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In Love With A Sex Worker

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Hi Friends , Its Rajveer Singh bringing you an another great story of my life . Recently I had posted a story in ISS & has been read by many Readers & many had responded back with their liking about the story& I am sure that you are going to have fun with this story too. Kindly post your replies at

This story is all about my relations with an Sex worker . Actually it’s wrong on my part to call her a sex Worker because she is doing it for her family specially for her husband who met with an accident & for the sake of her life she was forced to enter in this Business .

Most of you know that I am working in an MNC & my job is to travel to my Distributers in many states . In one such visit to my Distributer ( Alok ) I went to Indore & in the evening my Distributer came to my Hotel at Sayaji & we ordered for Snacks & were having our Scotch Whiskey. We were having a fun time & were discussing on various Topics like Politics , Bureaucracy ,Music . Slowly our topic turned towards women & my Dealer just started feeling high & started talking about women , their likes & dislikes .

We discussed on topic on likes & Dislikes of a Women . He discussed about an Incident which was quite Interesting . As he narrated …..

Recently , Me & my wife were discussing on this subject & we discussed a lot .that day . Late in the evening she came to me & said I want to say something . I asked her what ? Instead , she asked me a question . How much you know me ? That’s a weird Question . Obviously almost 100% I said in confidence . She smiled back to me with a question on her face . 100% , are you sure ? I was stunned , Some thing wrong ,I murmured . Yes , I said but this time in a choked voice . She smiled again & announced something astonishing which actually hurt my male ego .. You know you know me only 50%, she said . My balls came in my mouth but I kept my face cooled & said with a smile ,

Yes she was right . Actually no one in this world can say with full confidence that he knows best about other person . The best married couples may best know each other max up to 60% b’coz they know each other since their marriage but what about before marriage ? She/He will never disclose anything before their marriage & even after their marriage there must be 100 things which both of them must have hidden from each other .I think only good Friends know each other more than 60% which again must not go beyond 75%.

That was quite an interesting Discussion & meantime he had around 8 pegs of Black Dog Whiskey & was on peak . He asked me in a high tone , You know Rajveer yesterday I had a great fuck at Indore . I got alert & was patiently looking towards him for more .

Her name is Namita & yesterday I had gone to her house & had a great fun . I asked him about her . He told me that she is quite attractive at 42 .I asked him how much you paid ?

Rs 2000/ he said . Hmmmmm quite expensive I thought .

Any way I asked him how come he reached her . Alok told me that one of his friends is a regular customer & had introduced her .

How is she on Bed ? I asked

Great He said , She had given me a great Blow Job & was literally enjoying . She did not gave a feeling that she is having it for money , rather she left an impression as if she is my GF

Good I thought …

Slowly I told him that I want to meet her . Alok looked at me with a surprise because being a company official I have to be in my limits .

But Alok’s talk’s made me horny & I was desperate to meet her .

Alok said , She may not want to meet you as she does this with utmost privacy & secrecy

But why ? I said . If she can meet you , she can meet me too . I said

Any how after much of persuasions he gave her number to me .

Next day I went to his shop & again provoked him to introduce me . He called up Namita & after a little hi , hi Alok introduce me to her . I was listening patiently & alok put his mobile on the speaker mode so that I too can listen what she is saying .
Namita : Alok ji you know well about me , you know I am not doing it for fun & doing it for my family & I do not want me to be in trouble .

Alok : Rajveer is a good friend of mine & will take care
Namita : No Alok ji , I do not wan’t to disappoint you but I will not be able to meet him .
Alok : looked at me & said ok & put off his phone
Alok : See what I told you with a smile on his face . He was projecting as if he knows & in & out about Namita as well he wants to project , Look how close I am ..

I was set a back but in my heart I thought , bloody well I am surely going to meet her & now she had thrown me a challenge

After about a week I came back from my tour to Delhi & suddenly while I was sitting in my office I recalled the discussions & thought off calling her . Her number was with me & I dialed her number but then disconnected thinking of the discussions with Alok about me

After about 5 minutes & with all my might I called her again .

Hello , a sweet voice entered in my ears like Honey

Aharrrrrr. My throat chocked & I need to clear my throat .

