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Helping my neighbours for sex

I recently shifted my apartment and rented one in another part of the city. This apartment complex was not fully occupied and I woudl often see new famillies and couples shifting into their homes over the week ends.

Since I had already been staying there for couple of months, the new bies woudl come and get introduced to me to get information on various thigns like public services, shops, and building routines.

Mostly young couples who have saved their salaries to buy their dream house, so they all come very excited to my house. One such couple were Mahesh and Simi. Your couple in their late twenties, software engineers who had taken a loan to buy their house.

At first they used to visit on week ends and then later either of them woudl come alone to finish the house work. As I was working from home I woudl often meet them and Simi woudl come over for a drink of water or for a coffee as she knew my tea and coffee timings.

As a good neighbour I asked her to ring the bell when ever she needed help. Once such after noon Simi came home hungry and I convinced her to stay on for lunch. She proposed we go out, but as I had already prepred my meal I convinced her to stay on.

After meals we resorted to talking and knowing each other and Simi started making bold jokes at my bachelor hood. I was much elder than her but she felt that I must get married. Simi was wearing a formal flared knee lenght skirt and shirt

and had the front buttons opened till her cleavage. I coudl not take my eyes off her at times but the fun and humour over saw my glares and Simi didnt feel offended. Her leg crossing like Sharon stone gave me glimpses of her white thighs and on one ocassion her light blue panties.

I have sofas that make you sink in yoru seat and hence I get good views of women who sit on them in my house :).. Call me a bastard but I dont deny it. I made some team at 3:00pm and served Simi as she was talking.

Seated below on the sofa I could see her cleavage, in the act of enjoying the view of her breast, I accidentally spilt milk on her shirt and Simi jumped up in fright, wiping away at her chest. I apologised to her and she was pok with it.

I escorted her to the bath room to clean up. A few minutes later Simi called me from inside the bath room asking me If I had a shirt to spare as she claimed her shirt had to be washed. As I wear a size 44, I told her she could have none.

So we decided to put her shirt in the washing machine while she wore my over sized shirt and waited for it to finish. I showed her the washing machine and simi went around doing her job. While she was at the washing mahine she called out to me as she coudl not get it started.

So I helped her in selecting the right wash mode as I leant over her shoulder. I was so close that she remarked she could hear my heart beat, in the medley, I bumped on her ass and she gave out a small cry. She turned around and my cock stood up in 3,2,1 seconds…

She was wearing my shirt with out wearing her bra and her dark nipples were protruding from the shirt. A perfect round contour to her breast coudl be seen under the nipples and my eyes were stuck on them. She gently grabbed my hands and placed them on her breast.

rubbing my hands in all possible directions. She leant back on teh washing machine and tugged at my trousers grabbing me by the belt buckle… I didnt know what to expect…. She un buttoned my shirt and grabbed me close and kisssed my nipples.

It was the most gentle kiss I had expereinced and she kept working her tongue around my chest for the next 5 mins. My cock was hard and my eyes were closed in ecstacy, when I opened them Simi had bared her boobs and was working on unzipping my pants.

I grabbed her by her hips and lifted her to sit around my waist as I pushed her back against the washing machine. He butt was on the washing machin lid and legs folded around my waist. Her skirts was a bit tight and was restricting her legs from widening,

she unzipped it from the side and threw it aside. There she was in blue satin panties, embracing my groin with snow white legs pulling me close to her as we kissed passionately. my pants we re down on my ankles and my cock was throbbing.

Simi kept massaging my cock making it harder and harder. As the kissing increased, Simi gently pulled out my cock and shagged me for a while. She when lifted her self and pulled out her panties. She told me to fuck her liek ther is no tomorrow.

I put some grease from my cock on to her but hole lifted her legs and penetrated her in one stroke. Simi shouted in pain and said, “Is that all you can do”. I lifted her from the washing machine and we fell onto a bean bag that was kept in the room

Simi on back with her legs in the air and my 8 inch cock intruding her ass. I fucked simi for 5 mins until my cock started to hurt. With each penetration Simi groaned harder and harder and finally pleded me to withdraw as she coudl not take it any more.

There were tears in her eyes. But now I coudl not stop, so she took it in her hands and guided it into her pussy. She was nice wet and juicy down there and we romped for 30 mins on the bean bag in several positions. Simi was I guess in the middle of her safe period.

her cum was thick and sticky and same out like white cream. I woudl ocassionally dip my finger into her cunt and offer it to her for a lick..Simi lapped it up like a hungry bitch. She rode me lap style for 5 mins before I came to cum.

The bean bag is the best furniture for a lap fuck FOT… as I was abotu to ejaculate Simi bent down and sucked at my cock, squeezong my balls as hard as she could. I was in gross pain but my orgasm was even stronger.

As I came to cmilax I gave out a huge groan and Simi pulled at my cock directing it to her mouth. A couple of squirts later Simi’s mouth was overflowing with fresh white warm sperm. She spat out a little and then inserted my cock and oiled it for thenxt 10 mins as I lay back

exhausted in my bean bag. IN 10 mins she drank up evey last drop of semen my cokc could oozeee….. We lay next to each other for a while and clean up… At 6 pm her husband came to pick her up and we again had some tea.


By then her shirt was dry and she was dressed up as usual.While leaving her husband remarked that she has some white liquid on her hair, the dumb fucker that he is, he concluded it was some crowshit….and we all agreed and help Simir clean it with some tissues.

Simi has a passionate smile as she left me that day and things have been real easy for me with her. I went back to my study and I foudn her satin panties under my laptop. She had drawn three XXX ‘s on it near the cunt region and written 4 u with her lipstick…. Wish all my neighbours are in need of some personal help.

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