimes I may brush against their young boobs or young behinds. But it is all unintentional and do not linger in my memory. Once a girl was madly after me. She bowed down and touched my feet, gave me dakshina and then got up and tried to kiss me. Luckily there was nobody in the room. She said she wanted to sleep with me.

As a matter of fact I was asked to be with this girl to give her final touches in her dances. All the other girls were shifted to some other rooms. It was 12.30 am when the practice ended. She changed her dress in the bathroom and came out in a night suit. She looked at me and smiled and told me that she had all arranged it in such a way that I will sleep with her in the cot and there will not be anybody else.

I was shocked. Please Balasir, Please sleep with me just for tonight, she cried. Girls start crying at the slightest pretext. I was worried, if the teacher comes to know that I slept with her, what will be her impression. Her name was Maya, she said dont worry, I have aleady spoken to the teacher and there will not be any question.

What to do, Now, I went to the bathroom, washed my u/wear and put it up in the fan so that by next day it would dry. I went and lied in the bed near Maya. Maya, turned to my side and pulled me closer to her and planted a kiss on my cheeks. How long I have been waiting for this chance and please embrace me and kiss me she said. I embraced her and kissed her on her cheeks.

But she wanted my mouth, which I avoided. When my hand was on her back I realised she had removed her bra also. She was clinging close to me and her hands went all over me. Of course my cock was semi erect and when her hand went over it it became very stiff. In the dim light I could see that she had unbuttoned her nighty and her nude body was visible.

She went on murmuring sweet words and her hand ran over my body. I asked her, are you not a virgin. She said why worry about it, I am not a virgin. I was shocked. Who did sex with you. She laughed and said her uncle and her cousins regularly fuck her. The I felt less guilty. My own experience in sex was far less.


Years back one of our female servants, tried to teach me sex and in order to satisfy her own sex needs made me a scape goat. of course I learnt all about sex from her and she taught me how to fuck. But my fancy was music and I did not think of fucking any of the girls who spent days and weeks with me. Many times I had to help to make them up for dancing.

While dressing them and doing make up our hand will reach every nook of the female body. But I never took it wrongly. But here now with Maya I was totally down. The naked body of Maya was pressing me and I had to but squeeze her boobs. They were nice shaped and lovely boobs. I just licked them and sucked them to make Maya happy. Maya wanted to suck my cock.

She was an expert cock sucker and she took my entire cock into her mouth and her tongue was playing tricks with it. I was squeezing her boobs. Finally Maya got onto me and keeping her legs on either side of me she took my erect cock and inserted it into her cunt. I touched her cunt and it was clean shaven. Maya could wait no longer.



She started to do the fucking and I went on squeezing her boobs. She asked me to fuck her in doggy style and we went on changing our posture. Maya was an expert in sex. Such a beautiful girl, asking me to fuck deeply made me more horny. She enjoyed every movement of my cock in her cunt. Her cunt was just normal cunt not too tight and not too loose, fucking her was a pleasure.

She reached her orgasm many times, but when I was about to cum I pulled out and threw my fluids on the floor. We fucked three times and Maya was very happy. She said it was her long time desire to have me to fuck her and she could fulfit it now only. Next day her performance was good and she won a medal for it.

She went and told the teacher that the credit goes to Bala sir, he worked for the whole night to perfect each and every movement and that is how I got my medal. Teacher called me and thanked me. She asked that same attention may be given to Akhils, another dancer. Akhila was a more beautiful girl and a good dancer.

Maya came and told me that she had warned Akhila in what all areas Bala sir will help her. Akhila is said to be happy and wanting special training from me. Akhila came in kurthi and pyjama and started dancing in the room. Teacher waited for some time and then she left asking me to take over. We had finished our supper and hence we had no other work other than dancing.

Akhila danced magnificently. Her body was more pliable than that of Maya. We stopped practicing at 1 a.m. She wnt to the bathroom and came out in a nightie. I too went to the bathroom and when I came back Akhila told me that Maya had told her what programme you had with her after the dancing. Shyly she told me that she too was wanting that programme.

I went and switched off the light and lied beside her. I turned to her side and pulled her closer to me. She came and lifted her chin up so that I may kiss her. I asked her whether she is a virgin. She said she is not because once her cousin fucked her, just once. I asked her whether you want it now. She said as you please. What did Maya tell you, I asked her.

She said you gave her heavenly pleasure and that you enjoyed with her upto 4 am. I noticed she was also naked underneath her nightie. I unbuttoned her nightie and her naked body was out. Her boobs were small and very erect. Her stiff nipples were projected asking me to suck them. Her pussy was clean shaven and when I put my hand on them they were damp.

I gave her a kiss on her cheeks and licked her nipples and sucked them to arouse her. I then went down and licked her pussy and with the tip of my tongue licked her clitoris. Akhila was giving out a hissing sound and calling the name of god. Since she was sufficiently aroused, I got on her and inserted my cock into her cunt. Cunt of course was tighter than that of Maya.


It took time for complete penetration. I fucked her first slowly and then fastly. After that I made her to climb on me and fuck me from the top. She was giving out moaning sound. We conclded with a dog style fucking. I made sure that she had three orgasms and I once. Her favourite posture was fucking from the top. I allowed her to climb upon me twice.

She enjoyed it much more than any other posture. Next day she danced wonderfully and won a medal. Our programme was over since two of our girls got medals. Maya and Akhila whenever they were called to dance, they demanded one full night practice session with me.When some other senior girls heard about this miracle, they too wanted to come for full night dancing practice session with me.

I avoided other girls. I spent nights with Maya and Akhila for full night practie session. Once both these girls were together wanting full night session. I agreed and fucked them twice each. They were very happy. Now they both got married and live happily with their families. When I see them I remind them about our practice session. I have now fresh girls to give full night practice.


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