Bloody hell I thought for a second . Damn it Rajveer , You are calling a sex worker not a Girl friend .

I brought all my energy together & said Hello , my name is Rajveer . I tried my best to be polite & sweet ( Being in Sales my Voice is like a Broken Loud speaker)

Namita : Who’s rajveer
Me : You remember Alok introduced me that day
Namita thought for a second & said yes yes , I remember
Me : So how are you , she said fine
Me : I want to meet you
Namita : Sir , I won’t meet strangers
Me : But I am not a stranger , I tried to convince her , You remember Alok introduced me .
Namita : Yes I do but , pls understand . she tried to hung up
Me: ok , I will call you again some time & I disconnected , distressed !!!!!

It was quite a bad day for me , I felt ashamed , If I can’t convince her how can I a Lady or a GF. Mean time , I again went to Indore & met Alok again. That day some where in the evening suddenly Alok told me , Lets go to your Hotel. I was little surprised as it was just 5pm & most of the time we left to my hotel after 7 Pm

Any way we moved to my Hotel on his car , On the way Alok smiled & said , Rajveer I want your Room for an hour . I was zapped to listen to him understanding that he wants my Room for a fuck. I was not in a position to Refuse Him as he is my good Friend & so we reached my Hotel .

After reaching my room Alok got a call on his mobile & he talked to some one & said , I am in room No 201. He looked at me asking me to leave the fuck out of the room . He was throwing me from my Room for the fuck & treating me like I am a Haddi in the Kebab

Any way I was not having any choice & so I left the Room literally murmuring thousands of abuses to him .While I was entering to Lobby I saw a very good looking lady in her late 30’s moving up & asking the lift operator for 2nd floor. I picked up a magazine cursing Alok that bloody he is going to have Fun on my Bed & I have no choice to use my hand late night .

After about half an hour I saw the same lady getting down & moving out. At the same time I Received call from Alok to come down to Room. That night he came with Black Dog again & started narrating about the fun he had with the lady
Alok told me that she was marvelous . Alok being a normal Indian mentality man had sex with her in an old fashioned way . The Old fashioned Way Friends , Man just hopping on a lady for 5 minutes & then , OK Bye. I provoked him , How come she left in half an hour .

Alok looked at me laughing , Aur Kya sari Raat laga rehta . I laughed in my heart thinking what a big Jerk , alok is bloody do not even know hot to have funAlok Interrupted my thoughts , You know what she was saying. Alok was laughing & said , You know what she did What I asked ?

She sat on the Mirror table & said Lick my pussy I will give you a big fun & some day bring along with you a Dildo or a Cucumber & I will show you a big surprise .But , then he kept mum . I can understand he must have ignored I was feeling hot with a thought what a Big Stupid Alok is !! The lady wants to enjoy & interested in giving a big fun but this Jerk just stroked for 5 minutes & left her .

I was feeling jealous of Alok as he was having a big time with the beauties . That night I had to jerk it off myself cursing alok & remembering the beauty. I came back to my home & now I was desperate to call Namita , I was burning from Inside & I was continuously thinking about Namita

Next day in the morning I called up Namita at about 10 am , she didn’t picked up the phone . I was desperate to call her & again called her at around 12 noon. This time she picked up the phone & again I poured all the honey in my voice & said Hello to her

Namita : Hi how are you
Me : I am fine , You know I kept thinking about you
Namita : Hmmmm , she laughed
Me : Namita I want to meet you ..
Namita : But I told you that day
Me : Ok let us meet for some Coffee & may be we can have a friends relationship

Namita Sighed & after some seconds said Ok let us meet at Barista tomorrow at 3 PM. I said ok & put my phone aside feeling happy .

