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Having Fun With A Chat-Friend Vanitha

Having Fun With A Chat Friend Vanitha

Let me come back to story in this era of facebook and twitter i love to chat a lot in yahoo messenger and gtalk still i used to browse the chat rooms and make new friends.. I probably remember the day still it was 2nd Nov 2011 i was chatting, their i met vanitha. She was a interested in talks, we talked whole day, slowly interests went beyond limits we both exchanged nos and started texting and we were used to it.
She was a 29yr bit chubby house wife, her hubby working in some company here, they were happily married couples, i was cool till that moment when we actually planned to meet one day at her residence as it her birthday it was 5th Nov. I took roses and a nice gift and went to her home as per her guidance it was nice home. I was impressed.. We were having nice time.. She had cooked nice food for both of it. The time i saw was stuck in my dreams totally. I was shocked to these happen in my life too i was shocked completely. I was fully behind her.

I was in love with this married lady. I like her a lot.. That day we had a little wine and candle light dinner and i came back home.. This all went for another 2 to 3 months we became so close that we were actually dating, but we were not really to proceed further as feared of loosing each other.

Once her husband had met with an accident. I rushed to hospital with her. I used to take care of vanitha through this time we were totally lost in our love. We became so close that we started sharing each and every personal things.. She even shared her first night and even also personal stuff which u guys know what will be these stuff.. Getting in to her came to know the darker secrets of her life she was a Brahmin girl marred just 4 years back.. They both were good in everything but she was not interested with her husband as he used to drink a lot and use to use slag words and used to abuse here.. S


he even showed me her marks near her navel.. And that was time came when she finally proposed for love, i was in dilemma for having such princess but i was shocked, how to proceed with this lady. I took a very good decision as accepting her and she gave divorce to him and she moved with me to my new home. It was shocking moment i felt really happy. I felt better not get marry, lets get through each other and live in relation. She was ok with it.. That day in home their was a thunder strike for me after dinner she said we both can sleep together as she doesnt mind for this she loved to hug me.

That was the first hug and kiss on her forehead i loved it as it was my first kiss to i loved that. We actually drowsy ad tipsy due to wine of 2 bottles i was hugging here she was in cream maxxi. I was stunned to see her in that attire. I just hugged her and slept but around 12.30 i got up when she was missing here hubby for her physical needs and she was pressing her whole body on me. I too felt very horny at that time i too lost my senses and just kissed here lips, she was so horny that she was to wild beast and she was kissing vigorously to me as he was murmuring something which i couldn’t hear that i felt very much happy i got this lady fully.

She started saying me my rajesh please remove my dress i just removed her maxi from her shoulders i saw she hasn’t worn any brasseries at all. Her tender white skin was shinning in room bed light i started kissing near her neck fully she too like i bit her ears she removed my shirt buttons and sucking my nipples i tried to open her maxxi but it was not coming so i just tore that maxi in excitement and she was only in white jockey panty. Which was like a 1000kva transformer laying beside me.. I feel like heaven near i started eating and sucking here breasts she was really co operating to me fully i bit her nipples in excitement and made them red she was moaning a lot.


I guessed my neighbours heard her moan she was so much deeply into that. She tried to remove my shorts but i made her stand beside the bed and stood in front of her she removed my undy and shorts in one go. My penis was in into full length she was feasting on this. I told her to suck my penis but she didn’t did it till now. She went shy blushing totally. Slowly she tasted the mushroom head of mine she was biting slowly to make me more horny and even i felt nice. I was lost so much i couldn’t hold on anymore i jerked in her mouth itself she went to bathroom and cleaned herself and was back in form. As she walked would see her back buttocks fully nice and cool. Felt like smashing them and fucking them

I went to pussy clad panty. I just remove it with my teeth, it was awesome. It was clean pussy as i see it was used a lot as we can make out. I just removed her panties fully and started licking it to full length she was moaning deeply and pressing my head to her pussy and spreading her less in air. Was more fun to enjoy. I flickered her clitoris and licked it till it went red.

I was saw deeply into her eyes for further she was ok with it.. I just came above here and positioned myself and started ramming her pussy for 20 mins we both at our peaks, til this moment we havent even spoke a word also but after this we became mad and enjoying. I could here my balls slapping here thighs like thap thap thap. We both tried back style people call it doggy style she too like it through .


At last i came back to same old position and started banging her. She like it a lot. By the time we finished our first sex it was already 2.45am we were totally exhausted and drenched in sweat and my semen all our bodies we slept in each other arms for a half an hour and again started our four play it was awesome. And till we are living together in rajajinagar (husband) as husband and wife, we are together we love each other we enjoy each other.

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