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How I Fucked My Delicious Neighbor Aunty

Hey guys, I’m Santosh and today, I’m going to be narrating the story of how I managed to fuck my very beautiful neighbor aunty. Her name is Shanti. She was around 32 years of age and I was 18 at the time. She had a 12 year old son named prakash. Her husband was not home most of the time as he had a job in Chennai. She had a busty figure of 36-32-36 and looked extremely sexy in sarees.

My mother and her were really close friends…She used to come to our house everyday just for a casual chitchat with my mom. I used to sound very interested in her and saw her every time she came to the house. I also used to take pictures of her through my phone and masturbate at night. So, coming down to business, here’s how I got laid with this beautiful woman. One day after returning from school, the transformer in our neighborhood had burst. There was no power in any of our houses. Luckily, Shanti’s house had a generator. So, she offered us to stay at her place for the night.

So, my mom and dad slept in her room whereas she and I slept together in the other room. Her son was sleeping in his own room. I was so aroused at every instant of time. After we went to our room, she offered to sleep on the floor and I told her that she shouldn’t go through so much trouble. So, we both were sleeping in one bed for the night. She accepted and said that she’ll be back in a minute and went to the toilet. I didn’t waste even a single second and started looking at her laundry pile for wet panties and sweaty bra’s. Just then, she came out wearing a beautiful nighty and spotted me.

She asked “what are you doing?” I said that I was looking for a coin and somehow managed it. She believed it and said ok. Then, she started combing her hair in front of the mirror. I asked whether I could help and she refused. After some time, she started applying lotion on her legs and arms and switched off the lights. I asked her why she did it so soon. She replied that she sleeps only with her bras and panties on and didn’t want me seeing her that way. Then, I pretended to fall asleep. After some time, I got up and switched on my cell phone light and went back to finding the dirty laundry I was looking for. Just then, I noticed her standing behind me with a naughty smile. She was wearing pink panties and white bras. Her brown skin and sexy looks made her look like an angel. “oh…so beta, this is what you have been doing?, if you really wanted to borrow some of my underwear, you should have asked na?” and she gave a naughty laugh and lit the candles.

Then, she came close to me and asked me “why do you want my underwear beta?” I was shocked and speechless… I replied “aunty, I just find you very attractive and I thought I could keep one of your underwear for remembering you forever”. To this she smiled again and asked me “In what dress have I come in your dreams” I said “aunty, you have always looked good in sarees and so, you have come in sarees in all of my dreams…” she nudged and said to wait for a minute and took off her bro and blindfolded me. I could smell the wet sweat of her skin on that bra. I heard her going into the bathroom once again. After a minute or so, she came out and told me to take her bra off my face.

She stood before me in a perfectly pleated, navel revealing silk saree. I was so aroused. Then, she said “tonight, beta, im all yours…do whatever you want with this body. Tonight, im your slave beta!”. Hearing these words made me jump with joy. I went close to her and started licking her neck with intense pleasure… then, we kissed and I was caressing her boobs through her saree. I kneeled down and applied my saliva on every inch of her navel. Then, I carried her on to the bed and removed her pallu and got a clear view of her bellybutton and cleavage.

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