Next day I met her at 3 Pm , we already had a discussions on how we look like. She was short heighted around 5.3 , quite fair about 40 but quite attractive & graceful. She was wearing a coffee colored saree with matching bangles & Bindi which were not expensive but still matching her personality . She was a typical house wife & if she would have been her husband no body would ever dare to feel attracted to her . She was wearing almost a flat sandals opposite to my interest ( I love women in nice sexy & high heeled sandals , you know if you had read my earlier story)

We greeted each other & actually both of us was amazed to look at each other , she was probably amazed to look at my personality & me b’coz I had never known a married women in this job ). We talked with each other for about half an hour & while discussing we became friendly & she told me that she had a wrong image about me as she was thinking of a person not so good looking ( like Alok , He is 50 , 5.5 inch & bellied ). Quite opposite to Alok I am 6.1 ft , quite Fair , to a great extent handsome ( I can say ).

Namita laughed & said I thought you must be like Alok & then I realized that she actually didn’t like Alok . We called cap chino coffee & sipped it. We left at around 3.30 Pm & fixed up our meeting next Saturday at 3 PM. I was eagerly waiting for the day & then that evening I took a bouquet of roses & reached her house . She was waiting for me . I gave her the Flowers & she giggled with Joy . She told me that no one ever had bought her the Roses for this cause .

I was feeling Hot & wished to see her lovely Body . She called me to her Bedroom . Her Husband was in office that time .
I removed my shoes & sat on her Double Bed , She came closer to me & smiled . I too looked at her & gave her a small kiss on her cheeks. She started moving her hands on my chest & started talking & in between kissing my cheeks .I was in seventh heaven & was eager to have a great love making session .

She asked me to go to bathroom for cleaning & when I came she was ready to undress her saree . She was wearing a Green saree & had put a “ VEENI” ( bunch of smelling flowers) in her hairs which made the atmosphere more erotic . I stopped her to remove her saree & told her let me have the privilege . She smiled & put her arms around my neck . I Kissed her on her lips & slowly put her pallu down .

Her breasts were not big but quite handful & were ready to be plucked . I slowly put my hands on her & again kissed on her lips .While kissing I started un buttoning her sexy blouse & removed it & put it aside . She gave a cute shy smile & slowly I took her to bed .I looked at her beauty & she asked what I am looking at her . I told her that she is very sexy & not looking more than 30 . She giggled & pulled me on her . I was not able to took a control on myself & from on top of her Bra put her nipples in my teeth . She was taken by surprise & pain because of my sudden action .

(Mantra : Friends ,Always remember till the time women gets hot her boobs will give a pain if you want to squeeze . You need to slowly sucks one by one only by your tongue & then slowly by your lips , Once she gets aroused you can squeeze them as tight as you can . Once aroused she will herself say to squeeze them tightly )

I said sorry to her & unhook her Bra . WOW what a beautiful sight in front of me. Her boobs were not quite in position unlike a women who had reached in her 40’s & on top her Nipples were Red Hot Brown & were looking straight into my eyes, challenging

I smiled and have started to remove my cloths. She too removed her Peticote and I put her petocote on the hanger. Shee was not wearing anything and was lying on the bed. My Member was in semi erect position but I knew that it will be hard, long and stiff very soon before my reaching to the bed. I removed her panty in the last and went up to her on the bed. As always, the light was on.

We were hugging tight to each other and our lips were locked for a long time. We were lying on the bed facing each other. My big hot rod has started knocking on her naval area. I was started to feel sex heat with her lovely long kiss and his dancing and knocking boobs made my clean dick with Precum no time. The kiss was very long. We finished the kiss and she pulled me above her. Now position of my dick was between her leg joints.

She could feel it at below her pussy. My dick has reached up to my ass because of its length. I gripped my Member in between my thighs. She pulled me up to suck her boob and I had to lose my grip from Member but it was still in between my legs. I was sucking her tight boob. Her nipples went hard and turned dark pink in sex pleasure. The way I sucks her boobs, she feel that I should never takes her nipple out of my mouth.

My skillful sexy sucking of her nipple made her so horny that I was in urgent need of wild fucking. I have started to rub my naked and sexy body with his hot and strong naked body, while her boob sucking was continue. she pushed my face on her boobs in excitement which she enjoyed. I was on her keeping my head/face on her sexy boobs . I was moving my fingers on her chest and I felt that her nipples too went little hard by my touching. I took one of her nipples between my two fingers and have started to pinch it. It became harder.

