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House owner’s sexy wife fucked

You can call me as Xtra Cool Guy and I am 21 years of age. I am doing my BTech at an Engg College run by Govt of Kerala in Kollam district…As I was from another district,I had to stay away from home and 7 of us rented the top floor of a house.

The owner,his mother,his wife and their 1 year old child stayed in the ground floor… We called the owner’s wife ‘cheechi’. She was about 28 years old. She was very fair,sexy,with huge boobs and a D shaped ass…

Whenever I saw her I always had a desire to put my face in her boobs. Many a times I had seen her giving milk to her baby through the window and she had white boobs with black nipple. We went to our room using a stairs outside the house

and a door leading to the downfloor from the top floor was locked. All the seven of us usually went home during weekends but week before last I had some assignments to complete and I had to stay there alone and thats when luck or whatever you call it came to me…

The old lady in the house slipped and fell down in the kitchen on saturday morning. She was rushed to the hospital and was admitted there. The owner stayed in the hospital and cheechi came back since she had the baby.

We took water for drinking from the owners and that evening I went down with two bottles. Cheechi was sitting on a sofa watching TV with the child on her lap. She was wearing a saree and I found that she was giving milk to the child.

She asked me to wait a while and I sat on a chair close to her.We started talking and she didnt bother that I was there. Occassionally I send my eyes at her boobs which was slightly visible through her saree…

After some time she went to the kitchen and brought back water and asked if I could stay for some more time. I was waiting to hear that I said yes… She went in to take a bath and asked me to be with her child in the bedroom.

I watched her go into the bathroom and I stayed by her child. I sat there with a magazine in my hands fantasizing about her… Soon she came out and she was wearing a nightie that had buttons till the waist….!!!

She combed her hair in front of me and her looks had already got the’guy’in my pants up… I felt she did all this to get my attention. Suddenly the child started crying and she came and sat beside me and unbuttoned her nightie and started giving milk to the child.

She wasn’t wearing a bra and the huge boobs were visible. I just kept my eyes in the magazine and soon the child was asleep. She bend and put the child in the cradle and I saw that her nightie was still open… She looked at me and saw my eyes locked in her.

She came and stood before me and I guessed all that was going to happen. She smiled at me and slowly sat beside me… I was running out of control and a wish of my life was gonna happen…

Taking all courage I slowly slid my hand in through her nightie and caught hold of her boobs… It was huge and it was my first time ever touching a woman..!! Soon we were in each others arms and I slowly lied her down on the bed.

I buried my face into her breast and my one hand ran through her body and to the secret places in her body…Her pussy was all wet. I kissed her on her lips and we both enjoyed the taste of each other,untill soon I removed my clothes and pulled down her nightie and pantie…

She caught hold of my rod and I felt a small pain on it… I moved down and kissed and licked her pussy and in the mean time my hands massaged her boobs. I played like an experienced person as I had seen many blue films…

She pulled me up to her and soon we were kissing each other… I spread her legs further and slowly placed my dick into hers… It was my first experience ever and slowly I pushed into her… The feeling was great and we gave out squeals in between.


We both were carried to the peak of it and soon I knew it was all coming down and I poured it all into her. I could feel my cum coming out through her pussy… Slowly I parted and started the outside plays again…

She sat up and laid my head on her lap and slowly brought her breast into my mouth and I sipped in,felling eternal bliss. I got up and laid her down once more and fucked her once more,this time more vigourously…

At the end of it we were both exhausted and we took a small bath to remove the smell…and I went up to my room…However we never had any sex with each other though we usually did external plays like kissing and playing with her boobs in my hand and mouth. It was my first and last sex till now…and let me tell you frankly it was wonderful.

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