I have made a way by siding hairs from his nipple so that I can have a clear view of it. It was very small and lovely nipple. I could not stop myself from taking it in to my mouth. She enjoyed my sucking of her nipples. I was sucking it for a long time to the best of my ability and made her hotter. I was feeling clear presence of my hot and hard dick on lower part of her belly.

She was riding on me in WOMAN ON TOP position. She was on the bed on his back and I was sitting on her having his hard and hot rod deep in to her pussy. I have shifted my weight on my knees and because of this my lower part was little up from her body and provided some space to her so that she could pump her pussy in and out in to my hard cock. I was hot and wet as always and this always help me to take long and thick Member deep inside of women’s pussy in one or two pushes.
In Love With A Sex Worker, kamukta, new hindi story antarvasna, new hindi sex kahani, new antarvasna story hindi, kamacharitra 2017, kahani in hindi sex, kahani hindi me, indian sex story hindi  kahaniya, indian sex stories, indian hindi sex kahani, hot Indian Sex Stories Forum
In Love With A Sex Worker, kamukta, new hindi story antarvasna, new hindi sex kahani, new antarvasna story hindi, kamacharitra 2017, kahani in hindi sex, kahani hindi me, indian sex story hindi  kahaniya, indian sex stories, indian hindi sex kahani, hot Indian Sex Stories Forum

She started to move her ass round and round and my Member was moving like a grinder in her juicy pussy rubbing inner walls of her pussy. After some rounds, I stopped my action and moving. I put both of my palms on his chest. I starrted to massage both of her boobs with movement of my Member in to her pussy. I was receiving her hard pushes from down and I was in the haven enjoying fucking. My speed of pumping the Member in to her pussy have increased automatically and she also started to pump a little hard which have taken me deep of the fuck pleasure. I have started moaning slowly unwontedly because of her skillful fucking which was taking me on the seventh sky.


She too was enjoying fucking his most lovable pussy. She could make out from my reaction, that I am near my finishing line and increased her speed like a machine piston. she was holding my back and helping me to match her hard and speedy strokes in side of her juicy pussy. Her pussy was completely wet and most lovable fucking sound was coming in to our ear. Fucking music is the best music in the world and every couple wants to hear and enjoy it. Her back from down was moving to give and take maximum pleasure of fucking. I have developed the orgasm and was very near to finish. My body have started to become stiff and stiff.

And I hugged her very tight as I was finished and had a very strong orgasm. Juices started to flow out of her pussy, my eyes were closed and I was enjoying my strong orgasm holding her boobs. She gripped my Member strongly in to her pussy and was laying on her with my legs straight. We remained in the same position for some time. I knew that I have reached and finished she too had a strong orgasm at the same time which made me very happy b’coz if a Man & a women comes together then you can Rate that sex a Wonderful sex specially when you are having it with a lady who had sex regularly .

We laid on her bed for tightly hugged about 10 minutes till the time the fan on top of us soaked the entire sweat . I kept on kissing her lips & boobs meantime & she quietly kept on watching me with a sweet smile . After that she took me to the bathroom & washed my member & asked me to clean her pussy . That was a wonderful Invitation & I slowly cleaned her wet pussy with a soap & then suddenly I pushed the small soap in her pussy . She screamed with laughter & pushed me aside saying “ what are you doing ? I am just enjoying & we laughed together .

We came out of the bathroom & she cleaned my Cock & helped me in wearing my clothes . She too had worn her clothes & we moved towards her Drawing room where I bid good bye by paying the amount I committed . When I came out of her house & was about to start the car she called me & said ,Thanks Rajveer it was a great to make love with you , I really enjoyed & said good bye . I was on the seventh sky as the words came out from a lady who is used to have regular sex .
In the next few months I regularly used to visit her house on regular Intervals & every time we enjoyed the sex in a great manner . Sometimes I used to message her & in return she messages me too & thus the Sex game became more enjoyable every time .

Slowly , she started loving me & shared her secrets to me , like how many times she had sex with her customers , Who made her Cum , Who were bastards , Who had the largest Dick , Who licked her pussy well & so on .She also showed me her husband. Every time I visit her we had a long long talks & more than sex we enjoys Sex talks which made us so horny that we land up in a memorable sex .

In one of my visit to her house she told me that if I want to have more fun seeing her I can bring some long vegetables which she will insert in her & make me happy . That was a surprising moment for me & I promised her that I will come to her in weeks time as I was not able to resist seeing her enjoying herself & before the week ended I rushed to the Vegetable shop in my Colony for search of Long & stud Vegetable . My search ended with 2 Vegetables & a fruit.

1. 1 long & stout Cucumber & second a Karela Or Bitter Melon (not Kerala,the city)
2. A long Banana

I rushed to her house in the evening & bought a Dotted pair of Condoms & a Soft n silky Chocolate . She was waiting for me & I hugged her the moment I entered her house . She was in a half sleeves maxi today . She was looking sexy as ever & I took her in my arms & lifted her , she laughed & kissed my lips . She hugged me tightly & gave me a feeling that she was missing me . I too was eager to meet her & today’s our love making is really going to be special In all respects . I brought her down & kissed all over her face . She giggled & took me to the the Hot stage , her Bedroom .

The stage was all set & we were about to Rock n Roll with sex ecstasies . I pulled her on me while laying on her bed & she came swinging in my arms , she looked at me & said I love you . I smiled & gave a dipped my tongue in her mouth till the time she start chocking . She pulled her face & said you are always hot . You know your face is always hot . ( I realized that every time I went to meet her my face becomes red hot , that was amazing ) I pulled out the Chocolate from my pocket & opened the rapper & broke a piece out of that & put it in my pocket & dragged her face & gave her a French kiss & thrust ed the chocolate in her mouth . She liked the way & started beating me lightly on my chest .

I lifted her maxi & observed that she was not wearing panties today . Her pussy was as clean as always with a small stylish pubic hair cut in a triangle way . While she was kissing me I inserted my finger in her pussy which has already gone wet . She started moaning & kissed me more rigorously while I was busy in thirsting another finger in her pussy . I took out my finger & took her face in my hands & started kissing her all over her face .

Suddenly the animal in me got wilder & in a split action I tore off her maxi with my both hands & her luscious boobs hung out like sweet melons which I took in my hands & started kissing like mad . She was set back for a little as I tore her new maxi but she ignored it & looked at me naughty . She knew she is going to have a wild session today unaware of my real intentions today which were hiding in my bag which I bought it with me . I took her nipples together & took both of the at one go in my mouth . That was too much for her & she groaned widely & gave a grunt voice from her mouth like a mad animal & started smooching me like a hungry Dog .

The voice of her tongue started coming out like slurp – slurp .We both were on 9th cloud & then she unbuttoned my shirt & kept it aside . She looked at my eyes & then took my right nipple in her mouth & started licking it . It was an unexpected move & all I can say is ah ah as she was biting it . I wanted to say no to her but she kept on licking it . Initially it was painful but then I started enjoying it as she realized that it is giving pleasure to me .

She slowly came down & removed my pants & took my Member in her mouth & started sucking it softly . She pulled my penis skin down & the red hot Top was in her mouth showing some droplets of pre cum . I was enjoying & closed my eyes in passion . She slowly moved a little down & took my ball in her mouth . Initially she put one & then both . I was flying & completely lost she was sucking & moaning with joy . I thought to give her same enjoyment & pulled her & took her in 69 position . She liked my move started her action again . We kept on licking each other till I exploded , my cum went inside her mouth as it was an unexpected action . She didn’t liked it & spilled out of her mouth saying thu – thu –thu as she had it for the first time but it was too late & half of the cum already went inside her stomach . I enjoyed the scene & she again started beating me & I kept on laughing hysterically .

She asked me what have you done . I said it was all unexpected as I had no control . She said what about me ? I said don’t’ worry & pulled her pussy towards me . I started licking her pussy again & she closed her eyes . I then slowly pulled out the wonder things which I brought it along with me .

While I was sucking I firstly pulled out a black cloth & while kissing & moving upwards I put that black cloth on her face , She reacted immediately , What is this ? I said just keep quite & enjoy the game . I tied the cloth on her face & looked around as I saw her 2 Chunni’s lying on the bed side . With chunni in my hand I tied both her hands on the side of the Bed & took the another one & tied her leg with another Chunni . But her one leg was still free & I could not found anything But suddenly I saw her torn Maxi lying down . I smiled & tore it further & tied the last free leg . Meantime she was continuously complaining what are you doing , what are you doing ? stop it . But the animal in me was not in a mood to spare her so easily .

While she kept on complaining I was busy in my plans . Now she was lying all naked , tied up in a position X . That was indeed a lovely sight & I was disappointed that I should have bought my Camera . Though I was having my Mobile camera but then I dropped the idea as I was not having any intentions to Ditch her . She stayed laid with wide legs & she was breathing heavily which made her sexy boobs go up & down .

Her body was trembling & she wanted to get released so that she can touch her boobs or can put fingers in her pussy but I was there like a jailor who wants to give her a treatment .

I slowly went down towards her feet & touched her feet below , she giggled & said what are you doing raj stop doing that , Mujhe Gudgudi ho rahi hai . I took one of her feet upwards & kissed her toe & put it in my mouth . She cried in anxiety , not able to control she started throwing her hands & legs here & there wanted to release but I was not in a mood to do so . I moved a little further & kissed her legs & then thighs & then mover to inner parts of her thighs . That was unbearable & uncontrollable specially when she was not having control on herself . I took out my deadly weapon the cucumber No 1 & touched her labia’s .

She can feel the cold of the vegetable & this time she shouted what is this ? Now I thought that I it is enough for the day to tease her & so I opened her eyes but kept her legs still tied . She immediately stood up & looked at me surprised . she asked what was that . I showed her my ammunition which I brought to destroy her . She saw all my tools & laughed out hysterically specially looking at the Karela .

She questioned what the hell is this ? I reminded her about her discussions on the matter . She laughed & said that she never told about Karela & Banana . This is going to be my invention , I said . But these are rough & sticky things , I will not do it . Perhaps with the Cucumber I am Ok . I tried to convince her but she disagreed . I kept it aside with a plan in my Bastard mind & said ok honey lets do it with cucumber . I know that during this intervention her sex desire has gone down & the only way to make her agree is by taking her to sex heights . So I gave her a washed cucumber & she smiled & slowly started to rub on the top of her pussy . I was watching her sitting in front of her . She looked at me & slowly started to rub from top to bottom . She then drifted her pussy lips with her other hand & put a little more inside . I smiled at her move & was anxious that she should take the whole thing inside ASAP . Her pussy was already wet & it was easy to slid the big natural dildo of about 10 inches & all I was curious is that how much she can take it inside .

Her pussy was of small size which I observed in my first meeting & I was wondering how come it is so small specially after she gave birth to 2 children 2o years back naturally ( I had observed that there were no operating scars on her tummy) . Any way , she has started moving it faster & the natural dildo has gone about ¼ in her sweet pussy . I was enjoying every bit of her move & now she has started enjoying it as she has closed her eyes & had started moaning .

I went close to her & started sucking her Nipples . Her left nippy was in my mouth & I started liking it initially slowly & then rigorously . I kept my other hand on her right nippy & started squeezing it like a lemon . She was on high & her hands were moving fast down under her belly as I peeked from top & was amazed to see that ½ of the cucumber was already in i.e 5 inches long & 2 inch dia cucumber has vanished inside her hot pussy . I kept my hot lips on her lips & she opened her mouth wide to take my snake like tongue inside her hot mouth .I can feel that her saliva also had gone hot while her body was shining like a mirror .

I circled my tongue deep inside her mouth as far as I can go . Meantime she was busy in her job & she was so good in that . I moved downwards & slowly started kissing her body inch by inch till I reached to her pussy . I went down her & started licking her lower part of the pussy but my nose started touching the cucumber & I had to drop the Idea . My sex desire was so high that I wanted to lick her ass but I stopped my desire & concentrated on her job . She opened her eyes & gave me a sweet look , I can very well judge that she is feeling pain in her hands & wanted to remove it but I was not in a mood to end up a ultimate scene of my life time & so I took it from her hand & started doing the job which she was playing a little back .

I started it slowly & slowly I started twisting it to get it adjusted more & more inside her pussy & I had started surprising that slowly the big giant had started vanishing slowly & silently . In between I can hear her moans & her wet pussy sound slrp – slrp –slrp which was taking me mad . Then as a final assault I gave a full twisted thrust & it went more deep & finally settling at about 8” . I was amazed a 8” long & 2 ½ inch ( from centre) was completely inside her . I was thrilled & looked at her . She too was feeling happy to see me happy but my other weapons were also looking towards me looking for their chance & then I slowly took it out side & immediately put the Karela inside her .

As the hole had gone wide with the width of the cucumber it had easily accommodated karela inside. Initially she felt the roughness of the veggie but soon it got subsided . For few seconds I moved in & out of her pussy but then looking at the uncomfortable on her face I took it back . I moved towards her face where she was looking happily & strangely towards me . She was giving a looks which made me feel that “ ok darling what ever you had wished you have got it” . Yes of course I got my wish come true but last thing was still waiting . So I smiled with a request on my face that let me use my last tool too . She agreed without saying any thing & I peeled the banana & inserted her pussy. That was a easy tool looking at the fat , big , rough tools I had already used . After about few seconds I took the banana out & took it towards her mouth to eat it . She turned her face left refusing to take it , I again tried but she forcibly said NO. But the heat inside me pushed me to take it in my mouth & I started licking it & eating it .

Raj kya kar rahe ho , she said . What , I asked ? Am I doing anything wrong ? when we are tasting each others parts then this one is nothing special I said . She looked half agreed & looked towards me .The banana was coated with her pussy juices & gave me a out of world Banana Experience . I ate the whole banana & when I was about to finish it I tried to give a last chance & moved it towards her . She was a little hesitant but then looking at me eating it & with my explanation she agreed . I asked hot it was ? She smiled & said it tastes good .

We laughed for some time & then we were all set for the final & ultimate goal . I took my member & she pushed the condom on it & I inserted it fully on my first push . I started jerking fast & fast . she crossed her legs around my waist ( MY FAVOURATE POSITION WHERE A WOMEN SQUEEZES A MAN LIKE A LEMON SQUEEZER) .This position is a indicator that the women wants the maximum inside her . Jor se , jor se karo , pls Jore so karo . I increased my speed to a maximum but my body & my heart was not supporting me . With a extreme sex adventures even my head had starting paining . She looked at me & realized that I am exhausted & needs a break . She said I will come on top & you lay relaxed . That is why I was so impressed about her b’coz she knows how to make a man happy . I am sure that even a wife will never give so much satisfaction & affection .

She came on top on me ( This is also women’s special position , she always like to have this position which gives her a feeling that she is riding a man ) from opposite side that means her back was towards my face . This position gave a lovely look of her ass moving up & down . She started humping on me & started shouting oh ,oh , oh . When I looked at her beautifull ass the devil inside me again started dancing on my head & I started beating her ass with my hands . She was so high that she was enjoying everything which I was doing. In few seconds I blasted inside her pussy in the condom & she too had her last hump & then she collapsed on her back on my chest .

Our heart beats were so high that we can hear them listening clearly . For about 3 minutes we kept on the same position & then I slowly put her down on the bed . I thing we were completely lost & went for a deep sleep for more that 20 minutes when she woke up & shacked me to woke up . I heard her sweet voice in my ears saying Rajveer wake up its 5 pm , my husband will be back in half an hour . I looked at my watch & hurried to wear my clothes . We both wore our clothes & came out . My legs & body were paining but it was a worth doing . I took out the decided money & gave it to her . She looked & smiled . I was so thankful to her that I took out another 1000 bucks & gave it to her . She smiled & said thanks from her eyes .

Next day I called her asking about her , She told me that she had gone for a sleep immediately after her hubby came & even did not had her Dinner , That was same the situation with me . We both laughed happily .

So Friends , I am sure that you must have liked my real story & will post your views at
I have much more & interesting episodes with her specially the one which I had with her friend that means she , her friend & me . So if you are interested then post as many views which make me encouraged to write next story about her .

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